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Employee Assistance Program Supervisory Orientation For:

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1 Employee Assistance Program Supervisory Orientation For:
Introduce yourself and your affiliation with ACI Specialty Benefits. Today’s training is to introduce you to the comprehensive Employee Assistance Program for CNIC employees and their family member. ACI is very excited to provide a full range of EAP services which includes enhanced work/life and personal services. Promotion is going to be ongoing and it is our goal for all employees and their family members to be fully aware of these new benefits. As a Manager, Supervisor and HR Representative, it is very important for you to understand the new benefits in place to assist your employees, and your role as a manager. CNIC

2 Supervisory Training Agenda
EAP Benefits Overview Goals of Supervisor Training Supervisor/Manager Role Managing the Troubled Employee Signs & Symptoms of the Troubled Employee Confidentiality & Reporting Types of Referrals Summary Today’s presentation is for Managers, Supervisors and HR/Benefits Representatives. There is also an Orientation for employees which is very similar to this presentation. For all of you who are planning on taking notes, please be aware that this presentation will be available to you after we have completed this training. So, sit back, relax and learn about your new EAP. The Agenda items listed here will all be covered.

3 Manager/Supervisor/HR Virtual Folder
The virtual folder is your managers’ tool box which includes: ACI contact list Promotional materials Program training materials Supervisory referral documents ACI works with many groups like CNIC that have multiple locations on customizing a Virtual Folder (VF). The virtual folder can be considered an EAP tool kit for management. Everything we discuss today, including all of the promotional flyers, the trainings, this power point and information on formal and informal referrals will be included in this VF. This VF is not intended for Employees – they will have a separate Landing page. This folder is also convenient in that, every time you refresh your browser/link to the folder, you will get the most current version of materials. So, if we add or revise a material, you will always have the most current collateral.

4 Employee Landing Page CNIC’s landing page gives employees a brief overview of the EAP benefits and gives them access to: Benefits summary Links to resource web portals EAP brochure & announcement flyer The landing page is the employees’ EAP overview. It will be an easy way for employees and their family members to have all the information they need about their new EAP benefit. This link is live now and we encourage you to promote it to employees regularly.

5 Why use the EAP? Mental Health Marriage & family conflicts
Substance abuse Stress management Emotional challenges Health concerns Grief and loss Work/Life Child Care Referrals Elder Care Referrals Legal consultation Financial consultation ACI is different from most EAPs in that we offer Mental Health services and a Work/Life and personal services benefit portion to the employees and family members. Why use the EAP? When employees or family members can’t manage their emotions or circumstances on their own, they can utilize their EAP benefits to assist them. Mental Health can include, but is not limited to: Marriage & family conflicts Substance abuse Stress management Emotional challenges Health concerns Grief and loss Regarding the Work/life portion of the EAP, ACI provides Work/Life benefits that assist the employee or family member from further stress or time off of work. ACI provides services that can assist with referrals for children, eldercare, legal and financial consultation. Information will follow.

6 EAP Sessions Employees and family members are authorized for:
Up to 5 sessions per issue provided by your employer EAP is a short-term approach for diagnosis, referral, and/or short-term problem resolution Mental Health sessions are provided by their employer for employees and family members. They are authorized for the certain amount of sessions. The employees and family members of CNIC are authorized for up to five (5) sessions per issue. The sessions again are for assessment, diagnosis, and referral or short-term problem resolution. Providers may self refer or refer to someone on their insurance plan if they are not. For more information on your EAP benefit, they may contact the ACI directly or contact the HR Department. FAQs What if I need more sessions? The provider can self refer and work out a payment plan outside of the EAP, or they can continue services by using their primary insurance. How do I know how many I will need? Generally within the first session, the provider can asses whether the issue is short-term or long term. What if I have a problem with the referral? The employee can call ACI directly to either get another referral or speak with someone in ACI’s Clinical Department.

7 24 Hours Medical answering service available for after-hours calls.
On-call counselors are available. This is not an emergency number. Call 911 if there is an emergency. Business Hours: PST – 7:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. CST – 9:00 a.m. – 7:30 p.m. EST – 10:00 a.m. – 8:30 p.m. ACI prides itself in providing quality Customer Services. For example, when an employee calls the (800) number, ACI will guarantee that they will be assisted or spoken to by a person. ACI does not believe in automated answering services. This helps convey to the employee and family members that we are here to assist and speak with them and find the appropriate service. ACI has live operators after business hours and will take a message or in case of an urgent matter. We will be able to connect you with a mental health clinician after hours if necessary. The operator will asses the situation with the caller and will make the appropriate referral whether that is to take a message and have an intake operator call them the next business day or conference a call to a stand by licensed mental health professional. For Life threatening cases, such as a suicide or where someone wants to cause harm to themselves or other, please call 911 or call their nearest emergency center. FAQ Where is ACI located? ACI’s Corporate headquarters is in San Diego, CA. What are the business hours? General business hours are Monday through Thursday 7:00 AM – 5:30 PM PST, Friday from 7:00 AM – 4:30 PM.

