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fear, greed, consequences f fe fea fear fear,

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2 fear, greed, consequences

3 f

4 fe

5 fea

6 fear

7 fear,


9 fear, g

10 fear, gr

11 fear, gre

12 fear, gree

13 fear, greed

14 fear, greed,


16 fear, greed, c

17 fear, greed, co

18 fear, greed, con

19 fear, greed, cons

20 fear, greed, conse

21 fear, greed, conseq

22 fear, greed, consequ

23 fear, greed, conseque

24 fear, greed, consequen

25 fear, greed, consequenc

26 fear, greed, consequence

27 fear, greed, consequences

28 fear, greed, consequences and our privacy mark frisse sacramento, 2008

29 current status

30 federal government: spent out


32 california: spent out

33 $3-5 billion deficit

34 $15 billion to $18 billion budget shortfall through June 2010

35 $$1.1 b less in 1Q revenue

36 $5b bond sale forestalled that government bail-out

37 emergency legislative session

38 sacramento bee: spent out

39 how? why? fear and greed?

40 maybe we just bought too much

41 maybe no one was paying attention

42 maybe we’ve lost faith in one another

43 you and me: spent out

44 salary: from $25,740 to $30, % increase

45 family premiums: $6,227 to $12, % increase

46 salaries: 19.3%

47 premiums: 95.8%

48 california: > 6 million uninsured

49 more than half for more than a year

50 just how bad of shape are we in?

51 summarizing “part 1”….

52 part 2: it’s all about me

53 who am I anyway?

54 i am my s

55 i am my addresses Highland, IL St. Louis, MO Clayton, MO Nashville, TN Los Altos, CA South Bend, IN

56 i am my schools St. Pauls Washington U Stanford Notre Dame

57 i am my employers Freight Salvage Kayser Drugs Washington U Express Scripts First Consulting Highland Machine Vanderbilt U

58 i am my social networks mySpace Plaxo FaceBook LinkedIn eGroups picasa willow mail.mac

59 i am my web hits lotsofbloggers

60 i am my credit reports

61 i am my diagnostic codes g g

62 my identity = the sum of the above Highland, IL St. Louis, MO Clayton, MO Nashville, TN Los Altos, CA South Bend, IN St. Pauls Washington U Stanford Notre Dame mySpace Plaxo FaceBook LinkedIn eGroups picasa willow mail.mac lotsofbloggers g g

63 but they claim to “de-identify” me

64 at least paper is “secure”

65 even those in need can’t find it..

66 if you copy it, i may never know

67 the digital world is different

68 infinite perfect replicas are possible

69 “infinite” is a scary word

70 and you can send them anywhere

71 mortgage-backed securities


73 “de-identified” data & sustainability


75 de-identified data banks ?=? mortgage-backed securities

76 so what’s my point?

77 my anonymity is context-sensitive

78 my “de-identified” data are for sale

79 I have little privacy

80 i cannot get “off the grid”

81 part 3 -> <- part 2

82 what does this mean for you?

83 policy: do you have the time?

84 enforcement: are you capable?

85 employment: will you have your job?

86 so, forgive me, but……..

87 talk away, but is the game over?

88 of course not!

89 we need to go back to foundations

90 ^ | part 3 part 4 | V

91 why is our privacy such a big thing?

92 can we preserve our own privacy?

93 can we preserve our collective privacy?

94 losing privacy can do real harm

95 not having information can kill

96 losing or revealing: what to do?

97 we cannot anticipate every situation and…..

98 complexity often make things worse so…..

99 here are some simple rules….

100 a rule:everyone plays by the same rules

101 a rule:encrypt everything

102 a rule:treat medical information like media

103 a rule:everyone must understand consent

104 a rule:make important legislation uniform

105 a rule:do not allow what you don’t understand

106 a rule:be totally and absolutely transparent

107 a rule:make audits really useful

108 a rule:prove you can enforce laws you make

109 a rule:certify functions, not products

110 a rule:make your own rules – and use them

111 finally….some conclusions

112 fear, greed, consequences harm we can do to one another


114 fear, greed, consequences has no place in my health record


116 fear, greed, consequences we cannot heal without trust


118 it’s time to restore trust to our lives

119 let’s talk about it

120 let’s make it better

121 every

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