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Unclassified Professional and Administrative Staff February 3, 2010.

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1 Unclassified Professional and Administrative Staff February 3, 2010

2 PURPOSE To provide a formal review system for the performance management of Unclassified Professional and Administrative Staff. Reference: Chapter 3 of the ULS Board Rules-Section 1.

3 POLICY COVERAGE All Unclassified Professional and Administrative Staff employees. Part-time and/or temporary unclassified appointments and all faculty members are excluded from policy coverage.

4 GENERAL POLICY The Annual Performance Review system is designed with the intent of providing a clear means: 1. For the supervisor to define the major job functions of the position; and 2. For the supervisor and the employee to develop a shared understanding of the work and goals; and 3. To identify the performance or behavioral factors that will be evaluated.

5 GENERAL POLICY Although not the only measure, management will use the Annual Performance Review as an important tool to make a wide range of employment and pay decisions, including pay adjustments. The Annual Performance Review must be conducted each calendar year. The annual planning and review cycle will coincide with the calendar year which begins January lst. This year only-planning session Page 8 due to Human Resources not later than March 31 st.

6 Establish Expectations, Goals, and Professional Development

7 PLANNING SESSION The supervisor and the employee should jointly establish and discuss performance objectives, goals, and professional development that will improve, sustain, or increase the employee’s effectiveness during a Planning Session meeting conducted at the beginning of each calendar year. Ongoing communication and feedback should occur between the employee and supervisor throughout the rating year.

8 CONDUCTING A PLANNING SESSION Establish a time for a Planning Session meeting. Complete Section 1 on Page 1 prior to the meeting. Review the Job Factors in Section III to determine applicability to position that you are rating. Mark any non-applicable Factor as Not Applicable and Highlight. Complete any “Other” Factors that you will rate. Print two copies of the Annual Performance Review Form prior to the meeting. Discuss each factor that will be rated during a formal meeting with employee. Jointly complete Page 8-Planning Session Employee Performance Goals. Add any supervisor comments necessary. (handwrite during meeting or have employee input prior to meeting in order to type prior to meeting-suggestion e-mail) Provide an up to date Job Description during the meeting. Job Description template is located on the HR website under Performance Management tab. Send updated Job Description to Human Resources by e-mail. Obtain Planning Session signature of employee and sign as supervisor. Provide a signed Planning Session copy of the Annual Performance Review form to employee for review throughout the rating year and retain the original. Submit Page 8 only to Human Resources.

9 PLANNING SESSION TIMELINE Planning Sessions should occur: 1. At the beginning of each review year for current employees-between January 1 st and February 15 th ; or 2. Within thirty days of hire date for new employees; or 3. If significant changes occur in job duties, expectations, goals, or objectives, a new planning session should be conducted immediately. 4. This year-Page 8 due to HR by March 31 st. Planning Session must be conducted by March 31 st with the first review due by February 15, 2011.

10 Self Assessment and Supervisor Review Session

11 CONDUCTING A REVIEW SESSION The annual review session is conducted for work performed the previous calendar year and should be conducted between January 1 st and February 15 th of each calendar year. Review Process: 1. The supervisor retrieves the form on computer. 2. The supervisor routes the form to the employee to complete Section lA and lB and also Section lll-Self-Rating. 3. The supervisor completes the remainder of the APR to effectuate a rating. The supervisors conducts a formal review session meeting. 4. The employee and supervisor sign the form. The employee may make comments or response to the review on a separate sheet of paper and attach to the form. 5. The supervisor must obtain next level signature (if required) and submit original APR form to Human Resources no later than February 15 th. The supervisor should retain a copy and give a copy of the form to the employee.

12 REVIEW SESSION The employee Self Assessment is intended to provide a basis for discussion between the supervisor and the employee, and is not intended to be counted in the employee’s final rating score. THE NEW PLANNING SESSION SHOULD BE CONDUCTED IMMEDIATELY AFTER THE REVIEW SESSION DURING THE SAME MEETING BUT NOT LATER THAN FEBRUARY 15TH

13 RIGHT OF REVIEW The employee may request a review of the rating within fifteen (15) calendar days of the date of the Annual Performance Review. The request must be made in writing and should be directed to the appropriate Division Head. The Division Head will review the rating and notify the employee in writing of the results of the review within thirty (30) calendar days.

14 WORK IMPROVEMENT PLAN JOB DESCRIPTION TEMPLATE If the employee has deficiencies in performance or behavioral expectations, the employee should be placed on a Work Improvement Plan. The Plan should be designed to clearly define the deficiencies, provide tools for improvement and success criteria, and establish a timeline for improvement. The supervisor should ensure that a current job description is provided to the employee and Human Resources.

15 FORMS Annual Performance Review Policy Annual Performance Review Form Work Improvement Plan Template Job Description Template

16 CONTACT INFORMATION Office of Human Resources Box 91615, Lake Charles, LA 70609 Main: 337-475-5103 Fax: 337-475-5104 Smith Hall Room 109 Charlene AbbottDirector337-475-5977 Benita MalbroughHR Analyst B337-475-5362 Mary CourmierHR Analyst A337-475-5989 Tonya PeloquinHR Analyst A337-562-4247 Yvonne JacobsAdm Coordinator 4337-475-5105

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