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Module 3 Supervisors – Carillion Systems and Processes Briefing 11 th May 2012.

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1 Module 3 Supervisors – Carillion Systems and Processes Briefing 11 th May 2012

2 2 Why are we here? Supervisors play a key role in the health and safety of any contract or account. They develop, implement and monitor Safe Systems of Work. They are “hands on” with the safety and standards of workmanship in our workplaces.

3 3 What the course brings A clear understanding of what is expected of you, Advice on actions/protocols with which you must comply, Clarity of your responsibility to Carillion and your workforce, Every Supervisor – Carillion and Trade Contractor will attend this course, A greater understanding of our expectations and your role and responsibilities on Carillion Projects.

4 4 Modules Module 1 Supervisors - Expectation Briefing Module 2 Supervisors - Behaviour Briefing Module 3 Supervisors - Carillion Systems and Processes Briefing Completed Completed You will be doing this now.

5 5 Our Expectations SAFETY FIRST! Our One Team approach Our Rules What Behaviours expected of you What Skills you will need

6 6 Your Role You represent your Company/Employer on site. Your Role is key in delivering safety on site. We need you to: Lead by example Your behaviour will affect how others act Support us to make the site incident free We have a target of zero reportable accidents Play your part Take on board what we are about to explain to you Make yourself known Supervisors on Carillion sites are required to wear black hats so that they can be readily identified

7 7 Your Role In your role as a Supervisor you are appointed to manage your people and put them to work safely. You are responsible to ensure that your workforce is provided with necessary information, including relevant aspects of other contractors’ work. Ensure they are communicated to and consulted with on all matters of Health and Safety You are responsible to ensure compliance with Carillion policies and procedures, site rules, your company policies etc. Ensuring that your people have: Safe access and egress, A safe place of work, Have and understand the safe system of work, The right tools and equipment.

8 8 What you need to know! Site Rules Carillion Polices Company Policies H&S Legislation Progress Quality Supervisors

9 9 0 What you need to be familiar with! 1 2 3 4 5 1. Briefing Cross-references corresponding ITP, introduces hold points and defines methods for undertaking inspection and tests in a safe manner 2. Work Plans (Method Statement) & Inspection & Test Plans Activity specific arrangements for the control health & safety, sustainability and quality 3. Quality Plans Activity specific arrangements for health & safety, sustainability and quality 4. Contract Management Plans Defines contract-specific arrangements for health & safety, sustainability and quality 5. Integrated Management System Means by which we routinely implement health & safety, sustainability and quality procedures Legislation, Standards, Specifications 0 Quality Records Lifetime quality records to demonstrate product or service specification Point of Work

10 10 Carillion - Competence Requirement A Competent Person is someone with the suitable theoretical and practical knowledge, skills or experience that allows them to identify significant Health and Safety risks and conduct the activity utilising all necessary precautions. Consequently, Health and Safety training and competence are linked Carillion Building is committed to having a fully trained workforce: We expect everybody working on our sites to have an appropriate Carillion accepted Competency Card, We are committed to ensuring that our Senior Managers (including Project Managers) will have attained the NEBOSH General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety. We require our managers to have attended identified and appropriate H&S training.

11 11 Supervisors – Competence Requirement A Supervisor on a Carillion Building site must be able to demonstrate :- Sufficient knowledge of health and safety; i.e. attended a construction specific health and safety course of at least 2 days duration including behavioural safety. A Carillion recognised Competence Card, An understanding of the proposed work evidenced by suitable and sufficient training and experience (to be confirmed to Carillion), That your Director has appointed you as a Supervisor. The “Competence of Subcontractor’s Supervisor “form must be completed for all supervisors.

