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 Thank you for choosing UNH Dining Services as your on campus employer. The following Power Point presentation is a overview of important information.

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2  Thank you for choosing UNH Dining Services as your on campus employer. The following Power Point presentation is a overview of important information that you should know before you begin your first day with any UNH Dining Services operation. Most of the topics presented here are covered in greater detail in the UNH Dining Student Associate Handbook. The policies presented here are not in any way intended to take the place of the policies stated in the handbook. It is your responsibility to read and understand the information in this presentation, read the handbook (on-line or hard copy are available) as well as understand and comply with any unit specific policies while working with UNH Dining Services. You will be responsible for providing a printed and signed quiz, at the end of this presentation, to your supervisor. You will also be responsible for printing, signing, and returning the signature page at the end of the handbook indicating that you have read and understand the policies of UNH Dining. While reviewing this information please ask your Supervisor if any policy you encounter is unclear. We look forward to working with you and wish you every success in the year ahead.

3 STILLINGS DINING HALL PHILBROOK DINING HALL HOLLOWAY COMMONS UNH Dining Services includes Board Plan and Retail Operations

4  Bring your own lock  Empty at the end of the day  Do not leave valuables in them without a lock!  Personal belongings are not allowed to be behind the lines, cash registers or in the offices. (Including cell phones and mp3 players)

5 T-Shirt or Polo  Provided by your home unit  You are responsible for bringing it in CLEAN and WASHED regularly for each shift Nametag  Your name tag is to be worn on your uniform shirt opposite the logo Long pants  Clean with no holes.  No shorts are allowed in any Dining Services unit. Head Covering  This can be hairnet or a hat.  Hair longer than your shoulders must be tied back AND in a hair net.  Even bald people have to wear head covering....  No bandanas Non-slip shoes  Oil resistant and water resistant, preferably  No shoes that reveal ANY part of your foot are allowed Positive Friendly Attitude  SMILE - a real smile is preferred

6 Practice good personal hygiene! Our expectation is that all Associates will:  Wash regularly  Be free of offensive body odor.  Arrive to work in a clean uniform shirt.  Have the proper hair restraint. (Hat / Hairnet)  Be clean and neat in appearance.

7  All Associates are to punch in and out for their shift  Each Associate is enrolled in the biometric finger scan system at the time of hiring  Your hiring Supervisor will enroll you into the system  Failure to punch in or out for your shift may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment

8  A missed punch adjustment will not be made until the next pay period  No pay advances will be processed  A missed punch form will need to be signed by you and your supervisor and delivered in person to Support Services located in Holloway Commons  A third missed punch during the calendar year will result in a initial letter of reprimand  A fifth missed punch in the calendar year will result in a final warning  A sixth missed punch during the calendar year may result in termination Missed Punch Policy

9 Your role with UNH Dining Services is critical to our overall success.  Arrive on time for your shift  Punch in on time for your shift  Check in with your supervisor for your daily assignment  ALWAYS CALL if you are going to be late (speak to your Supervisor or check in the Student Handbook for the number to call for your location)  ALWAYS CALL at least three hours prior to a absence caused by illness  It is your responsibility to notify your supervisor of any know conflicts in your schedule immediately

10 It is important to let your Supervisor know if you are sick. Illness can spread very rapidly through the carelessness and poor hygiene of individuals no matter how good their intensions may be. IF YOU ARE SICK STAY HOME, DO NOT come in to tell us you are sick. CALL US and make every effort to speak to a live person at least three hours prior to a absence caused by illness. IF YOU HAVE: Vomiting, Fever, Jaundice, and/or Diarrhea do not come in to work. These are indications of a serious illness that may be transmitted from one person to others through a variety of methods.

11 Hand washing and Glove Use are critical components to the success of any foodservice operation. For this reason it is essential that you follow these basic sanitation rules: Wash Your Hands  Before you begin your shift  When they are dirty  After touching something you wouldn’t want to eat  After using the bathroom  When you return to the work station  Between touching raw foods and foods ready to eat Customer Perception… Look at what you are doing from a customer point of view. It is the most important view.

12 How to wash your hands properly…

13 Proper glove use is important to reduce the possible transmission of harmful pathogens that can cause food borne illness. Always wear food-grade plastic gloves:  When preparing foods ready to eat  When handling/restocking ready-to-eat foods  When you have sores, cuts, abrasions on your hands  Keep cuts and abrasions clean, bandaged and dry and wear clean gloves Change Gloves Often:  As they become soiled or torn  Before beginning a different task  At least every 4 hours of continued use for the same task  After handling raw foods and before handling foods ready to eat

14 The Do’s and Don’ts of UNH Dining

15  Sign up for a minimum of TWO shifts per week  Plan to give TWO weeks notice if you are dropping a shift or leaving us  Show up to work on time

16  Find a replacement if you know that you won’t be able to work  Do remember to punch in and out  Have fun…  Make friends with your coworkers  Working for UNH Dining Services should be a enjoyable experience

17 Forget to show up for work  A no call/no show may be cause for termination Eat or drink at your work station  Against health codes  Quick drink breaks can be taken with permission from supervisors

18 Use any personal electronics at work  This includes cell phones, laptops and headphones  Using these items can be a safety hazard  This may result in a write-up Give poor customer service  We need them in order to have jobs  This will result in a write-up Disobey sanitation and safety procedures  Never fear – more training is coming for this part  This will result in a write-up Work under the influence of drugs or alcohol  This will result in immediate termination

19 Steal (Immediate Termination)  Time  Money  Product  Unauthorized giving of products is a form of stealing Talk back/insubordination  You may not see the bigger picture  If you have a better way of doing something or a question, present it in a respectful, constructive manner

20 Questions? If you have questions, please ask your immediate supervisor. The printed and online versions of the UNH Dining Student Associate Handbook should have the most current information regarding policies affecting our student staff.

21 Test Time! Click Here to Access the Orientation Program Test Print out the test. Take the test. Sign the form. Hand it in to your Supervisor. They will keep it on file. Either your Manager or I will contact you if there is a problem with your test.


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