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Felony Prostitution Court: WINGS and Feathers Judge Rosemary Grant Higgins.

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1 Felony Prostitution Court: WINGS and Feathers Judge Rosemary Grant Higgins

2 An order issued January 2011 by Chief Judge Timothy C. Evans and Presiding Judge of the Criminal Division Paul P. Biebel, Jr. established the WINGS court and assigned all felony prostitution cases to Judge Rosemary Grant Higgins. The WINGS court was developed in response to a community based initiative led by The Chicago Coalition for the Homeless’s Prostitution Alternatives Roundtable (PART) and other social service providers. o See handout for list of contributing providers. Court received Judicial Excellence Award from PART Roundtable in January 2012. Background

3 To offer a rehabilitative resource for women charged with felony prostitution to develop emotional, psychological, educational, and job alternatives to the commercial sex trade. Goal of the WINGS court

4 2 years of POWER Probation o Often beginning with treatment in the Sheriff’s Women’s Justice Program or private treatment programs o Monitored by TASC and/or POWER Probation Case Management Program Protocol

5 1. Alcohol and Drug Treatment In-patient and out-patient AA/NA 2. Trauma Informed Counseling Change from “What’s wrong with you?” to “What happened to you?” 3. Survivor Mentorship PA 4. G.E.D./H.S. Diploma/Other Educational or Job Training 5. Employment 5 Core Requirements

6 Rape Survivor Advocacy Family Re-Unification & Legal Services Health Care Housing o Short term/long term Ancillary Services

7 “Building WINGS one feather at a time” Feathers

8 Courtroom 206, 2600 S. California Avenue Court begins at 9:30 a.m. In-custody participants sit in the jury box to observe the participants out on bond. Court room staffing Courtroom Protocol

9 Meets on a monthly basis to: o Discuss the progress of the program o Invite new service providers to participate o Make critical assessments and evaluations Steering Committee

10 Judge Rosemary Grant Higgins Amy Campanelli, Supervisor, Officer of the Public Defender Joe Danzl, Court Liaison, Sheriff’s Women’s Justice Program Sarah Layden, Director of Advocacy Services, Rape Victim’s Advocates Daria Mueller, Chairperson, Chicago Coalition for the Homeless Al Pizza, Supervisor, TASC Pam Pottle, Supervisor, POWER Probation Octavia Tyson, Housing Division, Heartland Alliance Charise Valente, Supervisor, State’s Attorney’s Office Steering Committee Memebers

11 Research with Dr. Art Lurigio, Loyola University Chicago o Modify WINGS Service Protocol Accordingly Felony Prostitution Court Conference 2013 Website development Development of Participant Advisory Committee Volunteers Current Projects

12 Expand non-governmental support and funding for community linkages through the Steering Committee Need for more in-patient and out-patient treatment programs Safe Housing, food, clothing, and transportation Need for more Spanish-speaking services Recommendations for Change

13 MSNBC’s The Today Show Interview to be broadcast in documentary: “Sex Slaves in America” “WINGS takes flight in county,” Chicago Daily Law Bulletin (September 5, 2012). Upcoming and Recent Events

14 Judge Rosemary Grant Higgins Courtroom 206 2600 S. California Avenue Chicago, IL 60608 (773) 674-7416 Susie Bucaro, Staff Attorney (773) 674-3317 Website: ment/CriminalDivision/SpecialtyCourts/WINGSandFeathers.aspx ment/CriminalDivision/SpecialtyCourts/WINGSandFeathers.aspx Contact Information

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