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Briefing for potential applicants for CHASE doctoral scholarships 26 November 2014.

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1 Briefing for potential applicants for CHASE doctoral scholarships 26 November 2014

2 The CHASE consortium consists of seven partners: Courtauld Institute of Art Goldsmiths, University of London Open University University of Essex University of East Anglia University of Sussex University of Kent The CHASE website contains a useful overview of the consortium and its aims and ethos:

3 The consortium aims to: Support world-class researchers in the understanding of human culture and creativity Engage with employers and develop partnerships to encourage creativity and innovation and to secure funding Raise the national and international profile of the Universities Foster and deliver excellent collaborative research and training, applied for the benefit of society and the economy

4 For five years (2014-19) CHASE will award AHRC-funded studentships in all Arts and Humanities subjects at Kent and the other 6 institutions The AHRC has provided a grant of £17m CHASE partners have committed an additional £10m The consortium will be awarding 375 doctoral scholarships Approximately 70 CHASE scholarships will be awarded to students starting in 2015

5 ‘It is fundamental to the CHASE ethos that serious disciplinary research is interdisciplinary’ CHASE offers students: innovative training in advanced research skills across the consortium and with other cultural institutions opportunities for work placements, international study trips, and professional development the possibility of a cross-institution supervisory team an annual conference: ‘Encounters’

6 Discuss your research project with a school Director of Graduate Studies and a prospective supervisor: do this now Apply for PhD place at Kent as soon as possible, but with a final deadline of 14 January 2015 All long-listed candidates will be interviewed by interdisciplinary faculty panels 9 and 10 February Shortlisted candidates will be nominated to CHASE. Successful candidates will be notified on 15 April

7 Research Proposal (40%) Demonstrated preparedness for research (20%) Suitability of research environment (20%) Excellence of references (20%)

8 Points for Note Applicants will need to supply: Two references –Commenting on: (i) academic record, (ii) quality of the research proposal and (iii) preparedness for doctoral study –One referee may be the candidate’s supervisor A Supervisor statement –Supervisors provide a statement in support of the candidate’s application for funding –This statement will focus on the: (i) quality of the proposal including the research environment (at ‘home’ and within CHASE) and (ii) ‘fit’ with the supervisor’s expertise and interests

9 Introduction what are the research issues or questions you intend to address, the context in which these are important, and the contribution your project will make to work in this field? Research background and questions what are the key sources, texts and approaches in this field? what are the central issues or questions you will explore, why are they important and how do they relate to this existing work? How does your project differ from or extend this existing work, and what will its contribution to knowledge be? How has your previous study (and professional knowledge) prepared you for this project? What is the relevance of your project to the Department in which you propose to undertake it, (to CHASE) or to possible non-academic users?

10 Research methods how will you achieve the aims that you have set for this project? What sources or methods will you use? (If relevant, where are these sources, e.g. archives). What theoretical framework or resources will inform the way in which you undertake this project? How will you analyse the material that you work on? Is there anything distinctive or innovative about the methods or approach you will use? Are there any ethical issues involved in conducting this project and how will these be addressed? Schedule of work Provide a realistic timetable for the project. Bibliography Indicative

11 Preparation Conduct a thorough literature review Think about what your project is specifically trying to achieve and why this matters Think very clearly about the design of your project (how will you answer the questions you’re setting? what are the key methods and sources you will use, and why?) Get feedback from your potential supervisor Give yourself time to write multiple drafts of the proposal Make clear claims not over-stated ones.

12 An outstanding proposal will: Be both convincing to someone with expertise in that field whilst also written clearly enough to draw in a non-specialist Convey a strong grasp of the field to which it is contributing (clarity rather than over-statement) Be original and imaginative Convey a sense of intellectual excitement

13 Rebecca Pope and Stuart Morrison successfully applied for CHASE scholarships last year and are in the inaugural 2014 cohort….

14 In addition to CHASE, the University of Kent is offering many other scholarships for doctoral research. For more information on eligibility, terms, and deadlines, check the information on the scholarships’ website: Schools, Departments and Centres also provide information about scholarships on their own pages, so be sure to look at these too. In addition, be sure to contact prospective supervisors and school Directors of Graduate Studies for support and advice.

15 Contacts Dr Simon Kirchin – Dean of Humanities ( Dr Tamar Jeffers-McDonald – Humanities Faculty Director of Graduate Studies ( Melissa Bradley – Faculty Administration Manager ( Suzie Morris – Graduate School Administration Manager (

16 Presenters Tamar Jeffers McDonald, Faculty Director of Graduate Studies for Hums Bernhard Klein, Director of MEMS Gordon Lynch, Professor in Theology, SECL Rebecca Pope, successful CHASE applicant Stuart Morrison, successful CHASE applicant

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