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Jehovah’s Witnesses And their refusal of Blood Transfusions in the 21 st Century. EU.

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1 Jehovah’s Witnesses And their refusal of Blood Transfusions in the 21 st Century. EU

2 Who/What are Jehovah’s Witnesses? Christian denomination from US late 19 th Century Forbids humans consuming human/animal blood under any circumstances  includes through intravenous Refuse blood transfusions, major blood transfusions, post/intra- operative blood salvage

3 Who/What are Jehovah’s Witnesses? “Only flesh with its soul-its blood-you must not eat” –Genesis 9:3,4. “[You must] pour its blood out and cover it with dust” – Leviticus 17:13,14. “abstain from…what is strangled and from blood” Acts 15:19-21 Breach these rules damages relationship with Jehovah Do seek medical care  Saline, lactated Ringer’s solution, albumin, dextrans

4 What is a Blood Transfusion? Transfer whole blood/components from donor to recipient Increase ability to carry oxygen Restore blood volume Improve clotting ability Improve immunity to infection

5 Ethics and Struggles “Every human being of adult years and sound mind has a right to determine what shall be done with his own body” Hospitals and doctors often petition court override patient’s decision Notions: abandonment of a child, risk of liability for the doctor and hospital

6 Ethics and Struggles Medically ethical treat a patient Physicians find it difficult to understand why Jehovah’s Witness patient would refuse a life saving procedure Ethically and legally important for a doctor to obtain informed consent from patient before treatment Failure to obtain consent lead to grave legal consequences  criminal charges (battery, assault)

7 Alternatives to Blood Transfusions Volume Expanders  Saline  Lactated Ringer’s solution  Albumin  Dextrans Growth Factors  Erythropoietin Body/Circulatory-System/Blood/Transfusions/Transfusions-2.html

8 Alternatives to Blood Transfusions Blood Substitues  Currently no real substitute  Hemoglobin-based Oxygen Carriers (rarely tested)  Perfluorochemical Compounds (rarely tested)

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