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Presented by Stormy Smelcer, First Horizon Nat’l Corp. BEGINS AT 1:35pm EST.

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1 Presented by Stormy Smelcer, First Horizon Nat’l Corp. BEGINS AT 1:35pm EST

2 Introduction Stormy Smelcer –First Horizon National Corporation –Vice President, Procurement Operations Areas of responsibility –Procurement –IT Fixed Assets –Corporate Travel First Horizon National Association –4,600 employees –Provide financial services through more than 170 bank locations in and around Tennessee –18 FTN Financial Group offices in the U.S. and abroad

3 Focus on Travel and Entertainment Travel expenses are discretionary and can be controlled Travel Analysis Travel patterns Travel Management Company Travel Guideline Continual review Traveler Communication Provider Contracts Preferred air Preferred hotel Preferred car Monitoring Expense compliance Reporting

4 Travel and Entertainment Guideline T&E guideline should be updated on a regular basis as travel patterns and industry changes T&E guideline ensures that employees understand corporate objectives and program enhancements Effective guideline is clear and enforceable

5 Travel Management Company Travel Management Company “TMC” allows corporations to effectively manage corporate travel TMC allows employees to book travel within the corporate guideline TMC is a point of contact to assist employees with travel questions, ticket changes and general travel questions

6 Expense Submission Electronic expense submission allows for reporting and compliance analysis Receipts are stored electronically along with required expense details Process is easily documented and audited

7 Reporting Detailed reporting drives change Spend has decreased 18% over the past two years Reporting allows detailed tracking for spend and provides executable action items for management

8 Wireless Reporting Detailed reporting drives change Current corporate wireless program for on call and support positions Wireless spend decreased 88%

9 Sample Report Data Top 10 Employee Expenses Employee NameSupervisorJob TitleExpenses Employee 1SupervisorADMIN ASSISTANT III4,082.72 Employee 2SupervisorPRIVATE BANKER I3,962.20 Employee 3SupervisorBANKING SVC CONSULTANT3,381.49 Employee 4SupervisorADMIN ASSISTANT III3,310.17 Employee 5SupervisorBANKING SVCS MANAGER II3,291.76 Employee 6SupervisorTRUST ACCOUNT OFFICER I3,044.88 Employee 7SupervisorBANKING SVCS DIRECTOR2,958.18 Employee 8SupervisorCREDIT OPS DIRECTOR2,599.66 Employee 9SupervisorTRUST ADMINISTRATION MGR2,579.09 Employee 10SupervisorWMT SALES SPECIALIST III2,275.33

10 Sample Report Data Expenses by Category CategoryExpense Agent Fee - Travel/Business389.98 Agent Fee - Travel/Training140.00 Airfare - Baggage Fee - Business575.00 Airfare - Business20,917.93 Airfare - Training1,494.18 Auto - Gas for Rental Car/Business3,850.21 Auto - Gas for Rental Car/Training94.39 Auto - Personal (Currently set to IRS rate)42,694.73 Auto - Rental/Business5,989.41 Auto - Rental/Training225.05 Entertainment8,023.88 Ground Trans - Business1,003.07 Ground Trans - Training36.00 Hotel - Business16,742.31 Hotel - Training3,401.04 Meals - Entertainment12,022.38 Meals - Staff Offsite2,120.00 Meals - Staff Onsite6,114.68 Meals - Travel Business3,767.63 Meals - Travel Training1,070.42 Parking - Business2,108.26 Parking - Training238.00 Seminar Off-Site5,945.00 Seminar On-Site240.75 Grand Total139,204.30

11 Sample Report Data Expense Type2011Jan-12Feb-12Mar-12Apr-12May-12Jun-12Jul-12YTD Auto - Personal (Currently set to IRS rate)325,608.7434,633.2838,626.7032,151.7338,730.7843,018.0338,614.7942,694.73268,470.04 Airfare - Business224,714.029,572.8817,602.9014,880.4132,682.5933,433.8620,898.1720,917.93149,988.74 Hotel - Business264,556.6312,456.6214,882.5316,616.6320,220.3826,779.8525,159.2516,742.31132,857.57 Employee Appreciation127,474.939,259.4910,231.9016,474.6711,439.9039,773.6911,429.778,181.44106,790.86 Entertainment208,933.3129,216.989,700.3511,718.2010,553.4619,082.879,470.078,023.8897,765.81 Meals - Entertainment163,584.3110,932.3815,700.6913,193.689,683.8912,471.5715,502.5112,022.3889,507.10 Customer Relations172,544.427,601.327,087.2012,045.288,572.989,908.559,142.139,764.2964,121.75 Auto - Rental/Business97,166.076,838.869,285.289,005.267,430.2410,088.299,617.885,989.4158,255.22 Other103,066.305,339.9511,095.956,434.5615,417.948,122.874,757.326,930.4858,099.07 Meals - Staff Onsite43,080.057,979.576,162.907,139.674,822.709,472.286,142.036,114.6847,833.83 Meals - Staff Offsite41,875.855,479.313,823.6021,161.982,906.944,198.075,714.902,120.0045,404.80 Employee NameSupervisor Name 2011Jan-12Feb-12Mar-12Apr-12May-12Jun-12Jul-12YTD Employee 1Supervisor17,058.701,076.120.004,867.4511,948.12146.56583.673,291.7621,913.68 Employee 2Supervisor5,258.9018,556.06408.87568.65336.63413.67996.64422.1221,702.64 Employee 3Supervisor2,661.38470.27581.041,326.4916.3018,256.77451.43395.5921,497.89 Employee 4Supervisor38,279.901,393.865,804.943,341.941,006.353,064.382,243.241,917.6718,772.37 Employee 5Supervisor39,245.431,226.738,559.302,123.870.004,600.881,036.31230.4517,777.54 Employee 6Supervisor23,666.382,117.762,367.773,207.480.002,004.943,672.504,082.7217,453.17 Employee 7Supervisor17,112.491,240.212,228.787,766.531,920.051,237.951,949.17928.4617,271.15 Employee 8Supervisor13,866.293,735.93935.002,951.521,221.491,911.553,598.15182.0414,535.68 Employee 9Supervisor14,946.90593.52179.617,967.391,615.501,644.302,219.82226.4414,446.58 Employee 10Supervisor6,370.402,714.862,189.58944.602,215.181,808.551,539.922,958.1814,370.87

12 Future of Corporate Travel Improve employee experience with booking and understanding corporate travel Travel Management Company Incorporate ghost credit card

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