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Experts in Teams at Faculty of Engineering, SDU

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1 Experts in Teams at Faculty of Engineering, SDU
Søren Jensen Assistant professor

2 The DSMI education model
Experts in Teams focus on: Interdiciplinary collaboration Innovation and entrepreneurship

3 Aim with Experts in Teams
Cross cultural collaboration Innovation and entrepreneurship Engineering skills Basic skills

4 Experts in Teams You can choose among a number of Theme Islands
Experts in Teams will focus on Collaboration, Entrepreneurship and innovation Other courses (20 ECTS ) Experts in Teams (10 ECTS) Business plan on a product idea developed by you and your Team Report on collaborative learning Report on technical development, subgroup 1 Report on technical development, subgroup 1 Report on technical development, subgroup 1

5 Organisation Island no 3/Theme Island supervisor
30 students in 5 – 6 Teams Island no 1/Theme Island supervisor 30 students in 5 – 6 Teams Island no 2/Theme Island supervisor 30 students in 5 – 6 Teams Island no N/Theme Island supervisor 30 students in 5 – 6 Teams Autumn 2009: approx 200 students Autumn 2010: expected 250 students

6 Island Organisation Teams: 5 - 6 teams on each Island
Team 1 (5-7 students) 1 Island supervisor 2-3 Technical supervisors Teams: 5 - 6 teams on each Island 2 – 3 lines of study in each team Min. 2 students from the same line of study Supervisors: 1 Island supervisor (primarily collaboration and business plan) 1 technical supervisor per each study line represented in the team the technical supervisors are not linked to the Island, but to the line of study

7 Learning activities through the semester
Lectures Recommended reading/Tools Project supervision Student-to-student teaching

8 Island Themes The Healthy Life The energy efficient house
Environmental products Odense Let’s Play 3rd world products Mekatronics Learning and living Formula student

9 Project examples Clay bricks with seashells incorporated
Biofuel terasse heater Solar cell covered roof tile Edutainment robotics Building a flying robot

10 Pedagogic approach Problembased learning
And the students create the problems them selfs ! We give them a number of tools to work with. A.o. Collaborameter Belbin profile Team rules and collaboration contract (subjects to consider) Island presentation day Meeting an external expert Student-to-student teaching

11 Supervision by both technical and Business/collaboration supervisor
Deliverables: A portfolio A coherent report on collaboration/business and technicals

12 Collaborameter Aim: to have the students evaluate their collaboration during the semester 1. Goal (aims and direction for the team work) 2. Results 3. Management (team coordination and management of the teamwork) 4. Collaboration (social aspects) 5. Learning Culture (the team's ability to evaluate themselves)

13 Collaboration contract
Aim: to have the students set up common goals and rules for the collaboration Collaboration contract When drafting a collaboration contract within your team consider as a minimum the following questions: 1. Who should be included in the collaboration contract 2. Set up a number of team rules 3. Team coordinator/contact person 4. Agree on a work plan 5. How often will you reconsider the work plan and milestones 6. How do you make sure that the learning environment you create suit all team members 7. What if a team member do not perform according to our agreements

14 Student-to-student teaching activities.
Aim: to have the students exercise knowledge transfer In each Team it is required that each subgroup of students from the same study program conduct a teaching session, within their area of expertise, for the rest of the Team. The session should be documented as follows: a small report (1-2 pages) with the following items are prepared and signed by the audience part of the Team: Topic of the session. Evaluation of the session, both relevance of the topic in relation to the Business idea and planning and implementation of the session. The material used in the session is enclosed. Each teaching session should bring the rest of your Team up-to-level on a subject where you are expert. The topic of the session should be relevant to the business idea your Team is working on.

15 Island presentation day
Aim: To have the students read critically and understand another teams business plan Name of the Business plan/Team Name of the opponent team. What are the Unique selling points of the product ? What is the market potential – do they know their customers and competitors ? Is it realistic that they can reach those customers ? Is their business model reasonable ? Team/organization. Do they have the competencies it takes to implement the business plan Budget/financing. Is there correlation between the business plan – work plan – budget ? Work plan. Does the work plan seem realistic ? Are there a number of well defined milestones ? Where do you see the three main barriers for this project becoming a success ?

16 Learning objectives Business planning Collaboration Technical skills
Aim is to prepare them even better for their future work in a company.

17 Thanks to all my colleagues
6 Island supervisors Approx 20 Technical supervisors Administrativ staff

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