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Independent Learning Project BSc(Med) Honours Information Session for 2015.

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1 Independent Learning Project BSc(Med) Honours Information Session for 2015

2 NSW Health Requirements Ensure that you are verified until the end of 2015 If your documents (police check, immunisation, etc…) are expired, you are required to 1.Organise new documents at the end of 2014 2.Make an appointment to see NSW Health staff prior February 2015 3.Must provide original documents to have your status verified It is your responsibility to ensure that you are compliant If this check is not completed, you will NOT be able to undertake ILP/Honours Document checklist, FAQ’s and further information is available on the Medicine website

3 ILP and Honours Convenor Dr John Hunt Department of Pathology School of Medical Sciences UNSW Medicine Contact : (02) 9385 1580 Room 507, 5 th Floor Wallace Wurth Building

4 ILP and Honours Administrator Ms Khanh Vo Medicine Education and Student Office UNSW Medicine Contact : (02) 9385 1317 Room 18, Ground Floor Wallace Wurth Building

5 What is an ILP? Aim is to get you thinking “scientifically” Independent research or learning project Research some aspect of health or medicine 30 weeks, a minimum of 25hours per week Work with a supervisor (team?) Outputs = Literature Review + Final Report

6 How does Honours Differ from ILP? Independent research or learning project Research some aspect of health or medicine Work with a supervisor (team?) Aim is to get you thinking “scientifically” 34 weeks of full time work Outputs = lit review + seminars + manuscript Normally a preparation for higher research degree More challenging projects

7 BSc(Med) Honours Need a WAM of over 70 Numbers capped (30 students selected)

8 BSc(Med) Honours Assessment Literature Review10% Introductory Seminar 5% Final Seminar 15% Supervisor Report20% Final Report50%

9 How Long is the ILP? Total of 30UoC Equivalent to 24 weeks of full time study spread over 30 weeks ILP is taken concurrently with general education courses (12UoC)

10 ILP Assessment ILP1 Performance (Supervisor)10% Literature Review (Supervisor)15% Overall Performance (Supervisor)15% Final Report (Examiner)50% Mentoring Session 10%

11 Where Can I Do MY ILP/Honours? School of Medical Sciences School of Psychiatry School of Public Health and Community Medicine School of Women's and Children's Health Prince of Wales Clinical School St George and Sutherland Clinical School St Vincent's Clinical School South Western Sydney Clinical School Rural Clinical Schools (Albury, Wagga, Coffs Harbour and Port Macquarie) School of Biotechnology and Biomolecular Science School of Psychology Graduate School of Biomedical Engineering Black Dog Institute Children's Cancer Institute Garvan Institute Prince of Wales Medical Research Institute Skin and Cancer Foundation Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute NDARC Any UNSW Affiliated Schools, Centres and Institutes

12 ILP Exemptions Having completed a research honours program or higher research degree (PhD or Masters) in a health/biomed-related field (not by course work) Students will not be considered for exemption from the ILP for any other reason.

13 Significant Dates in 2014 April 2014Negotiation Process Commences Monday 14 April 2014ILP Information Session Monday 23 June 2014Due Date for ILP Application Form (eMed) Due Date for Honours Application Form ( Monday 4 August 2014ILP Student Form will be available on eMed Allocated ILP projects will be listed on eMed for students to browse and select Monday 18 August 2014Due date for ILP Student Form Monday 13 October 2014Allocation emails will be sent to students/supervisors Monday 16 February 2015ILP/Honours Commences

14 How do You Find ILP/Honours Project? Students can negotiate a project with a supervisor Make a plan in collaboration with your intended supervisor Adapt this plan for the application form – ILP Monday 23 June 2014 Supervisor submit the application via eMed –Honours Monday 23 June 2014 Supervisor send the application to ILP projects may be selected from website. If over subscribed, student allocated to ILP by ballot (Sep-Oct).

15 Negotiating a Project Think Read & Research Short-list & Contact Decide Develop Plan

16 Think Long term career plans? Have you found some fields more interesting than others? Have you found any staff members more interesting / inspiring??? Are you more interested in clinical or lab based?

17 Read and Research Research areas of interest using “research interest” or staff profiles on faculty of medicine web site Read through previous projects listed on ILP web site (current projects) Talk to previous students Talk to staff members/facilitators Arrange meeting with me

18 Short-list and Contact Make a short-list Arrange meeting Do your research before you meet! -– know what the potential supervisor does - have an idea in mind Listen

19 Decide Work through the options Take into consideration Type of work Supervisor Back-up & Support

20 Information Research interests on Faculty Website List of Projects on ILP website ILP-friendly supervisors listed on ILP eMED Talk to staff you know Talk to other students Talk to me

21 Questio ns

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