8 All Family Members We mean all family members. Living with you or not. In the same state or not. All are welcome: Children Spouses Significant others Parents Grandparents ACI Specialty Benefits provides services to employees, significant others and all family members. The EAP is available to assist employees in addressing problems that may distract their attention from work. Family members do not have to live in the same household or state as the employee. An example would be if an employee works in Millington, TN and they have a parent or a family member in “Minnesota,” they too are covered under the EAP services through ACI. They would simply need to call the (800) number and inform the intake operator that they have a family member that works for the CNIC and they to would like to utilize the EAP services. If they are unsure as to what benefits they are entitled to, they can also call the (800) number and inform the intake operator that they need some information.

9 Multicultural/Multilingual
All ethnic concerns accommodated All cultural issues addressed All special interests acknowledged Multilingual services available For extended families and those family members that speak different languages such as Spanish, French, Tagalog (pronounced tah-gah-lawg), or Chinese to name a few. ACI Specialty Benefits has trained professionals to take calls in a variety of different languages. ACI’s services include access to speaking with someone in over 150 different languages to help better serve. ACI provides clinicians that are culturally sensitive and multi-lingual. Providers are available in person or by telephonic assessment if needed.

10 Many Locations Just tell the intake specialist where the most convenient location is for you to be seen: Near work Near home Or in between ACI serves many locations and has a network of over 40,000 clinician nationally and international. If you have a loved one in another city or across the country, ACI can provide services to them as well.

11 Comprehensive Work/Life
Comprehensive Work/Life benefits offer an innovative blend of referral services designed to make life easier Child Care referrals Elder Care referrals Pet Care referrals Legal service Financial services Identity theft Educational assistance referrals Personal services Community-based resources Most Employees and family members associate the EAP with just Mental Health, but this is just part of it. ACI work/life services are included in your EAP. ACI offers a variety of referral services designed to help accommodate busy schedules. Resources and referrals are provided in a broad category of personal services including but not limited to: Childcare, Eldercare, Petcare, Legal, Financial, Identity Theft, Educational Assistance, personal services and community based resources.

12 Child Care Services Referrals for preschool, after school, and daycare facilities Special needs Summer camps Background and security check referrals And much more ACI assists employees and their family members with Childcare referrals so that they do not have to take time away from work. Simply contact ACI and let us know what kind of services you are requesting and ACI representative will do all the research. ACI can provide information via , fax, telephonic or snail mail in a timely manner.

13 Elder Care Services Referral for nursing and home health care
Adult daycare and support groups Transportation and meal sources Emergency and respite care Companionship programs In addition to the Childcare Services, ACI assists employees and their loved ones with Eldercare referrals so that they again do not have to take time away from work. Simply contact ACI and let us know what kind of services you are requesting and an ACI representative will do all the research. Can provide information via , fax, telephonic or snail mail in a timely manner.

14 Pet Care Services Referral for boarding and grooming
Referrals for veterinarians Resources for traveling with pets Emergency pet services Just like Senior Care and Child Care your pet matters. Have ACI’s specialists work with you to find the Pet Care information and resources you need today! Can’t decide between a Doberman or a Basset Hound? Let ACI do the research on both breeds, find breeders in your area, vets, etc. We’ve even had to locate Pet Psychics before. Call ACI today to assist with your loving pet care needs.

15 Legal & Financial Services
Speak directly with an attorney about your legal problems Speak directly with a financial planner 90% of all calls handled over the phone without further referral needed Employees and their family members can speak directly with an attorney about their legal problems. 90% of all calls are handled over the phone without further referral needed.

16 Legal Services Unlimited phone consultation with a licensed attorney
Landlord tenant/Real Estate Custody/visitation concerns Wills and Trusts Family law And much more Unlimited phone consultation is available with a licensed attorney. Legal attorneys can assist with, but are not limited to: Landlord Tenant/Real Estate Custody/Visitation Concerns Wills and Trusts Family Law And much more… Example: Your rent has suddenly been doubled by your landlord. Call ACI to put you in touch with an attorney who specializes in landlord/tenant law for help. * Employees and family members can receive almost any kind of legal consultation except for conflict of interest. Employee or Family member can not consult to take legal action against a company.

