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APHIS Leadership Development Toolkit Briefing for Supervisors.

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1 APHIS Leadership Development Toolkit Briefing for Supervisors

2 Purpose of Briefing To explain the benefits of using the APHIS Leadership Development Toolkit for developing leadership competencies in all employees.

3 Objectives Define the Toolkit and how it can be used Describe competencies and behavioral examples Explain the Leadership Competency Development Cycle Design your development plan

4 Employee development is a top priority in APHIS  Joint employee-supervisor responsibility  Leadership skills of all employees  APHIS succession planning needs History: Leadership Development in APHIS

5 Linking Roadmap & Toolkit The Roadmap: Illustrates the 5 leadership levels Executive Manager Supervisory Project manager / Team leader All Employee Provides example learning experiences Indicates competencies at each level

6 What is a competency? Observable, measureable pattern of knowledge, skills, abilities, or characteristics an individual needs for effective or superior performance in a job Examples include: customer service, continual learning, interpersonal skills, problem solving, etc. There are 28 competencies in the Roadmap/Toolkit They come from OPM

7 Competencies on the Roadmap:

8 Learning Experiences on the Roadmap:

9 The APHIS Leadership Development Toolkit What does it look like? –CD-ROM version that was sent to every APHIS employee. –Can be found in PDF form online at: leadership_toolkit.shtml

10 Linking the Roadmap & Toolkit Toolkit Supports goals of Roadmap Assists development by helping you: Assess competency proficiency Determine your goals Identify paths to reach your goals Align your goals with program needs Effectively meet with your supervisor

11 Questions on Background of the Toolkit

12 Expectations of the APHIS Leadership Development Toolkit AMT commitment to leadership development Leverage Toolkit to: Meet succession planning needs Help employees become continual learners

13 HR Management and the Toolkit Competency-based recruitment, interviews & selections Enhancing supervisory effectiveness  Supervisory application/evaluation process  Supervisory selection process

14 New Performance Element & the Toolkit Support USDA management initiative Improve workforce Align with mission priorities Cooperate with partners/private sector Align w/APHIS strategic priorities  Value and invest in employees  Have effective/efficient management

15 Questions on expectations for supervisors

16 Contents of APHIS Leadership Development Toolkit 11 Tabs overall A living document

17 Tab 1: Using the Toolkit Leadership Development Key Components Definitions  leadership competencies  behavioral examples Roadmap Leadership Development Competency Framework

18 Tab 2: Developing Your Leadership Skills Leadership Competency Development Cycle 1.Identify your goal 2.Assess proficiency 3.Identify learning experiences 4.Create development plan 5.Complete learning experiences 6.Assess progress

19 Tabs 3-7: Development Levels Tab 3 - All Employees Tab 4 - Project Managers/Team Leaders Tab 5 - Supervisors Tab 6 - Managers Tab 7 - Executives

20 Tab 8: Competency in Cross-Cultural Interactions  Importance in APHIS  Examples of cross-cultural interactions  Developing your skills

21 Tab 9: Learning Experiences Types: Developmental assignments Self-directed learning Classroom training Selecting a learning experience Recommendations for each competency

22 Tab 10: APHIS Mentoring Program  Mentoring definitions and benefits  Selecting a mentor  APHIS Mentoring Program Goals and benefits Steps for participation Guidance for mentor & protégé

23 Tab 11: APHIS Program Information Career guides: definition & example Creating your own career guide Program specific information

24 Questions on Content of the Toolkit

25 Using the Toolkit to Meet Your Leadership Development Goals Where do I start? Focus on developing your skills:  To perform well in current position  To do more in current job  For career advancement

26 Step 5 Complete Learning Experiences Development Cycle Step 1 Identify Goal Step 2 Assess Proficiency Step 6 Assess Progress Step 3 Identify Learning Experiences Step 4 Create Development Plan


28 Toolkit Program Points of Contact MRPBS - Leslie Linneman PPD - Susan Cosgrove PPQ – Jacob Faibisch VS - Marilyn Miller WS - Carrie Joyce AC - Cathy Allen BRS - Judy Garrison CREC - Njeri Mwalimu IS - Freida Skaggs & Matt Wittek LPAChristina Myers

29 Questions? TOOLKIT APHIS Leadership Development Toolkit

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