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2 Introduction How to use this presentation: 1. Follow detailed outline at the beginning of each section. 2. Refer to an appropriate section(s) in the Dining Services Employee Manual if necessary. This presentation is designed to aid in training and orientation of new employees. A detailed outline has been provided for each section to assist in the training and orientation process. The outline will guide you through the material in a concise and easy to understand manner.

3 Section I  Dining Services Mission Statement  Human Dignity Statement  Auxiliary Services Organizational Chart

4 MISSION STATEMENT St. Norbert Dining Services’ philosophy is to provide an atmosphere of belonging, creating an environment for exceptional service and quality. Stimulate and support growth of our department and its individuals. In keeping with the College’s mission, Dining Services will help to mentor the student population, helping future generations to reach their full potential.

5 St. Norbert College is an institution of higher education founded on the principles of the Catholic Christian heritage as embodied in the Norbertine community. At the heart of the Catholic Christian tradition is the affirmation of the immeasurable value and sacred dignity of the human person. This affirmation is a cornerstone of the Norbertine mission to form community. St. Norbert College constantly strives to uphold the dignity of every person and to confront challenges to that dignity. The College realizes the potential exists for abuses of human dignity. It will not tolerate inappropriate use of power or authority by its members, nor does the College condone any other violation of Human dignity. St. Norbert College addresses violations of human dignity through a variety of procedures, such as those dealing with sexual harassment, freedom of expression, and hazing. These procedures are defined by behavioral policies governing the conduct of its members. Infractions of these policies are handled through the College's judicial structures. Procedures emphasizing the importance of human dignity and practices which promote appropriate respect for individuality and basic human rights are intended to encourage the St. Norbert College community to incorporate such values into interactions with all persons, whether members of St. Norbert College or the larger community. By doing so, St. Norbert College continues a tradition which is essential to a St. Norbert education. Human Dignity Statement

6 Auxiliary Services

7  SNC Dining Services Employee Manual  Reporting to Work  Parking and Parking Passes  ID Policy  Time Clock Procedures  Timekeeping and Attendance  Scheduling  Breaks and Employee Meals  Uniforms and Dress Code  Telephone Use  Cash Handling and Theft  Drugs and Alcohol  University Vehicle Procedures Section II

8 SNC DINING SERVICES EMPLOYEE MANUAL You will be given the latest copy of Dining Services Employee Manual on the day of your orientation. This book has important information on SNC policies and procedures, sanitation guidelines, safety and health, discipline and termination, employee grievance policy, and a summary of employee’s responsibilities. Please read it through on your own time, sign “acknowledgment and receipt form” at the end of the book and return it to your supervisor.

9 Reporting to Work SNC requires that all employees have good attendance and report to work on time. Tardiness and absenteeism causes others to have to do your work as well as their own and service to our guests suffers. Parking and Parking Passes If you are not an SNC student obtain a vehicle registration form from your supervisor, fill it out and turn it in to the Parking Office in the Pennings Activity Center, Room 102. When you get your registration sticker in a mail put it in the back window of your car. Your supervisor will explain what parking lot you are supposed to park in. REPORTING TO WORK, PARKING AND PARKING PASSES

10 ID POLICY   If you are an SNC student you will be using your regular student ID card for your employment with Dining Services   If you are not an SNC student you will have your picture taken and you will be assigned an ID card on your first day of work   Use your ID card to: 1. 1. Punch in/out 2. 2. Enter the back door when it’s locked   Employees are responsible for their ID cards! Please make sure you keep it in a secure place to prevent it’s loss or theft.   In case of a lost or stolen ID card inform your supervisor immediately and he/she will assist you in obtaining a new card

11 TIME CLOCK PROCEDURES   Using your ID card, swipe through the time clock reader with the bar code side to punch in and out. The time clock reader is located on the first level in the small room by the union elevator.   For your personal record of your hours worked please use blue sheets provided by the time clock.   If you forgot to punch in or out you need to fill out a payroll adjustment form (see next slide) and return it to your supervisor.