17 Financial Services Unlimited phone consultation with a financial planner Credit card consolidation Credit restoration Retirement planning And much more Financial planners can provide consultation with any kind of Financial information and provide helpful information that pertains to their interest. Financial planners can assist with, but are not limited to: Credit Card Consolidation Credit Restoration Retirement Planning And much more… Example: You have a family member that is going through a divorce and he/she needs some advice on how to manage their finances moving forward. Not only can they call in to speak with a financial consultant about that but they can call to speak with an attorney for a legal consultation, they can call for EAP sessions for them and their children and they can call in for childcare resources if necessary. For one issue (divorce) an individual can utilize the EAP in four different ways. And it’s all free!

18 Identity Theft Prevention and security Immediate response suggestions
Fraudulent charges and disputes Credit restoration and follow-ups And much more Employees and family members have access to licensed professionals that specialize in Identity Theft.  ACI can also provide Identity Theft Kits to those who are affected. ACI can provide information as how to take immediate action and precautions on how not to become a victim.

19 Educational Opportunities
College preparation guide Resources for advancing education Financial aid referrals Two-year, Undergraduate, and Graduate programs Career counseling GED, Special Degrees, and Vocational program resources Scholarship information And much more ACI can provide services to employees and family members who are interested in going back to school, certificate in a specialized program, and general educational information.  Let ACI do the research so that employees and family members don’t take away from work.  ACI can provide the leg work in finding services and programs.

20 Affinity™ Online Personalized self-paced assistance
Strategies for better and healthier living FREE services no matter how often accessed Help available 24 hours per day, seven days per week Affinity includes: Enhanced Childcare Services Enhanced Senior Care Services Enhanced Legal Services Educational Opportunity Pet Care Services Healthy Literature Affinity Online

21 Healthy Literature Information is available to you on any issue of concern on a variety of topics HealthYMail monthly newsletters Affinity Quarterly newsletters In addition to the Work/Life and Mental Health portions of the EAP, ACI provides a Healthy Mail newsletter every month with different healthy topics each month and quarter. The news letters are provided to Human Resources or the benefits department in which they distribute to the employees.

22 Personal Services & Community-Based Resources
Information and referrals are provided for but not limited to: Home repairs House cleaning service Entertainment events Landscaping services Ridesharing programs ACI is here to help! ACI Personal Services is like having your own personal attendant! Contact ACI to assist you with things like finding a licensed and bonded plumber or roofer, house cleaning services or local ride sharing programs.

23 Confidential All information provided by the employee and family member is protected by State and Federal Law No information gets back to the company that the employee accessed the EAP The utilization report has no names on it All information provided by the employee and family member is protected by State and Federal Law. No names will be on the utilization report. All information is confidential.

24 Training Topics that highlight the EAP services
Fun, entertaining & educational Your choice of how they’re conducted: Onsite trainer Webinar Do-it-yourself To arrange a training work through your location HRD and/or contact ACI directly. Managers/Supervisors can coordinate with Human Resources to help coordinate training presentations that can assist in addressing underlying issues. In addition to providing helpful information to the employees the seminars are a way to highlight the EAP services.

25 EAP Help in Critical Times
Examples of Critical Incidents Include: Death of an employee Severe injury Prolonged/severe illness Workplace violence Any traumatic event that impacts employees It is difficult to determine the impact of an unexpected and traumatic event. People can respond to the same traumatic event in many different ways. In such events, ACI would have a professional counselor on site who would be able to talk with and how they can cope and help others cope with such events. CISD= Critical Incident Stress Debriefing A Critical Incident is defined in this context as a workplace event which is extraordinary in nature with the expectation of producing significant reactions on the part of victims or those either directly or indirectly impacted. Who can be affected? Witness, employees, colleagues, clients, and or family members all can be affected and can create risk. Typical Examples include: Robberies Death of an employee Severe injuries Severe or prolonged illness (cancer, AIDS, etc.) How can a CISD help Employees? Provide means of emotional expression Inform individuals of stress, reactions and coping methods Assess individuals coping skills & make referrals if necessary Decrease in distressing symptoms and onset of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) To dispel myths and reduce blame/self-blame Provide structure and stability Promotes company’s commitment to employees’ overall well being And much more

26 Supervisor/Manager Role
To expect good job performance To provide a safe work environment To make sure the job gets done To ensure quality in the product/service To do this the manager must: Know what it takes to get the job done Know the employees’ abilities Know if there is a change in either Communicate job expectations This implies clear open communication. ACI is here as an EAP for employees but also as a resource for you, the manager. We are not here to change the policies and procedures that your company has in place, but to help by offering additional resources and support to your company policies. One of the most important benefits of an EAP is that you can contact ACI to consult with someone on the clinical and/or account executive team and ask how ACI can help an employee that you may be working with or might be considering administering disciplinary action with. Call ACI first.

