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T HE AFT L OCAL 2274 Performance Based Promotion.

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1 T HE AFT L OCAL 2274 Performance Based Promotion

2 G UIDELINES The Calendar for Performance Based Promotions shall be developed by the College in consultation with the AFT Local 2274. The effective date for a performance-based promotion will be July 1, of the year following the award. Performance-Based promotions will be the next higher title in the employee’s title series (e.g. Professional Service Specialist 3 to Professional Services Specialist 2). The next higher title for the Program Assistant will be Professional Services Specialist 4. There is no probationary period in the new title.

3 E LIGIBILITY FOR P ERFORMANCE -B ASED P ROMOTION Be a full-time Professional Staff employee on a multi-year contract as defined in Appendix I, Article 1, Section A of the Agreement, and be employed by the college of at least eight consecutive years at the time that the award is granted. A year is defined as 12 consecutive months. Not be a member of the Professional Staff Performance-Based review process.

4 E LIGIBILITY FOR P ERFORMANCE -B ASED P ROMOTION Not have received a Performance Based Promotion within the last five years, Not have received a reclassification within the last three years. Be self-nominated or nominated by a Supervisor or colleague who is familiar with the candidate's work. If not promoted, and the candidate meets the eligibility and promotion criteria, the candidate shall be eligible to reapply the following year.

5 C RITERIA FOR P ERFORMANCE -B ASED P ROMOTIONS For the five-year period immediately preceding the Candidate’s application, the Candidate must clearly demonstrate and provide evidence of consistent exceptional performance and meritorious service through one of more of the following:

6 C RITERIA FOR P ERFORMANCE -B ASED P ROMOTIONS Consistent exceptional performance and meritorious service in support of the achievement of the College goals or missions as set forth within the strategic plan.

7 C RITERIA FOR P ERFORMANCE -B ASED P ROMOTIONS Consistent exceptional performance and meritorious service which contributed to building and effective and positive work environment that strengthens teamwork, mentors and supports colleagues, and that achieves a service oriented approach to the work of the unit.

8 C RITERIA FOR P ERFORMANCE -B ASED P ROMOTIONS Consistent exceptional performance and meritorious service (not necessarily limited to job-related) that contributes to the campus life or community.

9 C RITERIA FOR P ERFORMANCE -B ASED P ROMOTIONS Consistent exceptional performance and meritorious service in the area of professional development, meaning professional development that is related to the candidate’s position and is evidenced by the presentation at conferences and/or service as an officer in a state or national professional organization and/or the initiation of new projects and/or accepting additional unpaid responsibility for short-term special projects, and which development also leads to advanced skills and ability and enhances College operations.

10 B UILDING AN E FFECTIVE AND P OSITIVE W ORK E NVIRONMENT Service to the college community includes: Committee work. Participation in campus events such as: orientation, open house, teach a class, annual fundraising, plan outings for your department, become a mentor.

11 P ROFESSIONAL D EVELOPMENT What have you done professionally over the past 5 years? How does your professional development contribute to and enhance college operations and strategic plan? Completed a degree Chaired a committee for a professional organization Held and executive board position A leadership position Unpaid short-term projects on campus Publication, especially in refereed journals

12 S UPPORT OF THE C OLLEGE GOALS / MISSION Exceptional performance and meritorious service, college goals, and missions. Use Ramapo web to find college mission statement and institutional profile and goals What have you done to support the college’s strategic plan? Use their language Read strategic plan for inspiration and ideas Interdisciplinary Curriculum International Education Intercultural Education Intercultural Understanding Experiential Learning Opportunities Individual academic attention Social Support Partnering with area communities, corporations, schools, service organizations, and government entities Uses of technology Quantify whenever possible Work with other units Initiatives you have developed and implemented Service on campus committees

13 S UPPORTING D OCUMENTATION Personal Statement (no more than 3 pages) including current job description Performance Reviews (5 most recent) Requests for reappointment and multi-year contracts Support Letters Curriculum Vitae Commendations Exceptional projects or programs Citations Certificates Letters of praise or thank you Testimonials Awards Copies of Advertising of sponsored programs Continuing Education Professional Workshops Accomplishment Log

