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NEW STUDENT ORIENTATION Initial Teacher Preparation Programs D E P A R T M E N T O F M I D D L E – S E C O N D A R Y E D U C A T I O N Dr. Mary Ariail.

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1 NEW STUDENT ORIENTATION Initial Teacher Preparation Programs D E P A R T M E N T O F M I D D L E – S E C O N D A R Y E D U C A T I O N Dr. Mary Ariail Associate Chair, MSE (404) 413-8382 Ms. Shaleen Tibbs Administrative Coordinator (404) 413-8385

2 Agenda Welcome and introductions General information for new students Specific information for students in MSE ITP Programs LiveText

3 Handouts 1.Calendars (2) – blue (MSE) and buff (GSU) 2.Registration Issues - pink 3.Quick Reference Guide - white 4.New Student Checklist - yellow 5.LiveText Assistance Form – lilac 6.Dress Code for Field placements- light green This is the color of the handout – not the color you have to wear to school.

4 This presentation is available online at Enter the following code in the Visitor Pass Area: 63F0932A (located on the Quick Reference Guide)

5 General Information for New Students in MSE Become familiar with the MSE website. Answers to many of your questions can be found at this location: Read and be VERY familiar with all information in the New Student Handbook. You can access the handbook at In the Visitor Pass Area, enter this number: 63F0932A (in case you forgot since the last slide)

6 Admission Information and Panther ID Look-up To check on your application, go to Click on Admissions Status and follow the directions on the screen. Once you have been admitted, you may register for your courses. Go to this website to locate your Panther ID number:

7 PAWS and GoSOLAR PAWS (Panther Access to Web ServicesPAWS (Panther Access to Web Services – is your portal for accessing grades, checking your class roster, and learning about important campus announcements. GoSOLARGoSOLAR is the site you should use to register for classes, submit online evaluations of instructor, view academic records, personal information and financial aid, pay tuition and fees, enroll in direct deposit for electronic refunds, and order transcripts. You should spend some time getting to know all the features of GoSOLAR.

8 Students can purchase a monthly MARTA pass for a reduced fee, which may be obtained at Auxiliary and Support Services, the Rialto Center for the Arts, Student Accounts Cashier’s Office, or the University Bookstore. A valid PantherCard is required to receive the discount. The monthly pass allows unlimited access to MARTA trains and buses. The monthly pass is valid until the last day of the month for which it is purchased. The closest station to the COE is the Five Points station.MARTA Auxiliary and Support ServicesPantherCard

9 Panther Card and Panther Cash Obtain your PantherCard as soon as possible. You must go to Auxiliary Services in the Student Center to obtain the card, which you will need for a number of reasons, including access to the campus library and for using printers in the computer labs on campus (Note: You cannot use cash to print copies in the computer labs). You can also use your card for PantherCash, a debit account linked to the PantherCard. Once your account is opened, you may use PantherCash for various purchases and transactions with a swipe of your card.PantherCardAuxiliary Services

10 Parking Cars must be registered with the Parking Web. (need PantherCard to do this.) There is no charge to register, but if you plan on arriving consistently before 4:00 PM, you have to pay the semester parking fee. This parking fee limits you to parking in the M-Deck, T-Deck and Lofts, none of which are close to the College of Education. After 4:00 PM, students have access to all GSU parking decks for a small nightly fee. Free parking and shuttle rides to campus are available at Turner field on non-game days and nights.Parking Web.

11 Online Course Delivery DesireToLearn (D2L) Your instructor may choose to use D2L for some or all of your course delivery and/or to facilitate synchronous (real-time) or asynchronous discussion among class members. (discussed later in presentation)

12 Online Courses Instructors of online courses do not always make the initial contact with the students who are registered for the course. If you do not hear from the instructor before the course is scheduled to begin, you should contact the instructor to get the syllabus and other information such as meeting times, course delivery (e.g. LiveText, D2L, Elluminate, etc.). Note: Be sure to check your GSU email account.)

13 The GACE Content Examinations GACE content examinations are required for certification. You must TAKE the GACE content exam prior to program completion. You must PASS the exam prior to certification. You must score at least 220 on each part of the GACE to be eligible for the Induction certificate. After initial certification, additional fields may be added by passing the GACE in the new fields.

14 edTPA Task 1 - Planning for Instruction Task 2 - Instructing and Engaging Students Task 3 - Assessing Student Progress Capstone project for your initial teacher preparation project.

15 edTPA Signature learning experiences and assignments for the edTPA will be embedded in your methods and field-based courses. Teacher candidates complete entire edTPA portfolio during student teaching. Beginning Fall 2015, must pass edTPA for certification.

16 Code of Ethics All teacher candidates are expected to know and comply with the Code of Ethics from the GaPSC.Code of Ethics Must take the new Ethics Assessment before December 31, 2014 (available early in Fall 2014). Must pass the assessment in Spring 2015 (requirement for induction certificate)

17 Planning your program of study Be proactive in planning your studies! Contact your advisor early in your first semester, and make an appointment to plan your program of study. (Name and contact information will be on your letter of acceptance from OAA). Contact your advisor as needed throughout your program to review your plan to ensure that you are on track for program completion. If your advisor is unavailable, contact the department Chair, Dr. Dana Fox ( or Associate Chair, Dr. Mary Ariail (

18 Professional Advisement Week (PAW) (NOT to be confused with PAWS) You must attend Professional Advisement Week (PAW) twice a year (usually held the week before registration opens) while you are in your program. Look for announcements within the first few weeks of each fall and spring semester. Students who do not attend PAW will miss important information that may not be provided at any other time.

