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The Depths of Space Create and command ships worthy of combat. Created By: Peter G Muir.

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1 The Depths of Space Create and command ships worthy of combat. Created By: Peter G Muir

2 Game Info Platform: Computer Difficulty Progression: Growing number of enemies, larger enemy ships Number of Players: 1. Campaign and skirmishes Controls: Keyboard and mouse Perspective: Top-Down 2.5D, think Gratuitous Space Battles

3 Objective Of The Game Create ships that can survive hostile encounters Use tactics to obtain as much salvage as possible from enemy ships Build a fleet and find a new safe haven

4 Game Mechanics Main Mechanic: Modular Construction –The player creates their own ship designs by using modules that have varying uses (structure, sensors, weapons, shields, etc) –The layout of a ship can change the effectiveness of systems and weapons (e.g. weapons in the center of the ship will have a smaller firing arc, shields may be stronger on one side)

5 Game Mechanics cont. Supporting Mechanic: Modular Destruction –System modules can be disabled or destroyed –Any disabled system module can be salvaged –Structure modules can only be destroyed –If a module is destroyed, it can leave attached modules floating in space –A disabled ship can still use active weapons

6 Main Mechanic: Modular Construction TOP: The player starts with a Structure module. A module is added. The module is a Sensor. BOTTOM: The player has a Structure and a Sensor module. Two modules are added. The modules are Weapons.

7 Supporting Mechanic: Module Destruction TOP: The ship is intact. One Weapon module is disabled and an Engine is destroyed. The ship has only one Weapon and moves at a reduced speed. BOTTOM: The ship is in the previous condition. The ship has a Structure module destroyed. The Engine attached is removed from the ship and the ship is considered disabled (the active weapon can still fire!)

8 Theme SURVIVE AND SCAVENGE – The player is commanding a ship (eventually a small fleet) and must survive in a hostile part of space. The only way to grow stronger is by scavenging from derelict and disabled ships. Destroying ships can be handled with brute force and is sometimes easier, but disabling a ship is the best way of getting new modules.

9 Gameplay Storyboards The player wants to add an Engine. The Engine is dragged over to the ship, with a line showing where it will snap to. The Engine is now attached to the ship.

10 Gameplay Storyboards cont. The player is attacking an enemy ship. The player hits a Structure module. The module is destroyed and an Engine is set adrift and salvageable.

11 Game Objects Clean interface. Modules are added, upgraded or removed. Simple drag-and- drop system. Ability to completely destroy ships. Can disable systems and/or kill the crew. Gain salvage from every ship/wreck

12 This Game Is Unique Because: The constant want for new and upgraded modules drives the player to fight smart. Disabling enemy ships is the single best way to get new modules. The flip side is that any module on the player’s ship that is destroyed, is gone for good. The same goes for ships. If the player fights smart, they’ll come out on top.

13 Resources FTL: Faster Than Light. (2012, September 14). Retrieved from Good Old Games - Nexus: the Jupiter Incident. (2012, December 16). Retrieved from 1120.html

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