12 12 Levels of Supervision Levels of supervision will be dependant on the level of risk. The greater the risk, the greater the supervision requirement. Also consider: The location of the work and spread of the workforce e.g. if the workforce are located in various floors or areas The percentage of non-English speaking / reading workers

13 Carillion Building Key Processes

14 14 Key Processes Inductions Work Plans Daily Coordination Meetings (4Cs) Permits Lifting Procedures Housekeeping – My Space Inspections - Safety Delivering Quality Work Basic Quality requirements PPE and Dress Code Deliveries Subcontracting Accidents/Incidents and Near Misses CONTRACT SPECIFIC STANDARDS FOR SUBCONTRACTORS

15 15 Inductions - Your responsibilities Send new starters to an induction before they start work Make sure they; Have their CSCS card with them, Have read / understood their method statement, Know who they work for (2nd tier), Can understand the minimum safety requirements (need for interpreters etc). If you are bringing visitors to site – there are arrangements to be followed for these people too.

16 16 Work Plans – Your Responsibilities A general method statement is submitted for the work that your workforce performs on this project, A Risk Assessment is in place for every task, They are submitted to Carillion for review in good time and that work doesn’t start without agreement, They are kept valid and up to date, That point of work assessments are completed and submitted where situations change or demand detailed attention.

17 17 Daily Coordination Update - 4Cs Meetings You are required to attend the Morning 4Cs Meeting each day: Inform Carillion about your planned activities. Listen to other contractors’ and Carillion’s activities and evaluate whether this interfaces with what you’ve planned. Use what you hear to brief your workforce and inform them of hazards caused by other contractors or changes on site.

18 18 Permits - Your Responsibilities The right Permit to work is obtained before you start work and all conditions put in place. Permit Holders are; Authorised to be a Permit Holder (by you & Carillion), Competent and given the authority to instruct others, At the workface at all times Permit work is going on, Wearing a Carillion Permit Holder Vest. Visit the work place ensure permit requirements are being followed.

19 19 Looking after your work You are responsible for putting your people to work: It is your responsibility to check that the workplaces in which you place your workforce are acceptable and safe. You must supervise your workforce including second and third tier contractors. You must ensure they understand the essential safety requirements. Carry out POWRAs – Every Day and when Change Occurs.

20 20 Lifting Procedures NO LIFTING PLAN = NO LIFT! The following must be in place before any lift can take place: Lifting plan compiled and authorised by competent person, Lifting plan to be communicated to those involved with the lift, Details of the lift must be communicated at daily 4Cs meeting, Load to be double wrapped with additional ratchet straps used if lifting scaffolding tubes, Guide ropes to be used, Robust signed exclusion zone to be erected around lifting equipment, Appropriate Exclusion zones are established and maintained.

21 21 Housekeeping - MySpace Carillion considers good housekeeping essential to maintaining a safe site. Each contractor is responsible for: Keeping its workspace in good order and Managing their material and waste My Space To provide a safe working environment clear of Slip and Trip hazards You may become responsible for an “area” – My Space Monitor and manage this area If your not happy with the standard – instruct accordingly!

22 22 Inspections - Safety You must ensure inspections take place: These can either be done by yourself or bring help in. Look for statutory/legal obligations as well as compliance with our rules, They must be done regularly and copies given to Carillion. Don’t forget the Top 5

23 23 Inspections - Safety The workplace; Housekeeping – “Good Order”, Access/Egress, Material Storage, Waste, Interfaces between trades/activities. Systems of work; Following the method statement? Risk Assessment control measures in place? Wearing all the right PPE? Third parties affected by/affecting your work? Plant & equipment; Used properly by people who are trained? Inspected and in good condition?

24 24 Delivering Quality Work Carillion aims to manage its work without compromising standards, performance or customer satisfaction. We PLAN the work we do We DO the work according to the plan We CHECK the work against agreed standards We ACT on the analysis of our performance and improve our process and procedures All activity while at work can have an effect on whether Carillion is a Successful company.

