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The College of New Jersey. Login through Payroll Website Click on Approve TimesheetX.

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1 The College of New Jersey

2 Login through Payroll Website Click on Approve TimesheetX

3 1.Click on the “Timesheet To-Do Items” link on the left Navigation Bar 2.Select a cost center from the drop-down box at the top (if you have permission to complete timesheets for more than one cost center). 3.Click ‘Review’ next to the timesheet you wish to review. SELECT A TIMESHEET TO REVIEW

4 1.If you need to make changes to the timesheet, click ‘Edit’ 2.The timesheet will now be locked to you until you approve your changes. EDIT A TIMESHEET

5 Add a Entry (Row) 1.Click ‘Add New Entry’ 2. Select a new day from the listbox 3. Click ‘Add’ to save the new entry.

6 APPROVE A TIMESHEET 1.After changes are completed, you may approve the timesheet by clicking ‘Approve’.

7 1. If you need to reject the timesheet and send it back to the student, click ‘Reject’ REJECT A TIMESHEET

8 Enter Comments on Rejected Timesheet 1.Enter the reason you are rejecting the timesheet and click ‘Reject Time Sheet’. 2.An e-mail will be sent to the student notifying them that their timesheet has been rejected.

9 1.Click ‘Go to my To-Do List’ to review other timesheets 2.To view the all the jobs that you supervise, click ‘Go to my Control Panel.’ System Confirmation of the Timesheet Approval The system ends with confirmation that the time sheet was approved

10 1.The Supervisor Timesheet Control Panel is a dashboard where Supervisors can access information about the jobs for which they are a primary supervisor. 2.Supervisors can manage their jobs and timesheets from this page. My Control Panel Dashboard

11 1.To see everyone who is hired for the selected cost center and to access their timesheets, click ‘View Hires’. View Hires

12 1.To view the student's current timesheet, click ‘Go to time sheet’ under the ‘Current Time Sheet’ section. 2.To view all timesheets for the student, click ‘All time sheets’. View Current and Previous Timesheets

13 1.To view Pay Period Details, click on the “Pay Period Info” tab. View Pay Period Information

14 1.To view Student Hire Details, click on the “Hire Details” tab. View Hire Information

15 1.To view Student Work Study Award Details (original award and award balance), click on the “Awards” tab. View Award Information (if applicable)

16 1.To view Supervisor Details, click on the “Supervisors” tab. 2.To view the Account information the student earnings are being paid out from, click on the “Accounts” tab. View Supervisor & Account Information

17 1.To view a history of the timesheets, as well as any notes entered by the student, click the ‘Notes’ tab. View Timesheet Notes & Audit History



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