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The Mighty Oak. Reclaimed. Live Oak –Gulf Coastal Region - 850 Years Old.

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1 The Mighty Oak. Reclaimed. Live Oak –Gulf Coastal Region - 850 Years Old

2 Live Oak Natchez Mississippi Cemetery circa 1700

3 Oak Nature’s Grand & Magnificent Gesture A mature oak is a sight to behold. Giant trees whose limbs, given room, can reach out improbable distances, a mature oak can be wider than it is tall. Historically the oak is a symbol of strength, and its image has been used for centuries on coats of arms and family crests. In ancient Rome, acts of military valor were rewarded with a crown made of oak leaves, a high honor. Oak is the superb wood for any kind of furniture and flooring. Oak is incredibly hard, imbuing durability and longevity to any piece. It has a wonderful grain pattern; its surface can be sanded exceptionally smooth, and it accepts stain & lacquers better than most woods. Oak furniture and floors that are hundreds of years old are just as beautiful today as the day they were crafted.

4 Rescue. Salvage. Renew. At Barnwood Industries, this is our creed. We have just been able to secure and rescue large quantities of Oak originating in the mossy, genteel and aged southern Gulf States. This extremely fortunate find came to us via Lakeview – ”The 2 nd Best Small Town in America”; charming and considered the gateway to the Oregon Outback. Our wood acquisition team is constantly scouting the entire Northwest for unique and remarkable wood values to bring to our customers. We remove the wood from the waste stream, carefully labor to uncover its original brilliance yet maintain the charisma that has been layered on with each passing year. This beautiful Oak is reclaimed, recycled and extraordinary – awaiting its future history.

5 Rescue. Salvage. Renew. At Barnwood Industries, this is our creed. “Everything old is new Again” Reused and recycled woods are good for the planet by preserving the remaining old-growth forests, lowering the burden on new timber harvesting by re-purposing the wood. Reclaimed lumber is something the conscientious consumer can feel good about purchasing. It is called extending the “embodied energy” - the fossil fuels and natural resources used in the original manufacture of the products The efficient reuse and recycling of wood presents an opportunity to: extend our timber resource reduce consumption of new resources conserve landfill space reduce costs through avoided purchase/disposal fees preserve carbon storage reduce energy and environmental burdens of producing ‘new’ products create ‘green’ jobs Why Recycle and Repurpose Wood?

6 Applications Furniture / Cabinetry Oak furniture is very popular and a fantastic material for all types of millwork. It is strong and durable, has a long lifespan and sleek appearance Oak furniture has a timelessness that very few other woods can imitate Plank Flooring: Wood flooring is the most renewable flooring material available. Oak floors can last a century or more with proper, minimal maintenance. House of Commons in England has the same Oak floor as when it was built in the early 1800’s. Beyond the rich warm look, many consumers prefer the fact that the wood is reclaimed – so its use helps to minimize deforestation by repurposing the wood. The sturdiness makes it a perfect choice for commercial applications, stair treads, wine casks, barrels, – for office buildings, restaurants and government buildings.

7 Don’t miss out on this incredible one of a kind material. We currently have an abundance of this oak available - but we are keeping our offers on a first come-first serve basis to stocking dealers and/or Building Trade due to the incredible value being offered. This is an incredibly unique recovery of highly treasured and popular solid oak – made even more so because it is a truly sustainable resource made manifest – Reclaimed and Renewed Oak for Sale…..

8 Oak Timbers, Beams and Dimensional Wood Reclaimed and/or Milling: 8” through 20” X 12” Timbers up to 40’ in length (2” increments) 4 X 6 Oak Posts – 4 ‘ in length Hardwood Structural beams Currently milling: 10” Flooring 3”X 12” and 1 ½” X12” slabs up to 15’ 2, 3, and 4-sided Box Beams - custom sizes and lengths Box Beams and Structural Beams are available with patina on all sides or cleaned up ready for process and staining Custom sizes and dimensional wood also available

9 Oak and Hardwood Varieties Included in Inventory Mix

10 RED OAK: In Latin the name for Oak means – “A Fine Tree” Can grow from 70’ to 80’ with a diameter of 2’-3’. Its crown is broad and well-rounded Abundant across Eastern US and is most common species of oak – represents 36.6% of total US hardwoods commercially available Common Red Oaks were key in America’s industrial transformation Its uses include almost everything that mankind has ever derived from timber: shelter; fuel; watershed protection; shade and beauty The bark contains tannins used in the process of curing leather WHITE OAK The lifespan of the White Oak is up to 600 years old. It grows to 150’ tall with an 80’ spread Common in East - represents 15.1% of Hardwoods commercially sold Native Americans and early settlers boiled and ate its acorns. Its bark is also rich in tannins It is impervious to liquids and is used extensively for ship timbers, barrels and casks. White Oak is commonly used in the Wine Industry. Also valued for: flooring; cabinetry; barrels; interior finishes; heavy construction. Oak Varieties Currently in Inventory Mix:

11 Mississippi Red Gum In this Hardwood – it’s heartwood is known as “Red Gum” and the “Sap Wood” is known as Sweet Gum Also known as “alligator-tree due to knobs on the tree’s bark. The heartwood ranges from pink-brown to reddish-brown with darker streaks and sometimes has a grayish hue The tree is large, 80 – 100 ft in height and 2-4 feet in diameter Its uses include baskets, boxes, crates, furniture, interior trim, and interior woodwork Grows best on river flood plains deep in Dixie Cherrybark Oak Among the largest red oaks in the south – it grows to 130’ tall and 60”in diameter – this is the most prized type of red oak in the south Known as the “King of the Reds” This excellent timber tree produces wood that is heavy, hard, strong and coarse grained ideal for interior finishes, furniture and flooring Also used for: veneer, general construction, cabinets The name 'Cherrybark' comes from its similarity to the bark of black cherry. The bark is gray and has scaly, narrow ridges. Oak Varieties Currently in Inventory Mix:

12 POST OAK: Also called “Iron Oak” A Medium sized tree abundant throughout Southeastern US Slow growing, drought resistant, and very resistant to decay Wood is durable in contact with soil and used widely for fence posts, hence the name. It is used for: #1 Use is Oak Flooring Stair Raisers and Treads Construction Timbers Railroad ties Planks Live Oak Used in the building of the USS Constitution – nicknamed “Old Ironsides” during War of 1812 – British cannonballs literally bounced off Long –lived (200+ years-some grow to 1,500 years ), tough, few pest or disease problems Evergreen, it is the largest spreading oak with the crown spread reaching as far as 160 feet – mature height 60-80 feet Most commonly used for structural beams and posts Still used in ship and bridge building (Brooklyn Bridge) Perfect for historical or antique ship restorations. Oak Varieties in Inventory:

13 White Oak Post Oak Live Oak

14 Red Oak Cherrybark Oak Mississippi Red Gum Red Oak










24 Post Oak and Live Oak Door

25 For More information, Quotes, or for your local stocking dealer contact: Barnwood Industries:541.312.1187 Weyerhaeuser :800.952.5616

26 Think. Believe. Dream. Dare. - Walt Disney’s Credo

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