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Employee Assistance Program Supervisory Orientation For: CNIC.

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1 Employee Assistance Program Supervisory Orientation For: CNIC

2 Supervisory Training Agenda EAP Benefits Overview Goals of Supervisor Training Supervisor/Manager Role Managing the Troubled Employee Signs & Symptoms of the Troubled Employee Confidentiality & Reporting Types of Referrals Summary

3 Manager/Supervisor/HR Virtual Folder The virtual folder is your managers’ tool box which includes: ACI contact list Promotional materials Program training materials Supervisory referral documents

4 Employee Landing Page CNIC’s landing page gives employees a brief overview of the EAP benefits and gives them access to: Benefits summary Links to resource web portals EAP brochure & announcement flyer

5 Why use the EAP? Mental Health Marriage & family conflicts Substance abuse Stress management Emotional challenges Health concerns Grief and loss Work/Life Child Care Referrals Elder Care Referrals Legal consultation Financial consultation

6 EAP Sessions Employees and family members are authorized for: Up to 5 sessions per issue provided by your employer EAP is a short-term approach for diagnosis, referral, and/or short-term problem resolution

7 24 Hours Medical answering service available for after-hours calls. On-call counselors are available. This is not an emergency number. Call 911 if there is an emergency. Business Hours: PST – 7:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. CST – 9:00 a.m. – 7:30 p.m. EST – 10:00 a.m. – 8:30 p.m.

8 All Family Members We mean all family members. Living with you or not. In the same state or not. All are welcome: Children Spouses Significant others Parents Grandparents

9 Multicultural/Multilingual All ethnic concerns accommodated All cultural issues addressed All special interests acknowledged Multilingual services available

10 Many Locations Just tell the intake specialist where the most convenient location is for you to be seen: Near work Near home Or in between

11 Comprehensive Work/Life Comprehensive Work/Life benefits offer an innovative blend of referral services designed to make life easier Child Care referrals Elder Care referrals Pet Care referrals Legal service Financial services Identity theft Educational assistance referrals Personal services Community-based resources

12 Child Care Services Referrals for preschool, after school, and daycare facilities Special needs Summer camps Background and security check referrals And much more

13 Elder Care Services Referral for nursing and home health care Adult daycare and support groups Transportation and meal sources Emergency and respite care Companionship programs

14 Pet Care Services Referral for boarding and grooming Referrals for veterinarians Resources for traveling with pets Emergency pet services

15 Legal & Financial Services Speak directly with an attorney about your legal problems Speak directly with a financial planner 90% of all calls handled over the phone without further referral needed

16 Legal Services Unlimited phone consultation with a licensed attorney Landlord tenant/Real Estate Custody/visitation concerns Wills and Trusts Family law And much more

17 Financial Services Unlimited phone consultation with a financial planner Credit card consolidation Credit restoration Retirement planning And much more

18 Identity Theft Prevention and security Immediate response suggestions Fraudulent charges and disputes Credit restoration and follow-ups And much more

19 Educational Opportunities College preparation guide Resources for advancing education Financial aid referrals Two-year, Undergraduate, and Graduate programs Career counseling GED, Special Degrees, and Vocational program resources Scholarship information And much more

20 Affinity™ Online Personalized self-paced assistance Strategies for better and healthier living FREE services no matter how often accessed Help available 24 hours per day, seven days per week

21 Healthy Literature Information is available to you on any issue of concern on a variety of topics HealthYMail monthly newsletters Affinity Quarterly newsletters

22 Personal Services & Community-Based Resources Information and referrals are provided for but not limited to: Home repairs House cleaning service Entertainment events Landscaping services Ridesharing programs ACI is here to help!

23 Confidential All information provided by the employee and family member is protected by State and Federal Law No information gets back to the company that the employee accessed the EAP The utilization report has no names on it

24 Training Topics that highlight the EAP services Fun, entertaining & educational Your choice of how they’re conducted:   Onsite trainer   Webinar   Do-it-yourself To arrange a training work through your location HRD and/or contact ACI directly.

25 Examples of Critical Incidents Include: Death of an employee Severe injury Prolonged/severe illness Workplace violence Any traumatic event that impacts employees EAP Help in Critical Times

26 Supervisor/Manager Role To expect good job performance To provide a safe work environment To make sure the job gets done To ensure quality in the product/service To do this the manager must: Know what it takes to get the job done Know the employees’ abilities Know if there is a change in either Communicate job expectations

27 Managing the Troubled Employee Recognition Documentation/consult with HR Discussion  Job performance improves or  Job performance problems continue EAP interview Follow-up

28 Signs and Symptoms Absenteeism On-the-job absenteeism Difficulty in concentration Appearance Confusion Inconsistent work patterns Generally lowered job efficiency Poor employee relationships

29 Workplace Violence Some indications of impending violence: Overreaction to changes Threats, even in jest History of antagonistic or violent behavior Blaming of others for serious problems Repeated policy violations Vague references to a “plan” to “get even” Mood swings or substance abuse Repeated references to weapons

30 Self-Referrals- An employee or family member contacts the EAP directly Supervisory Referrals- You recognize that an employee’s job performance has deteriorated and that continuing or emerging patterns of behavior are cause for concern Types of Referrals

31 Supervisory Referrals EAP is not a part of the disciplinary process 100% confidential unless employee signs a release of information Excellent resources to get problems solved How and when to make a referral – refer to the Virtual Folder Risk Management tab for procedures

32 Positive substance screen result Refusal to submit to substance screen Frequent/unexplained absenteeism/tardiness Absent from the worksite while on the job Difficulty in working with others Inconsistency in quality/quantity of work output Extreme irritability/anger Insubordination/questioning authority Disregard for the safety of others Types of Job-Related Supervisory Referrals

33 Promotes early intervention for employees’ personal problems Reduces employee absenteeism and low productivity Facilitates good mental health which reduces overall health care costs Communicates the company’s commitment to their employees’ well-being Summary

34 Do you need someone to talk to? Talk to us! Multiple resources are available at your fingertips… Manager/Supervisor/HR link: Employee link: Email: Call: 800.932.0034

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