25 25 Basic Quality Requirements All key activities are planned in advance, You are familiar with your responsibilities as set out in the Contract Management Plan (CMP), You are knowledgeable about the specification and workmanship standards required, You understand your Inspection and Test Plans, People have agreed method statements or processes to follow, Carry out and record quality inspections, You identify and rectify Poor or Inadequate Workmanship or Non- Conformance and record as required (Close Out and re-inspect), Submit work for Inspection by Carillion/Third Parties, Your teams are as efficient as possible; they ‘Do it once and do it Right’.

26 26 PPE and Dress Code We expect you to ensure compliance with our PPE and Dress Code standards. It is your responsibility to ensure: There is the correct type of PPE on site for your work That there is enough stock for your workforce That our workforce uses the PPE they are given That it is checked and meets the required standard Adherence with the minimum dress code

27 27 Deliveries You must ensure that materials are efficiently directed to the workplace or agreed storage areas You must ensure deliveries are unloaded safely: Unsafe working from height on trailerbacks is not allowed Unloading methods must be agreed with the project team We have guidance available on the many options Ensure you have arranged the deliveries and storage areas with the site team Delivery drivers are your responsibility and need the same attention as your regular workforce: PPE Can’t be left unattended on site

28 28 Subcontracting If you bring a Subcontractor onto a Carillion Building Project or Site: This must be agreed with Carillion The scope and responsibility for supervision must be agreed with Carillion The Supervisor must fulfil Carillion's Supervisor Competency requirements He must have attended our Supervisors Induction

29 29 Accidents/Incidents and Near Misses We expect: Immediate notification of accidents/Near Misses/Incidents, Effective investigation, Shearing of lessons learnt – SAG meeting. Focus Areas: LTI – more than 1 day off site, Foot & Ankle Incidents, Vehicular Incidents.

30 30 Contract Specific Standards for Subcontractors This document defines the standard required of our subcontractors. Your companies have agreed to these standards/requirements. You need to be familiar with the contents. Have you seen or been made aware of this document?

31 Sustainability and Programme

32 32 Sustainability Carillion aims to operate successfully today without compromising the future. We protect the environment We invest in local communities We combat climate change All our activity while at work can have a positive effect on whether Carillion is a Sustainable company.

33 33 Basic Sustainability These are things we all need to become involved with or the rules we all need to follow: Ensure all our waste is accounted for Ensure our waste goes to the right places Prevent pollution entering the environment Contribute to community initiatives Help to reduce our carbon output

34 34 Programme SAFETY comes FIRST but supervisors also have responsibility for Programme Programme - You will be required to: Monitor and report accurately on programme, Be proactive and look ahead, Identify and mitigate delays, Supervisors are key to delivering a product to the Right Quality at the Right time!

35 Any Questions?

36 Your Perfect Day? What does you Perfect day look like?

37 37 What does our Perfect day look like? The Perfect Day Delivery Make Profit Customer Satisfied No Incidents Safety

38 38 Carillion's Buildings Perfect Day? No Accidents, Incidents or Near Misses No Broken Bones, No Lost Time Incidents or Over 3/7 Day Incidents, No Near Misses.. No unsafe or inappropriate behaviour (only 80% of workers behave in the way we want), We want to see; SSWs in place and valid, POWRA carried out, Full attendance at Coordination Meetings, Risk actively discussed on site with the workforce, Plant, tools and equipment in good condition and regularly inspected, DWBs reported and actioned promptly, A clean and tidy site, A happy workforce. This can only happen with your full and active co-operation.

39 39 Summary Carillion is a large and successful company that takes it’s responsibilities for your health and safety, the wider wellbeing of the environment and contract management very seriously. We all have a part to play; and if we do then we will remain safe, sustainable and successful. We need you as part of the project's supervisory "Team". As a team we can all benefit from better Safety, Quality, Environmental and Programme performance. What's good for us will also be good for you!“.

40 40 Modules Module 1 Supervisor Expectation Briefing Module 2 Supervisors - Behaviour Briefing Module 3 Carillion Systems and Processes Briefing Completed Completed Completed

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