14 N OT N ECESSARILY J OB -R ELATED Conduct research in your area of expertise Develop workshops for student organizations Help plan conference on or off campus Advise students- academically and socially Provide a service to the surrounding community Recruit in your local churches and other organizations

15 A PPLICATION AND P ROCEDURES A copy of your current job description

16 C URRENT J OB D ESCRIPTION Current job description- update every year with the performance appraisal and reappointment Make sure job descriptions are current and consistent Make sure supervisor has reviewed it

17 A PPLICATIONS AND P ROCEDURES 5 most recent performance reviews from the employee’s personnel file including the last multi- year appraisal.

18 P ERFORMANCE A PPRAISALS Provide the 5 most recent PA’s even if some are not outstanding, the committee members know that they’re subjective. Make sure to provide an explanation. Maybe you and your supervisor did not get along, sometimes it has nothing to do with your work performance, just personality. Know what’s in your HR file, its your right to know- no surprises.

19 A PPLICATION AND P ROCEDURES A self assessment statement, no more than three pages, which illustrates how the candidate meets the criteria for promotion as described above.

20 A S ELF - ASSESSMENT S TATEMENT Study the criteria and stick to them Provide the summary of each item of the criteria Reference readers to support documents (see page) Don’t be afraid to blow your own horn Not a term paper

21 A PPLICATION AND P ROCEDURES Supporting documentation which demonstrates that the employee meets the criteria set forth in this presentation. Support letter within the current contract period from members of the community attesting to exceptional and meritorious service, as set forth in the application.

22 S UPPORT L ETTERS Community member support letters Choose very carefully, give plenty of time Develop the relationships now Provide them documentation (resume, curriculum vitae) Copies of any supporting documentation previously mentioned Submit to immediate supervisor Determines if application meets criteria Consult with the candidate for revisions Supervisor usually wants to help you, it makes them look good Applicant solely responsible for the application

23 A PPLICATION AND P ROCEDURES It is the candidate’s responsibility to ensure the completeness of the application. Achievement shall be supported by documentation. It is the candidate’s responsibility to ensure that written documentation exists for all claims of accomplishment. Hearsay and undocumented claims of achievement cannot be accepted. The candidate shall not have the right to submit additional information beyond the Supervisor’s level of review.

24 C OMPLETENESS OF A PPLICATION Make sure you have supporting documentation for all claims, especially those in your self- assessment statement. Diplomas/Certificates CD, DVD, pictures, video etc.- use them as long as they provide support Do not put anything in your package that you cannot support. Three ring binder/tab for application.

25 A PPLICATION AND P ROCEDURES The application shall be submitted to the employee’s immediate supervisor who shall review the application to determine whether on his or her opinion, the employee who meets the above criteria. The Supervisor should consult with the candidate an d may make suggested revisions to the application. However, as noted earlier, the application shall be the sole responsibility of the applicant.

26 I MMEDIATE S UPERVISOR Submit to immediate supervisor Determines if the application meets criteria Consultation with candidate for revision Supervisors usually want to show you off, it looks good for them Again, applicant is solely responsible

27 A PPLICATION AND P ROCEDURES The applicant must receive a copy of any material/materials added to the application packet by the Division Vice President and/or President

28 A PPLICATION AND P ROCEDURES The Supervisor forwards all applications and his/her recommendations to the Professional Staff Review Committee. A copy of the recommendation should be forwarded to the candidate. If the recommendation is negative or qualified, the candidate may submit a response to he Supervisor’s recommendation which shall be included in his/her application package.

29 A PPLICATION AND P ROCEDURES After considering all application the Committee provided the appropriate Division Vice President and/or his/her designee with the names of all the meritorious qualified candidates. Candidates shall be informed of this decision. All applicants shall be forwarded to the Division Vice President.

30 A PPLICATION AND P ROCEDURES The President makes the final decisions. The president may consult with the Vice President and any others before making a final decision.

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