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Maria Treanor September 2011 Trinity Research News Send articles & images to

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1 Maria Treanor September 2011 Trinity Research News Send articles & images to

2 Maria Treanor September 2011 Postgraduate Funding Sponsors IRCHSS – IRCSET –

3 Maria Treanor September 2011 CHECK LIST Please consult the Terms and Conditions of the Scheme and complete the following: Yes ( √ ). No ( √ ). I have read and understood the Terms and Conditions of the Scheme. I have completed this application form in accordance with the instructions. I have ticked the year and type of degree I am pursuing (part B.6) I have included the following: Yes ( √ ).No ( √ ). Appropriately sealed and signed reference (1 original † copy) 1 original copy of the completed application form (Section 14 must be included in the body of the application) and supporting materials (1 original signed copy † ) One electronic copy of a completed application form (signatures and stamps not required) Steps to completing an application for the EMBARK Initiative : •  Locate and select a relevant supervisor to work with •  Discuss your application with the supervisor and begin drafting responses to questions in application form (see section on ‘Application Questions’) •  When the online application system opens on the IRCSET website, register your details and download ‘Guide to Using the Online Application System’ ( •  Make sure that the email address is marked as a safe email address in your email software; this also applies to your supervisor and referees; this is the email which will issues username, passwords, etc. •  Your supervisor must register as a supervisor with the online application system supervisors do not register through the IRCSET webpage but must contact the Research Office in their research institution to register •  When your supervisor has registered, you can find their details on the system and associate them with your application form •  Referees do not register with the online application form; applicants must enter the name and contact details of their referees (please ensure that your nominated referees are available to complete the references during the time allocated) •  Complete all parts of the online application form; remember, you can save your data and return as many times as you like prior to the deadline •  When your application is complete, submit and monitor progress of your supervisor and referees by logging on to the online application system •  The deadline for submission is exactly 5.00 pm (GMT/UTC) on the 10 th February 2010 •  Due to the anticipated very heavy server traffic, IRCSET strongly encourages applicants to submit well in advance of the closing day of the competition NB - NO ALTERATIONS can be made to applications once they have been submitted Evaluation Criteria for Walsh Fellowship 2012 Applications 1. Scientific background and technical quality of the application. This accounts for 50% of the overall evaluation. Is the relevance of the proposed research to the 2012 priority areas clearly demonstrated? Is the project relevant to the Teagasc priority areas identified in the 2012 call? Does the application demonstrate sound knowledge of the state-of-the art? Does the application reflect a clearly understanding of the research area? Is the application of high scientific quality, realistic and well described? Is the methodology/approach appropriate to the project? Is there a statistical input reflected in the proposal? Does the application make a sufficiently original, innovative and ambitious contribution to knowledge to justify the award of doctoral fellowship or is it more suited to a MSc award? 2. Tasks. This accounts for 10% of the overall evaluation Is (are) the objective(s) clearly specified, measurable and timebound? Do the tasks represent realistic measurable steps in the delivery of the task objectives? Are the deliverables clearly stated and achievable within the time frame proposed? 3. Expected benefits. This accounts for 20 % of the overall evaluation. Are the expected benefits adequately and realistically described in terms of scientific and industry impact? Is the relevance of the benefits to targeted stakeholder group(s) clearly identified? 4 Supervision and resources. This accounts for 20% of the overall evaluation. STARTING NOTES Applicants should read the Terms and Conditions of the Scheme. Applicants should ensure this form is completed in full. Where there is no information to be provided applicants should write ‘n/a’. Applicants should use body text of at least a 12 point font and should not exceed the stated word or page limits. Applications which are incomplete, exceed the stated word limits, arrive late, or do not satisfy the Terms and Conditions will be automatically disallowed. Applications will not be assessed if they are not collated and stapled together; nor if they are bound Applicants must return the completed form and supporting materials to Postgraduate Scholarship, Irish Research Council for the Humanities and Social Sciences, Brooklawn House,, Ballsbridge, 4 on or before Monday 11 th January 2010. Applications must be submitted by letter post. Applications postmarked after Monday 11 th January 2010 will not be accepted. An electronic copy of the application must also be sent to Electronic copies submitted after 4pm Monday 11 th January 2010 will not be Applicants are advised to allow their supervisors, referees, their current & proposed institution and themselves sufficient time to complete this form. Applicants should make arrangements to receive the required referee report as soon as possible.

4 Maria Treanor September 2011 Postgraduate Funding Sponsors Wellcome Trust – Environmental Protection Agency – Marie Curie (EU FP7) - AXA Research Fund -…

5 Maria Treanor September 2011

6 Maria Treanor September 2011 Before you apply… Check Guidelines Funding sponsors’ website TCD procedures: TCD IP Policies and Guidelines: TCD Policy on Good Research Practice: Feel free to contact RDO for advice on any issues regarding proposal submission but don’t wait until the last minute!

7 Maria Treanor September 2011 23.ENDORSEMENT BY COLLEGE AUTHORITIES I hereby endorse this application to the Irish Research Council for the Humanities and Social Sciences in accordance with the “Terms and Conditions”, confirm that the applicant is pursuing the degree stated in section 6 above Signature of Research Director/Supervisor/or his or her authorised nominee Date Signature of Vice-President for Research/Dean of Research/his or her authorised nominee Date STAMP OF INSTITUTION

8 Maria Treanor September 2011 TCD Endorsement Complete your application. Get appropriate signatures & College stamp: 1. Supervisor/Principal Investigator (TCD requirement) 2. Other as required by Sponsor 3. Head of School (TCD requirement) 4. Research Development Office (TCD requirement)

9 Maria Treanor September 2011 Submitting your Application Submit your Application to the RDO at least two working days before the Sponsor’s deadline. ALL research proposals must be endorsed by the RDO whether the sponsor requires it or not! RDO staff review, sign & stamp your Application. You collect your Application and submit it to the funding sponsor.

10 Maria Treanor September 2011 Good luck with your research! Research Development Research Technology

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