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TROY UNIVERSITY Graduate Assistant and Supervisor Workshop.

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1 TROY UNIVERSITY Graduate Assistant and Supervisor Workshop

2 Index INTRODUCTIONS Dr. Dianne L. Barron – Assoc. Provost and Graduate Dean Dr. Mary Anne Templeton– Assoc. Dean, Graduate School Ciara Burrows – Graduate Prog. Spec Kara Hall– Coordinator, Human Resources Mrs. Darlene Schmurr-Stewart – Dean, International Students

3 What Can a Graduate Assistant or Fellow Do For You? Types of Graduate Assistantships & Fellowship Eligibility Pay / Scholarships Supervision GA ORIENTATION WORKSHOP

4 Index What Can a GA Do For You? Assist with administrative duties Assist with research projects Assist with grading Assist with teaching after 18 sh

5 Graduate Administrative Assistant Graduate Research Assistant Graduate Teaching Assistant Graduate Administrative Fellow Graduate Research Fellow Graduate Assistantship & Fellowship Workshop CATEGORIES

6 Eligible for and seeking graduate admission or Conditional/Temp – GAA (Only) Unconditionally admitted – Teaching and Research Assistants/Fellows Must remain in good standing – All (Academic Suspension) Make satisfactory progress toward the degree - All Intl. Students – TOEFL Requirement Graduate Assistantship & Fellowship Workshop ELIGIBILITY

7 Index General Eligibility 1.Must possess an undergraduate degree with an excellent academic record; 2.Must be admitted to a graduate program at TROY; 3.Must be pursuing a graduate degree in the field to which assigned or in a related field in which the student has substantial background; 4.Must be registered in the Graduate School for at least six graduate semester credit hours during a regular semester or at least six graduate semester credit hours for the Summer term. 5.Limited to a maximum of 2 years Guidelines, p.1

8 Unconditional Admission Have earned 18 graduate semester hours in the teaching discipline Exceptions: Engaged only in assisting in laboratory sessions, teaching physical education or other activity courses, attending or helping prepare lectures, grading papers, keeping class records, and conducting discussion groups. Graduate Assistantship & Fellowship Workshop GRADUATE TEACHING ASSISTANTS Restrictions

9 Open position in PeopleAdmin; Submit I-9 Student applies online, submits transcripts, resume, cover letter, other attachments as required Candidate’s Application is then reviewed and selected by Supervisor Graduate Assistantship & Fellowship Workshop HIRING PROCESS Once position is filled, notify Cayce Rogers Background Check Completed, Students MUST complete TAX forms with Human Resources Department

10 Index Replacing a GA As soon as you know that a GA is leaving: Student must submit resignation letter Supervisor must submit a termination date – VERY IMPORTANT “Request to Fill the Position” be posted in People Admin

11 Index Academic Enrollment 6 - 9 sh is considered FT enrollment each semester for GA’s If you go below 6 sh, must request a waiver. > 9sh must have approval of Advisor, Supervisor and Graduate Dean

12 Index Tuition Scholarships Out-of-State Portion of Tuition –Full Scholarship for Out-of State Tution for all courses In-State Portion of Tuition –6sh or less –6sh or less for FALL/SP In-State Portion of Tuition – SUMMER –If available –Must apply – Beginning Feb 15 – April 30 –Criteria – Academic Excellence & Univ. Need

13 Index Pay for AY 2014-15 New Pay Amounts GA - $7,000 [$11,380 w Tuition] GRA - $7,500 [$11,880] GTA - $8,000 [$12,380] Scholarship – $2,190 – FA/SP –Total Tuition - 12sh ($4,380) Must be hired by the end of Drop/Add in order to receive Tuition Scholarship - Important

14 Index December Vacation GA’s are paid for the full month.

15 Index Graduation Departures Determine the GA’s last day of work Submit the “Termination Date” GA will be paid for time worked during the month – Paid on the normal pay date. Ex. GA who is graduating typically works to the last day of exams (Works to Wed. and Graduates on Friday)

16 Index May and Summer Leave Requests “Suspending Pay” if student will not work for a short period of time. (Double check with Payroll to Stop Pay) Ex. Month of May student goes home – Supervisor will submit “Leave of Absence” in PeopleAdmin If this is not done, the student will be paid and the money will have to be returned. Upon return, supervisor will complete another PeopleAdmin Action to restart pay

17 Index TROY UNIVERSITY GRADUATE ASSISTANTSHIP/FELLOWSHIP JOB PERFORMANCE, DUTIES AND EVALUATION Conduct Each Semester STUDENT: _______________________________________ IMMEDIATE SUPERVISOR: ______________________________________ PERIOD COVERED:_______________________________________ JOB DUTIES: (To be completed by the immediate supervisor in conference with the Graduate Assistant/Fellow.) 1.Describe clearly what is expected of the graduate assistant/fellow on a routine basis. 2.Describe special projects that you may require of the graduate assistant/fellow. 3.When should the graduate student contact you, daily, weekly, on what schedule? ____________________________________________________________________ Immediate supervisor / DateGraduate Assistant/Fellow / Date (Signed copy provided to the Graduate Assistant/Fellow; Original to file) PERFORMANCE: 1.Please indicate the extent you agree or disagree with the following statements: To what extent has the graduate assistant:Not Required Strongly Disagree * Disagree *AgreeStrongly Agree …demonstrated adequate skills for the job required. …demonstrated adequate research skills …been available when attention to a task/project was required. …completed assignments accurately. …completed assignments on time. …met overall expectations. 1.I recommend:

18 Index Semester Evaluation I recommend:____continuing the student's assistantship/fellowship ____not continuing the student's assistantship/fellowship* REMARKS: [*Please note specifics that support your response for items that are marked with an asterisk. In those events, also note the dates on which you discussed the shortcoming with the student]. My signature acknowledges that I have read the evaluation, but does not necessarily signify agreement. I understand that any written statement I wish to make regarding this report will be attached to all copies of the evaluation. Student’s Signature: ______________________________Date: ______________ Supervisor's Signature: ___________________________Date: ______________ Supervisor’s original to be sent to the Office of the Dean of Graduate School. Copy to be kept in department file.

19 Index University Expectations Maintain Confidentiality Safety First – Labs, Activity Classes, and Offices Security – Office, lab, building, key control, report concerns Teaching Assistants – Must go through a teacher training session with Supervisor prior to working with students and be supervised throughout this training period.

20 Index Termination Rights and Responsibilities University Property Returned –(Keys, Equipment, etc.) Complete Employee Separation Questionnaire and forward to Human Resources Last Paycheck

21 Questions?

22 Have a Great Year!

23 Index

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