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Kimberly Grossmann – Human Resources

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1 Supervisor Resources and Guidelines for Creating a Veteran/Military Friendly Work Environment
Kimberly Grossmann – Human Resources Luisa Levario – Chancellor/EVC Provost Karolia Macias – Undergraduate Admissions Brittnee Meitzenheimer— OFSAA Inkal Nakrani – GSOE Making Excellence Inclusive Diversity Certificate Program

2 Description of the Project Task
Create resources and guidelines for supervisors Help supervisors to maintain a Veteran/Military member friendly work environment at UCR Our solutions: Develop a pamphlet for supervisors Provide PowerPoint for training supervisors Establish and implement a mentoring program for both veterans and their supervisors

3 Deliverables Pamphlet for Supervisors PowerPoint for Supervisors
Framework for a Mentoring Program at UCR

4 Pamphlet for Supervisors
Intent of Pamphlet Provide supervisors with a tangible resource they can take back to the office Highlight guidelines, resources, and information on creating and maintaining a Veteran/Military Member friendly work environment all in one place

5 Pamphlet for Supervisors
Content Guidelines for creating a Veteran/Military Member friendly environment Campus Resources Military Family Leave PTSD/TBI Awareness

6 Pamphlet for Supervisors
Distribution and Maintenance New Staff Orientation Supervisory Development Training (BCSC) Will “live” on the HR website HR responsible for keeping it updated

7 PowerPoint for Supervisors
Intent of PowerPoint Training Tool: Supervisory unit meetings Building Core Supervisory Competency (BCSC) To be developed Veteran/Military Member supervisory training

8 PowerPoint for Supervisors
Content Military culture The act of debriefing Awareness of potential medical issues Provide helpful resources

9 PowerPoint for Supervisors
Maintenance Available on the Human Resource website Human Resources responsible for keeping it updated

10 Mentoring Program Intent of Veteran/ Military Member Mentoring Program
For all staff/faculty veterans and military members Design to help veterans transition back into work Provide a support group Provide a mechanism for policy questions, resources, and training opportunities

11 Mentoring Program Development Two phase mentoring program
Phase 1: e-Mentoring Program Phase 2: Group Mentoring Program

12 Challenges Assigning a contact person in human resources
Updating information in PowerPoint and pamphlet Structuring mentor program and its implementation Recruiting mentors Program assessment Time commitment from supervisors, Veterans/Military Members and mentors

13 Solutions Less time spent considering UCR policies Pared down ideas
Framework for Mentoring Program Pamphlet for supervisors and departments Group members’ perspectives considered Maintaining resources and mentoring program.

14 Measures: Effectiveness of the Deliverable
Survey conducted of the veteran population at UCR Currently, there are 51 self identifying staff and faculty veterans/military members Of these, we managed to collect 9 responses Gave us a return rate of 18%

15 Measures…

16 Measures… Supervisor Resources and Guidelines PowerPoint
Track the number of hits on the UCLC transcripts CDEP End Year Survey Receive feed back from supervisors Used in departmental/organizatioinal unit meetings

17 Lessons Learned Resources Team Environment Project
Current resources available at UCR and how to build upon them Support Networks on campus Need of additional training/resources Team Environment Keep idea/focus simple Spend less time on brainstorming Focus more time in the developing stage How to manage time Project Awareness of how to assist veteran/military member colleagues to adjust to the work environment Connecting diversity context to project 

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