13 TIMEKEEPING AND ATTENDANCE   If you are unable to work your scheduled shift YOU are responsible for finding a qualified substitute approved by your supervisor.   Missing work on three occasions without finding a substitute is grounds for dismissal.   Tardiness is unacceptable and disciplinary actions will be taken for excessive tardiness. Three tardies will count for one absence.   Clocking in or out for a fellow employee or altering a time record is grounds for dismissal.

14   Clocking in and out on the time clock is the responsibility of the employee. Should you have any questions about your in or out punch‚ you should speak with your supervisor. Failure to show punches on your timecard may result in missed pay.   Punch in no more than three minutes before your shift. Punch out as soon as your shift is over. TIMEKEEPING AND ATTENDANCE

15 SCHEDULING   If you are an SNC student you could be scheduled for up to 20 hours a week. Any hours worked over 20 must be approved by a manager.   If you are a high school student you could be scheduled for up to 15-25 hours a week depending on your age.   All Dining Services employees are responsible for knowing their schedule‚ and reporting to work on time.   Any changes in your availability need to be communicated to your supervisor immediately.

16 SCHEDULING   Your schedule may be altered by the supervisor due to absences‚ heavy business‚ or other circumstances.   You are hired for one academic year at a time and must be rehired for each subsequent year. Your supervisor will inform you if any paper work needs to be completed at the beginning of each academic year.   You are expected to be available to work some hours during the week of finals to be eligible for rehire for the next semester.   When leaving the employment of SNC Dining Services‚ you are expected to give a two week notice. Failing to do so may result in not being eligible for rehire at the College.

17 BREAKS AND EMPLOYEE MEALS   Employees are entitled to one 15-minute break for every four-hour shift (subject to change per supervisor discretion). Breaks must be set-up with a supervisor and taken at their scheduled time. If you receive a 30 minute break you need to punch out for your break and punch back in when you come back. Please see attached MEMORANDUM for smoke break policy.   Employees working a four to eight hour shift in Dining Services department are entitled to one free meal. This meal is only available during normal service hours.   Your employee meal is for you alone‚ and can not be taken out, shared with customers‚ friends or fellow employees.   You are not allowed to take home any leftovers or excess food after work. Taking food items home is grounds for dismissal.


19 UNIFORMS AND DRESS CODE   You are responsible for adhering to the dress code for the area in which you work. You should be in uniform before clocking in for work.   You will be given your uniform on your first day of work, which will include a t-shirt and a hat.   You may wear black pants, khakis, or jeans to work. Pants with excessive tear are not work appropriate. Please make sure to wear comfortable shoes.   You are responsible for keeping your uniform clean.   Good personal hygiene is important in a work environment where we must deal with food.   You must return your uniform after your last shift.

20   Telephones should be answered immediately and with proper telephone etiquette at all times. When answering, say: “St. Norbert College Dining Services. This is (your name) speaking. How may I help you?”   The telephones in work area are for business purposes only. Friends and relatives should not contact you at work. Personal telephone usage should be limited to emergency situations only.   If you need to use the phone, obtain permission from your direct supervisor. TELEPHONE USE

21 CASH HANDLING AND THEFT   When working at the register you are responsible for the money in the cash registers. Significant shortages and overages of cash are a serious matter and such an occurrence may result in disciplinary action.   Failure to charge a customer for a meal could result in dismissal.   You are responsible for the product‚ money‚ equipment‚ vehicle and stockroom with which you work. Money‚ products‚ equipment‚ etc. should be secured at all times. Failure to do so will subject you to disciplinary action.

22 CASH HANDLING AND THEFT   All photos on the SNC Student ID should be checked to verify that the person using the card is indeed the owner of the card. If you are unsure that the person using the card is the actual owner of the card‚ feel free to ask for another form of ID. We have a responsibility to the students to protect their accounts as best as we can.   You are expected to report any vandalism or theft to your supervisor immediately. Failure to do so will result in disciplinary action.   We encourage you to leave valuables (such as money, jewelry, etc) at home. If you choose to bring those items to work please realize you do so at your own risk. SNC Dining Services is not responsible for any loss or theft.

