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A LTERNATIVE P RACTICUM P LACEMENTS Year 4 Concurrent Education Brantford Campus.

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1 A LTERNATIVE P RACTICUM P LACEMENTS Year 4 Concurrent Education Brantford Campus

2 W HAT IS AN A LTERNATIVE P LACEMENT ? An opportunity to: Use teaching skills in non-traditional teaching contexts including private schools Explore other employment options where teaching skills are an advantage Network and make community contacts that may lead to future employment outside the classroom. Offer services to the community

3 W HY AN A LTERNATIVE P RACTICUM ? Helps students to explore other employment options where the B.Ed. is an advantage Provides a different form of teaching experience Adds benefit to the resume and portfolio Offers another professional contact and reference Presents diversity and differentiation in learning and teaching situations Explores an area of interest not available through traditional teaching situations

4 Expand future employability options in the increasingly competitive education field Recognize the range of the applicability of developing skills as teachers Experience the range of services available in the community that provide some form of teaching support to individuals Examine and reflect on developing skills in diverse settings Challenge each student’s ability to adapt and respond to changing conditions N ON - CLASSROOM P RACTICUM E XPERIENCES P ROVIDE O PPORTUNITIES TO …

5 W HY OFFER THE A LTERNATIVE P LACEMENT IN Y EAR 4? Offers opportunity for diversity of placements Complements courses taken in education and Contemporary Studies Provides immersion in schools in Year 5 Reflects Service Learning programs at Nipissing and other universities.

6 D EVELOPMENT OF THE A LTERNATIVE P RACTICUM H ANDBOOK Consulted with Nipissing North Bay for their Service Learning component Presented concept to SAC and reviewed with Year Four students Consulted with Laurier Brantford Service Learning Office Developed draft and validated with Dean, staff and faculty Communicated with students through NipNews for feedback

7 WHY DO COMMUNITY PARTNERS INVEST IN ALTERNATIVE PLACEMENTS? Strengthen ties with Universities and students within the community. Strategy to identify potential employees Benefit of extra expertise and assistance Complement to paid employment Improved profile for the agency/business

8 ALTERNATIVE PRACTICUM OVERVIEW Take place in year four to earn the EDUC 4686/4696 credit with 120 hours of a successful practicum. Handbook provides details and is posted on the Nipissing Brantford website Self-selected and arranged by the student Approved and supported by the Practicum Advisory Committee Total of 120 hours can be accumulated over time period Alternative Practicum Placements may begin in May 2011, July 2011, or September 2011, or complete an International Placement.

9 Where Can I seek a Placement for an Alternative Practicum? Criteria: Significant connection to human development and service. Teaching skills may be applied. Total of 120 hours within the time period from May 2011-May 2012. Location must appear to be healthy and safe Volunteer, not paid employment. In Ontario, but outside of a publicly funded school board Supervisor is not immediate family or peer in the program International placement is only Nipissing sponsored Not more than two (2) Teacher Candidates with the same supervisor.

10 Potential Suggestions for Alternative Practicum Placements Alternative or Private Schools Detention Centers Museums Library Literacy Programs Conservation Authorities Tutoring Services Theatre Programs Homeless Shelters/Outreach Programs Respite Care/Community Big Brothers/Big Sisters Hospitals – Pediatric or Geriatric Care Literacy Councils Care Access Research Opportunities with Faculty Universities and Colleges Others ( as approved by PAC) Native Cultural Centers FACS/CAS

11 Resources for Finding Alternative Placements Check with Laurier Career services o CIOC, ( Check the Nipissing Brantford website for available postings Community sources

12 Requirements Ensure that your current Criminal Record Check is current and available (if required) Workplace Education Agreement Form (Appendix C) Complete a timesheet (Appendix D) with supervisor Journal or Log is recommended (Appendix E) Complete an evaluation (Appendix F) with supervisor at end of placement Inquiries about other requirements specific to placement can be directed to the contacts listed on page 3 of the Alternative Placement Handbook

13 How to Obtain an Alternative Practicum Students may choose to complete the placement in any location in Ontario where an approved placement is available Check the Brantford campus website for potential placements: Present the official letter (Appendix A) to the agency with the sample Handbook and resume Once the agency accepts, complete Appendix B and submit to the Practicum Office by April 15 (May start) or May15 (July start) or July 15 (September start) Practicum Office will provide approvals within 3 weeks Provide Handbook and forms to the agency, upon approval

14 Evaluation of the Alternative Practicum Placement There is only one final evaluation, but it is desirable to review this form and the expectations at the beginning and middle of the placement with the Supervisor Single evaluation completed by Alternative Supervisor Students are to maintain a time sheet and submit it at the completion of the placement with Supervisor signature The timesheet and evaluation form are due to the Practicum Office one week upon completion of placement.

15 Summary of Procedures Use the official letter to inform potential Supervisor and determine feasibility of a placement Complete and submit the application to Practicum Office as per timelines outlined in Handbook After approval is received to Nipissing email account, provide Handbook to supervisor Complete the 120 hours in AP with timesheet of hours Collaborate in evaluation and submit copy with timesheet to the Practicum Office

16 International Alternative Practicum Planned for May 2012 Plan is to offer Kenya and Italy subject to budget approvals and student interest Accompanied by Faculty Supervisor Apply in September; approved in October May also be offered in year five block Approximate costs: Italy - $4000 Kenya - $5000

17 Questions ?? Contact Associate Dean: Or Practicum Office at

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