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“Deconstruction With Emphasis On Recycling” FEH Associates Inc. Architecture | Structural Engineering | Interiors | Demolition Planning.

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1 “Deconstruction With Emphasis On Recycling” FEH Associates Inc. Architecture | Structural Engineering | Interiors | Demolition Planning

2 BIO Donald Seymour, CDT, CSI, Assoc AIA, MAPPA Sr. Project Manager / AE Demolition Planner Work at FEH Associates Inc. – East Village, Des Moines, Iowa Married, 2 kids in college, Wife is RN at Mercy Speaking at MNSCU April 9 – 10 in Minneapolis Case Study – The Implosion of Gage Residence Hall Complex – MSU Mankato Waukee Rotary – Deconstruction and Recycling ISBGA - Building Demolition With Emphasis On Recycling MAPPA Conference 2012 – Case Study – Wetzel Residence Hall and Dining Commons Demoliti on

3 Deconstruction

4 Introduction When demolition/deconstruction is the right choice Green demolition approach Practicing good stewardship of environment and finances Benefits and the bottom line Case Studies Resources Different types of demolition and deconstruction Innovative ideas and methods Demolition is a blast!

5 Demolition / Deconstruction Decision A building is in complete disrepair Envelope issues HVAC issues Not accessible or costly upgrades Maintenance and upkeep costs How much building can be saved What is most economical solution

6 How bad is this? RC Industries Building - GrinnellAnamosa Middle School – Anamosa, Ia Mitchell County Courthouse, Osage, Ia Geneseo School – Cedar Falls

7 Case Studies Mitchell County Courthouse Demolition and Deconstruction, Osage Ia 1858 Iowa Courthouse, 4 additions, Structurally failing, environmentally unsafe Anamosa Middle School Deconstruction 1917 three story brick building, outdated, not ADA compliant, replaced by new school Bunge Grain Elevator Demolition 60 concrete silos, 2 100 diameter steel tanks, 8 Buildings, 3 blocks, City plans for Economic Development

8 Demolition / Deconstruction Decision Apply sustainability measures Reuse and repurpose Deconstruct where feasible Recycle materials Divert as much from landfill as possible Primary goal is 90-95% diversion Make a Road map GREEN DEMOLITION Environmentally Sustainable Financially Sustainable

9 Reduced Demolition costs Unbudgeted revenue Media relations and fundraising Diversion from the landfills Benefits and the Bottom Line

10 Mitchell County Courthouse Repurposed items Reuse vault doors in new courthouse Reuse veterans memorial Use 4500 Salvage Bricks in new wall Salvaged items Gave away over 6500 bricks to community Remaining brick to brick salvage company Donated wood framing to local School Shop Steam Engine Society took all heavy timber framing Ornamental Brackets were sold Wood pegs, stair handrails, Flag poles, hitching post, building signage, other items, saved for Historical Society Tree stumps and trees to two groups Steel Fire Escapes Mechanical units were repurposed

11 Mitchell County Courthouse Wanted to save more Cupola Wooden columns, capitals More brick Wood wainscoting / bead board Wood flooring Achieving 93% diversion right now Abatement Process Came down too fast

12 Anamosa Middle School Repurposed items Limestone cornices and belt way Tin ceilings and auditorium seating Sold items in the building to citizens Salvaged items 1000 bricks for owner – Fundraising art project Reused gym flooring in new high school addition Sold brick pavers Sold Air conditioning units Gym bleacher seats to non-profit Crown moldings and bead board panels Wood floor and roof joists, reused for walls Lockers and base cabinets, shelving, scoreboard and basketball hoops Urinal, water closets, sinks, slate blackboards Old world maps

13 Results of Savings Diversion chart of recent projects ProjectTotal Tons of Waste Tons Diverted from Landfill $$$ Saved on Landfill Costs $$$ From Recycled Material Percentage Diverted Minnesota State University, Mankato Gage Residence Hall Complex Demo 12,44025,980160,000$1,250,00094% City of Council Bluffs Bunge Grain Elevator Demolition 2701,322 Steel 30,290 Concrete 321,960$1,100,0098% Western Illinois University Wetzel Hall20,00018,000250,000500,00095.1% Western Illinois University Inventory Removal 36-3830-351,50047,000100% University of Northern Iowa Dome Replacement 5852.21,75159,84090% Sinsinawa Mounds East Wing2,2982,25975,36098% Eleanor Roosevelt Middle School93471222,06276% Hempstead High School69937912,200 Adams Building1,7591,71755,350 National Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium 4862477,34097.6% Western Illinois University Campus Building 7*5-6*12,000*5,000*86% *Anticipated (Projects Listed were completed by FEH while working for another firm

14 Resources It’s Who you know Database of recyclers National demolition contractors / Implosion Contractors Local and regional demolition contractors Iowa DNR / Waste Exchanges / Repurpose d Materials (Denver) It’s what you know Innovative uses of materials in demolition Database of what recyclers want Resources for salvage How to benefit from removing “inventory” (one man’s junk, is another mans treasure) How to work with non-profits List of fundraising ideas and uses

15 Traditional demolition Deconstruction Implosion Combination Methodologies

16 Traditional Demolition Mid Rise Buildings Stand Alone Buildings Low Rise Buildings

17 Deconstruction Demolition Method

18 Implosions Iowa State University Western Illinois University Minnesota State University - Mankato

19 Combination Western Illinois University Residence Hall and Dining Facility MSU – Mankato Residence Halls and Dining Facility Dining rooms removed with traditional equipment Towers imploded

20 Recycling Construction waste management Material reuse/repurposing Local resources Fundraising and memorials Inventory removal Results - benefits Innovative Ideas Re-use of crushed concrete Selling of excess Inventory

21 Recycling Stainless Steel Brick Curtain Wall/Slate/Stone Aluminum Window

22 Construction Waste Management Miscellaneous furniture and equipment Doors / Frames / Hardware Mechanical / Electrical Components Roofing and Metal Panels Built in wood itemsTrees shredded into mulch

23 Material Reuse / Repurpose Slate/Limestone Brick – Fundraising - Plazas Beds – Orphanage/ Homeless Shelters Light fixtures /Ceiling Tile Appliances/Tables - resell

24 Fundraising and Memorials Wetzel Hall Celebration on Implosion Day New Memorial Bus stop

25 Inventory Removal Lockers Appliances File Cabinets Furniture Sell to local groups, Individuals, Institutions, Habitat Restores, Homeless Shelters, Boy Scouts, Retreat and Church Camps

26 Inventory Removal Kitchen Equipment

27 Discussion and Questions ?

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