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SUPERVISION Dorinda Thirlby Roehampton. A definition of supervision Clinical Supervision is a term used to describe a series of formal, planned and regular.

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1 SUPERVISION Dorinda Thirlby Roehampton

2 A definition of supervision Clinical Supervision is a term used to describe a series of formal, planned and regular discussions between an expert practitioner and one or more supervisees facilitating reflective practice so as to support the practitioner(s) in their role, encourage the development of practice skills, maintain professional and ethical standards in the context of on-going professional development. (Clinical Governance)

3 We all need to have supervision. Clinical supervision involves both managerial and counselling supervision. As individual activities managerial and counselling supervision contribute to the quality and effectiveness of the health advisers work. As health advisers have a counselling role they should use counselling skills when dealing with clients who have issues with HIV/AIDS, sexual assault, sexual abuse, relationship problems and sexuality. SHASTD believe that all aspects of clinical supervision are an essential part of the support and education of health advisers.


5 Counselling Supervision SHASTD support the BACP Ethical Framework for Good Practice in Counselling and Psychotherapy. “There is a general obligation for all counsellors to receive supervision/consultative support independently of any managerial relationships”

6 Management Responsibility of professional practice Clinical governance Boundaries Ethical issues Relevant training/ supervision Number of patients Sessions Clinical/ Counselling Maintenance of your professional practice Reliable and regular ‘thinking space’ Issues connected with the development of the HA Theory and practice Impact that such work has on the practitioner her/himself.

7 different types or styles of supervision/ supervisors Your ‘growing edge’! Their theoretical orientation/ Yours Their experience Working with yourself / the client Group/ Individual/ Peer Clients only/ Team relationships Funding In /out of organisation

8 SHASTD suggests three points for good practice: Having one to one or group supervision not less than monthly. Having a counselling supervisor who has extensive supervisory experience and is a qualified counsellor, psychotherapist or clinical psychologist. Having a supervisor who has BAC supervisor accreditation.

9 George Leach’s ‘Example guidelines for Clinical Supervision’ to be published in the health adviser manual. 1. Clinical Supervision will take place every two weeks on (day) at (times). The supervisees are responsible for identifying appropriate material to bring to supervision and thinking in advance about how they want to use the time. 2.All the existing lines of managerial and clinical responsibility and accountability will continue and will not be affected by external supervision. 3.The Supervisor will work in accordance within the British Association for Counselling’s Code of Ethics for Supervisors, e.g. confidentiality.

10 4.The strictest confidentiality possible will be maintained in terms of clients and supervisees. Supervisees’ confidentiality would only be breached if the supervisor (or indeed the Senior Health Adviser) was gravely concerned about the supervisee’s welfare or the welfare of their clients, and the supervisee was unable or unwilling to take appropriate professional action themselves. 5.Any written notes made by the Clinical Supervisor, or discussions with their own supervisor will be anonymous and non-identifiable. 6.(If relevant) The Clinical Supervisor will be paid £___ and will be responsible for submitting invoices to the appropriate manager.

11 7.The Clinical Supervision provided will be evaluated at appropriate intervals to be decided between all parties. Any reports prepared for management on the basis of such evaluations will be about appraisal of the supervision provided and not about the performance of the supervisees. 8.The relationship between the line manager, professional manager and Supervisor should be made explicit to all concerned before any supervision begins (for example the supervisor might be involved in assessment of the supervisee) 9.In the event of cancellations due to holidays or sickness as much notice as possible should be given. There will be no charge if the supervisor is absent or on leave.

12 10.These arrangements can be changed by mutual negotiation, and can be terminated with a reasonable period of notice: (number of months): Additionally, research already referred to has identified key questions to ask when initiatives that support the professional functioning of staff (Clinical Supervision is an example) are being planned. Thorough planning, open negotiation and rigorous evaluation is essential to successful initiatives.

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