23 DRUGS AND ALCOHOL   The use or possession of illegal drugs or alcohol while on SNC premises, as well as reporting for work under the influence of illegal drugs or alcohol is strictly prohibited.   Failure to comply with these regulations shall result in disciplinary action including termination

24 UNIVERSITY VEHICLE PROCEDURES   You must be over 21years old in order to operate a University vehicle. You are to obey all traffic laws while driving a University vehicle. Failure to do so will subject you to disciplinary action.   You are expected to carry your driver’s license at all times while operating a University vehicle. Failure to follow proper parking procedures will subject you to disciplinary action.

25 MISCELLENIOUS ITEMS   You are responsible for reading and understanding the information written in the daily memo. Please check the posting board every time you come to work for any updates.   Your employment is conditional upon successful completion of a two week probationary period‚ during which you may be dismissed if you don’t exhibit the qualities necessary to do the job as required by supervision..

26 Section III   Occupational Safety Health Administration-OSHA   Material Safety Data Sheets-MSDS   Noise Pollution   Emergency Action Plan – SNC Dining Services   First Aid Policies and Procedures

27 Occupational Safety Health Administration-OSHA In accordance with OSHA standards, SNC has developed protocols to deal with potentially hazardous situations. These situations may include: hazardous waste clean-up, chemical spills, chemical reactions, chemical/human contact, and noise pollution. SNC has OSHA certified employees on staff. Should an accident occur that involves bodily fluids such as vomit, blood, etc, contact an OSHA certified employee to clean it up. OSHA certified employees are; Housekeeping Staff, Campus Safety Officers, Health Services Employees. REGULATIONS AND PROCEDURES Material Safety Data Sheets-MSDS Should an incident occur with any of the chemicals found in your work area, inform your supervisor immediately so that she/he can refer to MSDS manual for instructions on proper treatment. If emergency treatment is necessary, your supervisor will notify appropriate authorities or 911. Noise Pollution Earplugs are provided by SNC Dining Services. Some employees choose to purchase their own special type of ear protection. Should you wish to purchase this type of protection, SNC will reimburse you.

28 Emergency Action Plan – SNC Dining Services In case of an emergency such as tornadoes, fires, power outages, and sever weather, employees should follow the Dining Service Emergency Action Plan. A copy of the plan is located in the department or area you work. A copy of the plan can also be accessed at j:/dining/maryjofolder/eap2005. First Aid Policies and Procedures It is important to stress that for minor cuts and burns, the injured person should apply bandages themselves. If someone is hurt, you can help by gathering the necessary supplies. You should always avoid coming into contact with blood or bodily fluids. For the First Aid Kit locations in your work area see your immediate supervisor. After any incident, major or minor, a supervisor should always be contacted immediately. Following the incident, it is important that an incident report be filled out. EMERGENCY POLICY

29 Section IV   Professional Behavior   Customer Service   Communication Key Principles

30 PROFESSIONAL BEHAVIOR AND CUSTOMER SERVICE Professional Behavior All employees are expected to conduct themselves in professional manner. This means that employees should refrain from the use of obscene language, racist comments and inappropriate behavior as described under the Sexual Harassment Policy in your employee handbook. SNC encourages employees to have a positive attitude while at work. Should you ever find yourself in a situation which makes you feel uncomfortable you must report it to your direct supervisor or to the Director of Human Resources as soon as possible. Having a positive attitude contributes to an enjoyable dining and work atmosphere for all. Customer Service The SNC campus community are the customers of our dining services. It is important that we treat the campus community with respect. Show your customers that it is a pleasure to serve them by being helpful and courteous. SMILE FREQUENTLY!

31 Communication Key Principles All Dining Services employees are required to know and use the following communication principles at work. Please make sure to ask your supervisor for additional explanation and examples of the principles if needed.   Maintain or enhance self-esteem.   Listen and respond with empathy.   Ask for help and encourage involvement.   Share thoughts, feelings, and rationale   Provide support without removing responsibility.

32 Section V Facility Tour Your supervisor will give you a tour of the building you will be working in and introduce you to your coworkers.

33 Welcome to St. Norbert College Community


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