19 Program Portfolios An organized representation of your professional accomplishments and proficiencies Program portfolio are required for all ITP program completion. Portfolio must be submitted through LiveText. You will need to purchase a key code and register for LiveText at the beginning of your program. Subscription is good for 5 years.purchase a key code

20 Applying for Graduation Applying for Graduation. All candidates for a degree must file a formal application for graduation with the Graduation Office (231 Sparks Hall). Graduate degree candidates must apply at least two semesters in advance of the expected semester of graduation.

21 Graduation Audit The Office of Academic Assistance (OAA) conducts a program audit during the semester for which you apply to graduate; however, if the OAA determines that you are missing one or more courses, you will not have time to add those courses during your final semester. Therefore, you should ask your program advisor for a program audit at least one full semester before you plan to graduate. Office of Academic Assistance (OAA) Ultimately, it is the student’s responsibility to make sure that all requirements for graduation and certification are met.

22 Other Important Information Keep up with important deadlines, such as portfolio submission dates and graduation application. Read and be familiar with all policies in the graduate catalog or the undergraduate catalog (links are included on the GoSOLAR page). Read and be familiar with the MSE Policy on Development and Retention (located in the New Student Handbook). Always use your GSU email account and include your Panther ID number for school-related correspondence.

23 Calendars (GSU and MSE) Add important events to your personal calendars! Academic Calendar for GSU (buff) oCheck for university deadlines Calendar of Events for MSE (blue)

24 Registration Issues See Registration Issues handout (pink): Visitor pass: 63F0932A

25 Quick Reference Guide (white) Contact your advisor for specific information on courses you should take during your program. Visitor pass codes New student information TEEMS program information

26 NEW Student Checklist (Yellow) Make sure all items on the checklist are completed ASAP!

27 Planning for field placements Placement assignments will be sent prior to fall placement start dates (8/26/2014 – 12/05/2014). Hours for Practicum Field Placement BSE and BS Physics = 16 hrs per week, MAT = 20 hrs per week) Maximum course load during student teaching – 12 hours for graduate students, 15 hours for undergraduate students Working during field placements is strongly discouraged (not allowed at all during student teaching). PLAN AHEAD! Follow school system calendar for all holidays (including spring break) Study abroad options must be approved by program faculty and department associate chair at least one semester before travel. Do not contact the school administrators or teachers to arrange your own placement. You cannot be placed in a school where you have relatives working or attending (including your children).

28 Disciplinary Review Complete criminal background check immediately! Do not wait until near time for placement to begin. Removal of disciplinary review restriction by GSU does not guarantee placement for practicum or student teaching. Partner schools and school systems reserve the right to refuse placements for any teacher candidate they consider to be unacceptable for any reason. GaPSC reserves the right to refuse to grant certification even though a teacher candidate may have completed the approved program.

29 20% of grade for Practicum 1 and Student Teaching Must earn 80% or higher to pass course Items that may cause you to lose points towards your dispositions score include the following: Any action that violates the GaPSC Professional Code of EthicsGaPSC Professional Code of Ethics Turning in assignments that are carelessly created, late or plagiarized Arriving late or failing to attend GSU mandatory sessions or school placement site Being disrespectful to GSU administration/staff/faculty/university supervisor/mentor teacher/school administration Any request to remove you from your assigned school site by the county administration due to your inappropriate actions. Dressing inappropriately for an educational setting Particularly egregious behavior may result in dismissal from the course and a grade of F. Repeated violations will result in dismissal from the program. Professional Behavior and Dispositions

30 Teaching Certificates Certification is conferred by the Georgia Professional Standards Commission (not by GSU) T-4 – Bachelor’s level (Bachelor’s degree and all certification requirements completed) T-5 – Master’s level (Master’s degree and all certification requirements completed)

31 Certificate Levels Pre-service certificate requirements Enrolled in ITP program Criminal background check Induction certificate requirements (may be T-4 or T-5; good for three years) Complete certification program (GPA of 3.0 or higher) Pass Ethics Assessment Pass program portfolio Pass edTPA (after 9/1/15) Pass GACE content exams (score 220 or higher on each part) Must be hired to teach in a public school in Georgia

32 Important ! In order to receive your induction certificate before August 2015, all certification requirements (including completion of EPY 7080 and EXC 4020 for graduate students) must be completed by the end of Spring semester 2015.

33 Requirement Every student enrolled in Initial Teacher Preparation programs in MSE must maintain an active LiveText account throughout the program. Purchase LiveText key code here. You will be charged a one-time fee of $80 if you order from this link. Your account activation code will be sent to your GSU email address within 3-5 business days. Or you can purchase your key code directly from LiveText for $98 (immediate access).LiveText key code Your subscription will be good for 5 years and can be renewed after expiration.

34 Using LiveText You will find many uses for your LiveText account. The two that you should know about very early in your program are your program portfolio, and courses taught through the LiveText C1 course management system.

35 For help with LiveText Contact Dr. Mary Ariail at It is each student’s responsibility to maintain an active LT account and to be proficient in its use.


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