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MSc Dissertation in Economics

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1 MSc Dissertation in Economics
Christoph Himmels

2 MSc Dissertations : Aims and Objectives
Aims: An MSc dissertation enables students to: develop analytical skills and demonstrate knowledge of econometric and economic theory; develop skills in report writing, information management and data analysis; practice using IT software for word processing, bibliographic searching, information management and the analysis of data. Objectives: In their dissertations, students should demonstrate: logical thought and coherent argument in the identification and analysis of problems; ability to undertake independent research.

3 Dissertation Workshop : Aims and Objectives
to inform you of the regulations and submission and other deadlines for MSc dissertations; to explain how you can identify a suitable dissertation topic and supervisor; to explain the role of the dissertation supervisor; to explain the format for MSc dissertations and the appropriate use of others’ work in preparing dissertations. Objectives: a dissertation title and outline; a research plan;

4 Topic Choice Each staff member is allocated a fixed number of students, based on teaching allocation. Each member of staff advertises topics they want to supervise. Topics can be widely or narrowly defined. Supervisors and Students are matched on a first come first serve basis Dates: Topics published mid February. All supervisor arrangements to be made before Easter break

5 Topic Choice (cont.) Students are permitted to choose their own topic, but will need to write their own proposal and find their own supervisor (search process should be finished before the Easter break) Students who fail to choose a topic, will simply be allocated to a supervisor who is not full

6 Supervisor Meet to discuss Research Plan (written by student)
Departmental benchmark: 4 one hour meetings Supervisors may not be available between 14 July and 31 August Supervisors will not read a draft of your thesis They will guide and discuss your ideas The supervision process is student-led!

7 What does student-led mean?
arrange meetings with your supervisor, and attend them; discuss with your supervisor the type of guidance and comments you find most helpful; submit a five-page summary of what the dissertation will look like for feedback and discussion with supervisor; maintain progress and meet deadlines; take the initiative in raising problems; avoid plagiarism if necessary, seek help elsewhere with written English; in extremis, see your MSc Programme Director. Your responsibility to take the initiative throughout the dissertation writing process!

8 Role of Supervisor Supervisor gives advise about:
the nature of the dissertation (e.g. title, viability of topic, university regulations); literature and other sources; required techniques (econometric analysis etc.); the student’s five-page summary of what the dissertation will look like; the planning of the dissertation (i.e. organisation) the standard of work expected (without prejudging final mark)

9 Role of Supervisor (cont.)
You may NOT expect your supervisor to: meet with you between 15 July and 1 September; provide detailed feedback on drafts of each chapter; read the final draft of your dissertation; correct your spelling, grammar, punctuation etc.


11 Identify the topic What is my contribution? A totally new question
An existing question but new approach An existing question but new dataset (country, time period) A new technique A comparison of techniques A literature review

12 Identifying the purpose of papers
1) Research questions 1.1) What are they? 1.2) Why are they interesting questions? 2) How are they answering that question? 3) How does their paper fit into the literature and what is their contribution to the literature? 3) What are the conclusions of the authors?

13 Dissertation Outline and Research Plan
Agree on title with your supervisor; Draft contents page with chapter/ section headings; List of key references; words outlining research objective and methodology; E.g. required data and assessment of availability, computer software etc. Allocation of time Deadline: 30th April

14 Semester 2 Literature Reviews Citation technique Plagiarism (Turnitin)

15 For further information

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