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Modern CPU Architectures Design Principles and Assessments First Meeting 23.04.2004.

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1 Modern CPU Architectures Design Principles and Assessments First Meeting 23.04.2004

2 Agenda Topics Guidelines for your written report and presentation Organisation

3 Topics - Overview Part 1: Basics –Impact of basic design decisions on different architectures Part 2: Analysis of specific processors –Which design decisions were made? –Explain them (trade-offs)

4 Topics – Part1 Topic 1: Caches –size vs. latency –power vs. size –shared caches vs. hit rate –associativity vs. latency –hierarchies –case studies –Supervisor: Günter Bartsch

5 Topics – Part1 Topic 2: Pipelines –width vs. depth –branch penalty/prediction –scheduling –case study (i.e. 4 deep pipes vs. 2 short ones) –Supervisor: TB? Topic 3: ISAs –compact code vs. easy decoding (RISC/CISC) –introduce existing instruction sets and extensions –low power ISAs –compiler issues (IPC, ILP) –Supervisor: GB?

6 Topics – Part1 Topic 4: Energy efficiency –introduce measures (parallelize, clock, voltage, …) –impact of caches, pipelines, ISAs, architectures on power consumption –Supervisor: TB? Topic 5: SIMD –trade-offs concerning width, latency, limits of the ISA, dual use of registers, … in MMX, SSEx, VIS, Altivec, … –case study flexibility: compare 2x2 vs. 4x1 vs. 8x1 –Supervisor: TB?

7 Topics - Part2 Topic 6: Pentium 4 –ultra long pipeline –trace cache –double pumped ALU –SMT –…–… –Supervisor: TB? Topic 7: Athlon64 / Opteron –64bit: more & wider registers –memory controller on-chip –Hyper Transport –Supervisor: TB?

8 Topics - Part2 Topic 8: Power 4 –CMP: 2 cores per die –wide issue –Supervisor: TB? Topic 9: Itanium 2 –EPIC –register file –ultra large cache –low power techniques –Supervisor: TB?

9 Topics - Part2 Topic 10: Ultra SPARC III –RISC –Supervisor: TB? Topic 11: Embedded CPUs –ARM/XSCALE, MIPS, Alchemy, … –Supervisor: Hakmi? Topic 12: free CPUs –LEON, F-CPU, MMIX, OpenRISC, … –Supervisor: Hakmi?

10 Topics - You choose Topic 1 (14.5.2004):Caches Topic 2 (21.5.2004): Pipelines Topic 3 (28.5.2004): ISAs Topic 4 (4.6.2004): Energy efficiency Topic 5 (4.6.2004): SIMD Topic 6 (11.6.2004): Pentium 4 Topic 7 (11.6.2004):Athlon64 / Opteron Topic 8 (25.6.2004): Power 4 Topic 9 (25.6.2004): Itanium 2 Topic 10 (2.7.2004): Ultra SPARC III Topic 11 (9.7.2004): Embedded CPUs Topic 12 (16.7.2004):Free CPUs

11 About your Presentation See website for written guidelines read them carefully Talk should be about 40-50 minutes Either in English or German

12 About your written report Written report must be finished on the day the presentation is given Bring copies for everyone? Provide HTML/PDF version for the WWW See website for some literature references You're supposed to do some research on the topic yourself

13 Deadlines... Given: x date of your presentation x-3 weeks: Talk to your supervisor about the structure/outline/contents of your work x-2 weeks: –First complete version of your presentation –First complete version of your written report x-1 weeks: –Rehearsal presentation in front of your supervisor –Written report finished

14 Organisation First presentation: 14.05.2004 Seminar takes place always fridays, 09:45 – 11:15 0.124 Presenter: stay after your presentation for feedback on your talk Don't hesitate to contact your supervisor when problems arise!

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