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WCHRI Graduate Studentship Competition 2014 WCHRI Grants Contacts: Chelsey Van Weerden, Research Grants Administrator Lorin Charlton,

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1 WCHRI Graduate Studentship Competition 2014 WCHRI Grants Contacts: Chelsey Van Weerden, Research Grants Administrator Lorin Charlton, Academic Research Officer

2 Application Deadline: Due at WCHRI offices - 4-081 ECHA April 23, 2015 by 4:00pm Late applications are not accepted! WCHRI Graduate Studentship 2015

3 Eligibility: Applicant must be A member of WCHRI; Under supervision of a WCHRI member; Registered in a full-time, thesis-based, graduate program in a health-related master's or doctoral degree at the time of application; Engaged in research at the time of implementation of the award. WCHRI Graduate Studentship 2015

4 Each supervisor may only submit ONE application per competition; No more than two graduate students may be supported simultaneously by any faculty member as EITHER Supervisor or co-Supervisor. WCHRI Graduate Studentship 2015 Eligibility

5 The Award Award is $24,000 per year; May be held for a period of up to 12 months with a renewal of up to 12 months; Incentive or top-up funding may be available if another award is received. WCHRI Graduate Studentship 2015

6 The Award If another award is received, the applicant or PI are required to notify WCHRI; Applicant MUST accept the other award; are still considered WCHRI funded students and can include on resume. WCHRI Graduate Studentship 2015

7 The Award Incentive funding provides awardees with another grant equal to or more than $24,000 with a bonus of $3,000; Top-up funding provides recipients of another grant less than $24,000 with a top-up to $24,000. WCHRI Graduate Studentship 2015

8 Relevance to WCHRI WCHRI Graduate Studentship 2015 The primary research question must be DIRECTLY RELEVANT to women and/or children’s health; The research question should specifically target improving outcomes for women and/or children through health research (i.e. context).

9 Relevance to WCHRI WCHRI Graduate Studentship 2015 If using animal models - must clearly justify and provide details like rationale, animal age/sex, and relevance/applicability; Methodology - include details of study design that demonstrate benefit, impact, and/or potential for improved women and/ or children’s health outcomes.

10 Relevance If application is not shown to be DIRECTLY relevant to WCHRI, it will not be funded. Project Relevance with WCHRI MandateScore Somewhat relevant to WCHRI mandate0 Moderately relevant to WCHRI mandate1 Highly relevant to WCHRI mandate2

11 What do I need to submit? one complete, signed original copy of the application form; two letters of reference in signed, sealed envelopes from the referees; Transcripts – will talk about shortly The supervisor and co-supervisor’s current CIHR Common CV and publication listing for the last 5 years. WCHRI Graduate Studentship 2015

12 The Application Form WCHRI Graduate Studentship 2015 Start early Read the guidelines before completing Ensure all information is correct and complete Have your supervisor and colleagues read over for grammar, typos, clarity, feasibility Get signatures early (at least a week prior to due date)

13 How we calculate your GPA Candidate submits a waiver authorizing FGSR to release your entrance GPA information to WCHRI Candidate submits one up-to-date copy of the candidate’s official University of Alberta transcript, received in a sealed envelope The Graduate Studentship Grading Grid allocates up to 2 points for GPA. All material is assessed by WCHRI. WCHRI Graduate Studentship 2015

14 Awards & Prizes, Publications Reviewers may allocate up to 2 points for each category and are looking for academic/ research excellence; May include citations; May include items from undergraduate years. WCHRI Graduate Studentship 2015

15 Letters of Reference One from Supervisor; The other from someone who knows you and can speak to your experience and potential; Letters need to arrive signed and sealed and dated to within 6 months of the competition deadline; Up to 3 points may be allocated by both of your reviewers. WCHRI Graduate Studentship 2015

16 Letters of Reference: What to include Motivation and maturity; Intellectual ability; Potential for research; Previous experience/ significant research experience, including publications and/ or presentations; Excitement about your continued (or future) engagement and impact in research. WCHRI Graduate Studentship 2015

17 Supervisor Supervisor must be a member of WCHRI and willing to cost-share; Reviewers are trying to assess the research environment, resources available to the trainee and the quality of the research experience the student will gain. (maximum 3 points) WCHRI Graduate Studentship 2015

18 Research Project Research project must be directly relevant to the WCHRI mandate; Your proposal should be hypothesis-driven or have a research question; The project should take into consideration your research strengths; Your role and the skills you will gain should be clearly defined. WCHRI Graduate Studentship 2015

19 Research Project Should be well-written – have your supervisor read it over; Rationale provided; Methodology should be clear and appropriate; Reviewers want to see that work may potentially contribute to new knowledge in the field. Remember – it is unlikely that your reviewers will be experts in your area of research! WCHRI Graduate Studentship 2015

20 Research Fit Provide context to the research question you are working on; Like the research project, the “Fit” should be well-written and clearly detail relevance to the WCHRI mandate of providing benefit to women and/or children’s health research. WCHRI Graduate Studentship 2015

21 Submission & Approval Process Original, signed and dated application submitted to WCHRI by (April 23, 2015) deadline at 4:00 pm; Sent by WCHRI to 2 reviewers; On-line review process using REDCap; Feedback to applicant is provided; Awardees are posted on the website. WCHRI Graduate Studentship 2015

22 All done writing the application? Send a draft to your supervisor, mentor or colleague for critical review. Allow sufficient time for internal review & signatures. Good Luck! WCHRI Graduate Studentship 2015

23 Post-Award Awardees and supervisors provide a progress report at 1 year and a final report at the end of WCHRI support; Awardees are expected to apply for other grants during WCHRI support. WCHRI Graduate Studentship 2015

24 Post-Award a community presentation is required – and a WCHRI delegate may attend; you are expected to present at WCHRI Research Day WCHRI Graduate Studentship 2015

25 Questions? We can help! Contact… WCHRI Graduate Studentship 2015

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