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C-uppsats i företagsekonomi, 15hp/ Bachelor’s Thesis in Business Administration, 15hp Information meeting 5 September, 2012 Ulrica Nylén, thesis coordinator.

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1 C-uppsats i företagsekonomi, 15hp/ Bachelor’s Thesis in Business Administration, 15hp Information meeting 5 September, 2012 Ulrica Nylén, thesis coordinator

2 Expectations upon your thesis work?

3 Förväntade studieresultat Expected learning outcomes Efter genomgången kurs ska den studerande kunna: välja, definiera och argumentera för en företagsekonomisk forskningsfråga identifiera relevant empiriskt material och välja relevanta metoder för datainsamling utifrån forskningsfrågan samla in empiriskt material på ett systematiskt sätt analysera och diskutera det empiriska materialet utifrån en relevant teoretiskt referensram baserad på vetenskaplig litteratur After completing the course, the student should be able to: choose, define and argue for a business related research question identify relevant empirical material and choose relevant methods to gather empirical material in light of the research question collect empirical material in a systematic manner analyse and discuss empirical material utilizing a relevant theoretical framework based on scientific literature

4 dra slutsatser och ge rekommendationer utifrån en specifik forskningsfråga diskutera utifrån uppsatsen relevanta samhälleliga och/eller etiska aspekter kommunicera studiens huvudsakliga argument, innehåll och resultat försvara arbetet vid ett vetenskapligt seminarium kritiskt granska andra vetenskapliga rapporter såväl skriftligen som muntligen  visa insikt i det valda praktiska problemet, forsknings-området och relaterade metodfrågor draw conclusions and make recommendations for a specific research question discuss societal and/or ethical issues of relevance for the thesis communicate the main arguments, contents and results of the study defend the thesis at a scientific seminar critically examine other scientific reports both orally and in writing  demonstrate an insight into the chosen topic, the area of research, and related methodical issues FRS/ELO cont.

5 The thesis process Allocation of supervisor 5 Semester begins Semester ends Thesis course starts Registration, information, mingle First 10 weeks: Choosing a topic, formulating research problem, start literature search, start planning the research design Last 10 weeks: Complete the problematization and theoretical framework, carry out the empirical study, analyse, write up the thesis Final seminar Printing/ uploading Regular meetings with supervisor WIP- seminar

6 1.Register – find a partner - state your subject  you will be assigned with a supervisor. Note! Mingle session to find a partner next week. 2. Start brainstorming on thesis topic. Suggestions: Browse through notes and literature from previous (and upcoming) courses – something you would like to learn more about? Read current business/trade magazines – some topical issues? Are there some interesting commissions (uppsatsuppdrag) advertised? 3. Prepare for 1 st meeting with your supervisor. The supervisor discusses, comments, asks critical questions… YOU write the thesis, you choose your level of ambition and you are responsibility for the quality of your work Be well prepared for supervision! You must present and discuss you work with the supervisor on at least three occassions during the semester. Meetings should be booked in advance. You are guaranteed supervision on this semester. Utilize it! How to start the process

7 Writing on commission (uppdrag)? Meaningful Close cooperation with the business community Empirical problem relevance Thesis website or Note! Still independent and academic work! Problematize, choice of methods, clear theoretical point of departure, general contribution required.

8 Obligatory seminars Arbetsseminarium/Work-in-progress (WIP) seminar. New! Oral and written critical examination of a prior C-thesis. Purpose: to illustrate and clarify expectations and requirements on the thesis work, and to practice before oppositions. Individual assignment, scheduled by your supervisor. One main opposition. Written (individual assignment) + oral (could be in pairs). Two side-oppositions. Written + active participation in seminar (individual assignment) Regularly check the thesis website to see if there are any Bachelor theses available for side-opposition! Defense of your own thesis. Scheduled after agreement with supervisor and main opponent/s. For detailed instructions and advice – see thesis manual!

9 Thesis website – check it regularly: Course syllabus – legal document controlling the degree project work Thesis manual – read it carefully!! – but: please firstly check the above sources! Umeå University Library (UB): -EndNote Web courses (25/9) -Webbased training sessions on Thomson Reuters Datastream (upcoming) For thesis specific issues: your supervisor! Important sources of information

10 Grading of the thesis Grading procedure: Seminar  (possible revisions delivered by the supervisor  ) supervisor hands the thesis (seminar version) to the Grading committee/Betygskommittén) Grading committee meetings (dates announced on thesis website) Grades: Fail (U), Pass (G), Pass with distinction (VG). All ELO must be fulfilled to reach the pass level! If some/several ELO’s are not fulfilled and the Committee believes revision could be satisfyingly completed within max. 4 weeks = Revision assignment. More than 4 weeks additional work = Fail. If revision assignment has been issued but not completed in time = Fail. Grades cannot be appealed.

11 Some advice from previous students Start early, do things right away! Spend time on the thesis work. Do not start late. Plan ahead. Make sure you have time to do every step. Be realistic with what can be achieved during the limited time. Listen to your supervisor. Make a timetable. Work 8-4 [during the thesis course]. Start in time and do not take it too serious Find a topic which you find really interested in so you can maintain momentum throughout the process. … and many more comments with similar messages!

12 Some important issues when a writing thesis! Read other theses to find out what a thesis is. Read the thesis syllabus and thesis manual to find out about learning outcomes, formal requirements, etc. Start early thinking and discussion about thesis topic. Theoretical relevance! Focus! The thesis text must be your own! You must: - Demonstrate independent writing. - Refrain from plagiarism. - Be aware that supervisors are obliged to report attempts to mislead and that all theses are checked against Urkund. - Use proper references: Harvard model with page numbers in running text. Carefully follow thesis manual’s instructions! Important advice: Do not start data collection too soon!!

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