27 Managing the Troubled Employee
Recognition Documentation/consult with HR Discussion Job performance improves or Job performance problems continue EAP interview Follow-up Recognition. You are in a key position to recognize problems the employee may not be aware of in terms of deteriorating job performance – always remember you job is to “identify work problems” not “diagnose”. Refer to Pages 4-9 in the managers and supervisors manual Documentation: bring written outline of concerns with examples and data to the discussion. Missed expectations Record of absences and lateness Relationship issues Safety issues Review expectations with measurable goals and timeline – if they improve, provide positive feedback.

28 Signs and Symptoms Absenteeism On-the-job absenteeism
Difficulty in concentration Appearance Confusion Inconsistent work patterns Generally lowered job efficiency Poor employee relationships If you find you need to refer an employee, the process is based on your company. Some companies require you go through HR, other companies allow supervisors to contact the EAP directly. Contact your HR person to find out what your process is. Hand out the Manager/Supervisor Manual. Have them turn to page 10 and review the checklist and have them think about any past or current examples that might have indicated a problem.

29 Workplace Violence Some indications of impending violence:
Overreaction to changes Threats, even in jest History of antagonistic or violent behavior Blaming of others for serious problems Repeated policy violations Vague references to a “plan” to “get even” Mood swings or substance abuse Repeated references to weapons Refer to page 11 of the Manager and Supervisor Manual Each year, nearly one million employees become victims of violence at work. This costs nearly $55 million in lost wages due to absence. The problems outlined on this slide are serious ones and should be viewed as serious. ACI would always prefer that you take a proactive stance by referring an employee as early as possible in order to begin offering help, resources and direction before a problem in the workplace becomes serious issue.

30 Types of Referrals Self-Referrals- An employee or family member contacts the EAP directly Supervisory Referrals- You recognize that an employee’s job performance has deteriorated and that continuing or emerging patterns of behavior are cause for concern Job is effected – not personality conflicts unless it really impacts the job. Job Performance is the key. It depends on the company whether the manager/supervisory goes through HR or direct to EAP with referrals. Always feel free to consult the clinical department of ACI. Over 90% of all referrals are self-referral. Ask if anyone has used the referral procedure before? What was their experience?

31 Supervisory Referrals
EAP is not a part of the disciplinary process 100% confidential unless employee signs a release of information Excellent resources to get problems solved How and when to make a referral – refer to the Virtual Folder Risk Management tab for procedures If performance does not improve…….supervisors may refer the employee to the EAP. The disciplinary process is separate from this even though a mandatory referral may be a condition of continued employment. Work with your HR Department to understand your company’s disciplinary process. Referrals can be Formal…in which a Release of Confidential Information gets signed and ACI is allowed to give the referring supervisor information regarding the employees compliance or lack of compliance, or, and Informal referral, which can still be documented by the supervisor…i.e. “I provided employee Joe Smith with an EAP brochure and reminded him that it was a free and confidential program and I suggested that he utilize the services before things become worse.”

32 Types of Job-Related Supervisory Referrals
Positive substance screen result Refusal to submit to substance screen Frequent/unexplained absenteeism/tardiness Absent from the worksite while on the job Difficulty in working with others Inconsistency in quality/quantity of work output Extreme irritability/anger Insubordination/questioning authority Disregard for the safety of others ACI monitors attendance and compliance and liaison to problem solve once a referral is made. Once a referral is made, the employee is required to sign the referral form. At this time, pass out the referral form that can be obtained from ACI’s website. These forms, as well as the Supervisory Manual and the Supervisory Process are all included in the Virtual Folder. ACI has worked closely with CNIC to assure that this information is in support of the disciplinary process for CNIC employees. Feel free to contact ACI anytime and identify yourself as an CNIC Supervisor and that you would like to consult with someone regarding an employee issue. ACI’s staff will be happy to discuss the issue and give you our professional advice and you can then decide your course of action with the employee.

33 Summary Promotes early intervention for employees’ personal problems
Reduces employee absenteeism and low productivity Facilitates good mental health which reduces overall health care costs Communicates the company’s commitment to their employees’ well-being To summarize the EAP benefits offered are available to the employees and their family members. The EAP: Promotes early intervention for employees personal problems. Reduces employee absenteeism and low productivity. Facilitates good mental health which reduces overall health care costs. Communicates the company’s commitment to their employees’ well being.

34 Do you need someone to talk to? Talk to us!
Multiple resources are available at your fingertips… Please do not hesitate to contact us anytime by phone at or at Manager/Supervisor/HR link: Employee link: Call:

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