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Role of the Clinical Supervisor

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1 Role of the Clinical Supervisor
Dr Morooj Mohammad, Dr Kimpreet Tithh & Dr Nisha Ehamparanathan GP ST 4 Clinical Commissioning Fellows 0 mins Introductions

2 Group activity 0 – 10 mins - Egg task.
In groups of 3 or 4 – in the middle what things you agree on what a clinical supervisor is and on the outside what you have differences. 10 – 15 mins - Feedback from group

3 RCGP – Role of the Clinical Supervisor
Oversee the day-to-day work of the trainee. Hold formative meetings with their trainee at the beginning, middle and end of their placement. Trainee’s initial point of contact in issues relating to the specific post. Clinical supervisors will sign off workplace-based assessments, Write an end-of-placement clinical supervisors report to be recorded in the trainee’s e-portfolio. Trainees and clinical supervisors should at all times be aware of their responsibilities for the safety of patients in their care. 15 – 20mins

4 Recommendations Initial meeting Mid way meeting
Clinical and Pastoral support Talk through recommendations

5 Learning logs Review example of learning log.
What comments would you make? 20 – 40mins - Handouts of different learning logs with feedback sheet – to give feedback

6 Feedback… Comments – informative / structured
Websites / resource links Share our experiences

7 Role play Act in groups of 3 / 4 different situations
1 trainee, 1 supervisor, 1 observing and giving feedback. What do you do if you think your trainee is struggling? mins - Clinical supervisor in their fields deal with a trainee. 60 – 70 mins – the struggling trainee. - talk to to trainees and Educational supervisor. - Importance of initial meetings

8 Questions? 70 – 75 mins

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