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Supervisor Coaching & Mentoring New Hampshire Division for Children, Youth & Families.

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1 Supervisor Coaching & Mentoring New Hampshire Division for Children, Youth & Families

2 Presenters Sherri Levesque, MEd Administrator, Bureau of Organizational Learning & Quality Improvement 603-271-4229 Athena Cote, MSW Assistant Supervisor Division of Children, Youth and Families Child Protective Services 603-447-3841 Ext. 338

3 Pieces of the Puzzle… Learning organization –Personal mastery –Team learning –Mental models –Shared vision –Systems thinking

4 Advanced Mentoring Adapted from CT DCF in conjunction w/Fordham University Goals –improve organizational understanding –build leadership capacity –increase retention –enhance navigation and negotiation within DCYF and the community Began with a “marketing event” inviting potential mentors First cohort 10 pairs, mentees w/agency 5+ years

5 Advanced Mentoring Contract, applications, resumes Formal year long relationship including four ½ day trainings –Presentation skills –Communication styles/skills to support relationship –Leadership skills –Learning styles Four monthly contacts, one in person/month Mentees completed projects to meet learning objectives and made presentations to group at the end

6 One Supervisor’s Experience Professional Development Support Opportunity to shadow Leadership roles within the Division Support with an agency project that further enhances skill development Future mentoring support

7 Solution-Based Casework (SBC) Certification SBC is the foundation of NH’s Practice Model* Supervisors and coaches received additional coaching training & coaching calls directly from Dr. Dana Christensen First opportunity for supervisors to have and provide specific practice coaching *Christiansen, Todahl & Barrett, 1999

8 Solution-Based Casework (SBC) Certification Used a tiered approach to provide coaching & certification to all staff Supervisors learned how to coach their own staff as well using a structured format Between July 31, 2012 and July 1, 2013, all supervisors were coached and certified to be SBC coaches, and in turn coached & certified their staff

9 Solution-Based Casework (SBC) Certification Beyond attending initial trainings, supervisors were observed and coached in: –facilitating case consultations –coaching their staff in SBC concepts –conducting file reviews & field observations of their staff Provided a team learning experience where staff at all levels were learning concepts & practices together Solidified a culture where it’s acceptable to try new things, work toward mastery, learn from mistakes

10 Statewide Leadership Meetings All Supervisors across the state attend Child Protection & Juvenile Justice Supervisors Include opportunity for practice discussions –Practice challenges –Management challenges –Culture & Climate –New initiative discussions Peer coaching New ideas Professional challenges 1.

11 Questions? 1.

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