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1 NACC Membership and Certification NACC Certification Commission.

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1 1 NACC Membership and Certification NACC Certification Commission

2 2 Certification Levels Board Certified Chaplain Certified Supervisory Candidate Certified Associate CPE Supervisor Certified CPE Supervisor Note: Supervisor Readiness is a Consultation

3 3 Membership Member level is a prerequisite to enter the NACC certification process 2009 Annual Membership fee: $260 Shares in Church’s healing mission without the benefit of NACC certification Possess voting privileges Receive Vision and NACC Now Access to educational/networking opportunities Be involved in NACC Task Forces

4 4 Board Certified Chaplain 2009 Board Certified Chaplain Application fee: $300 Catholic chaplain who has the benefit of professional certification granted by the NACC Certification Commission on behalf of the USCCB/CCA. Renewal of Certification is required every five years.

5 5 Consultation for Readiness 2009 Readiness Consultation Fee: $300 Board Certified Chaplain who demonstrates an awareness of strengths and weaknesses as a potential supervisor. Plan for learning which includes a timetable. Consultation with personal interview including primary CPE supervisor. No vote taken.

6 6 Supervisory Candidacy 2009 Supervisory Candidacy Application Fee: $300 Board Certified Chaplain who has successfully completed the certification process and received NACC certification. Completion of a minimum of five (5) units of training: four (4) in CPE and one (1) in Supervisory CPE. Under the direction and consultation of a Certified CPE Supervisor. Granted for two years; Certification Commission may grant an extension for one (1) year.

7 7 Certified Associate Supervisor 2009 Associate Supervisor Application Fee: $300 Catholic pastoral minister who has benefits of certification as Associate Supervisor by the NACC Certification Commission, interested in becoming a Certified CPE Supervisor. A Certified Associate Supervisor remains at this level for only two years. This level is a prerequisite to becoming a Certified CPE Supervisor.

8 8 Certified CPE Supervisor CPE Supervisor Application Fee: $300 Catholic pastoral minister who has the benefit of certification as a CPE Supervisor by the NACC Certification Commission. Clinical pastoral educator responsible for teaching supervisory CPE and preparing others for certification in pastoral care. Receives an annual copy of Reflective Practice: Formation and Supervision in Ministry. Renewal of Certification is required every seven years.

9 9 Application Process for Certification of Chaplain Applicant must first apply for and become a full member of the NACC Contact NACC office for certification materials NACC office responds within 14 days directing applicants to the NACC website for electronic materials Applicant submits supportive materials and fee by February 15 for a Fall interview, by September 15 for a Spring interview NACC office reviews supportive materials for completeness

10 10 Application Process for Certification NACC office will assign a date, place and interview team, honoring the first choice of applicant if possible. A copy of supportive materials is to be sent (by applicant) by certified mail to all interview team members at least 45 days before interview date.

11 11 Certification Supportive Materials (CP131.3) Completed application form Certification application fee, 2/3 of which is non- refundable if the process is discontinued for any reason Letter of recommendation from employer Letter of endorsement (obtained by NACC office) All CPE final evaluations (self and CPE supervisor) Narrative about competencies (not to exceed 10 pages) Autobiography (not to exceed 7 pages)

12 12 Certification Supportive Materials (CP131.3) One verbatim Letter from Certification Commission granting equivalency, if applicable Transcript verification form for all units taken at an ACPE Center B.A. degree official transcript Master’s degree official transcript NACC Ethics Accountability Statement Presenter reports, Parts I and II, from past interview

13 13 Reminders Applicant is required to make 4 copies of supportive materials (mail one to office and 3 to certification interviewers - one set for each person). Instructions for placing supportive materials in binder are online at the NACC website with the certification application form. You need to follow the order of the checklist including tabs for materials.

14 14 Certification Application Form Applicant provides the following critical information on the form:  Applicant’s membership number which identifies applicant as Member.  CPE centers where all units were taken. NACC office verifies that listed sites are accredited with USCCB/CCA or ACPE.  NACC obtained CPE equivalency and documentation of previous certification interviews if applicable.

15 15 Current Letter of Endorsement NACC office sends request for a current ecclesiastical endorsement to the appropriate authority: For laity*: request is sent to the (Arch)Bishop of the diocese of the Applicant’s ministry For Religious Sister, Brother, or Priest: request is sent to Major Superior For Diocesan Priest or Deacon: request is sent to Ordinary (Bishop of the diocese of incardination) *Additionally, lay applicants are responsible for requesting a letter of recommendation from their pastor or a priest in active ministry – to be sent directly to NACC office Current is defined as within one year of application for certification

16 16 Current Letter of Recommendation (employment) Letter of recommendation from a person to whom the applicant reports in one’s place of employment. (If unemployed, a letter from a person who can assess the quality of ministry provided.)

17 17 Documentation of CPE Units all final evaluations by CPE supervisors all applicant final self-evaluations If an equivalency has been granted: NACC letter notifying applicant that equivalency has been granted.

18 18 Equivalency for 1 Unit of CPE Refer to the Certification Procedures Manual, Part Seven (CP71-CP73). Information can also be found under the “Equivalency” section of the “Certification” section of the NACC website at, including the Checklist for Supportive Materials required for Equivalency

19 19 Narrative Statement Not to exceed 10 pages Documents how applicant meets each of the competencies required for certification Cites competencies from standards by number Makes use of story and example

20 20 NACC Revised Standards for Narrative Found at the NACC website Standards cited in narrative must include Standards 302-305

21 21 Current Autobiography Updated autobiography which includes CPE and ministry experience as it reflects your current self understanding. Not to exceed 7 pages.

22 22 301.3 Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree Documentation A Master’s degree in theology, divinity, religious studies, pastoral ministry, pastoral studies, or spirituality granted or acknowledged by an accredited academic institution. *an official transcript is required as proof of this degree and must be sent directly from the institution (s) **equivalency for this degree is not granted *** Transcript analysis (B.A. and Master’s) is required at the applicant’s expense for all degrees acquired outside the United States.

23 23 301.3 Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree Documentation Transcript analysis (B.A. and Master’s) is required at the applicant’s expense for all degrees acquired outside the United States. All transcripts and analysis are due by the certification deadline of February 15 or September 15 so please plan ahead. A list of agencies that analyze transcripts can be found under the “FAQs” in the “Certification” section of the NACC website.

24 24 Verbatim Applicant submits one verbatim illustrating his/her current ministry Verbatim submitted may or may not contain remarks/comments by supervisor

25 25 NACC Ethics Accountability Statement Submitted at initial certification and renewal No disciplinary or corrective action arising from a complaint of unethical and/or criminal conduct imposed on and no complaint for unethical and/or criminal conduct that is pending in a civil, criminal, ecclesiastical, employment, or other professional organization’s forum Never resigned, been transferred or terminated, nor negotiated a settlement from a position for reasons related to unethical and/or criminal conduct. If you cannot sign the statement, you must follow the Ethics Accountability Statement Procedures (EP11-EP14)

26 26 Previous Certification Interviews Presenter Reports Part I and II from past certification interviews (if applicable)

27 27 NACC Website Please refer to the NACC Website under “Certification” at for

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