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Confessions of a CIO: Learning & Applying Lessons from Weapon Systems to Business Systems Kenneth I Percell April 17, 2012.

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1 Confessions of a CIO: Learning & Applying Lessons from Weapon Systems to Business Systems Kenneth I Percell April 17, 2012

2 Presenter Introduction  Currently COO of The Percell Group LLC  Bus. Consulting, Info Tech Architecture, and Systems Engineering  35 year civilian with USAF, 15 as Senior Executive, 8 at 2-star level  Bottom Line: Jack of All Trades, Master of Some Thought Leadership: CTO in AF R&D Command ($1.3B Annually) CIO during Klinger/Cohen & SOX launch AF Lean Leader (Lean, TOC, 6-Sigma Zealot) Strategic: Command Strategic Planner at GPRA launch Managed Base Closure Process 1988-2005 BRAC Developed AF Enterprise IT Contracts w/ Oracle & MS Tactical: Realigned Work of 40k people 1995 BRAC Ops Research work Won Edelman Award Operational: Lead MRO Wing from $50M Loss to $350M Profit Lead First AF Best Value Acquisition ($1.2B AMP) Developed Real Time Weapons Delivery Software

3 Confessions Of A CIO – Simple Wins  Most of my great accomplishments I can not explain –  Simple synergies and obvious connections that get results  If you make the right analogies, people will get it.  If they don’t get it, stop wasting time with them  War Fighters and Bureaucrats don’t get business  They need to see process improvement and BPM as weapons and tactics  Process improvement got traction when applied to war fighting processes  Air Operations Center (AOC) Time Critical Targeting

4  Klinger Cohen Set Expectations that CIO would exist in DOD  Understand and Control Architecture  Limit Duplicate Investment  Provide Cost Control and Enterprise Investment Portfolio  DOD Immediately Bowed to CIO in each Military Department  CIOs Did Not Control Funding, Only “Policy” for Compliance  Applications were the Business Weapons in DOD  Silo Systems – Everyone has one, sometimes one hundred  Duplicity Abounds, Connections Sparse, Visibility Limited  Joint Business Processes across functions an exception  Security Provisions / Info Assurance Laws VERY HARD  DOD – “IT Acquisition Governance Must Be Instituted” Problem – IT Cost of Ownership

5 Solution? – Integration of Applications  Hardware Based:  DOD – “If we integrate the hosting and provide common services all the business applications will integrate. Lets do standard platforms to host support and combat applications.” (GCSS)  Functional – “So who is paying for the adoption and reconfiguration to the GCSS? Not me – right?”  Result – GCSS/Portal platforms in all services with very little movement of applications to those platforms. Better traction for war fighting in GCCS because of focus on Joint systems.  ERP (Software) Based:  Big Bundle of Applications with Common Database  Just Change your Culture and ALL YOUR PROCESSES to fit!  So How Is That Working For You?  USN – Everyone Has Their Own ERP – 5 SAP configurations so far  USA – Everyone Has Their Own ERP – Also 5 but 4 work.  AF - Oracle Launched 2001, Impacted the ground 2011 – “Pilot Error”

6 Enter The Dragon – A Simple Platform  War Fighters Use PLATFORM MODEL  Warriors Leading Business to Platform Model  ERP Really Configurable Application – IT’s M1A1 Battle Tank  M1A1 Too Heavy for Eastern Europe!  Failure Seen As “Platforms Are HARD To Do”  Big Bang ERP Approach Not Digestible In DOD – Too Big  In ERP Functional Looses Autonomy & Flexibility  Enter The Dragon – Appian 6  Initially Mistaken For Business Process Modeling or Workflow  Appian BPM Ability to Gradually Subsume Apps Missed  Liked Cause It “Feels SOA” (DOD’s Drug of Choice Today)  So What Do We Do With This Fire Breathing Dragon?????

7 Enter The Dragon – A Simple Platform  Leverage – Sounds Easy, But How?  More People Get Appian 6 “Facebook” like Interface  More Functional Experts Can Model Process  Avoids Big Data Cleansing Nightmare of ERP Start-up  Suddenly The Get-it Pile Outweighs The Don’t-Get-It Pile  AF - “But We Spent $965M on ERP! “Can’t We Salvage Something From This….?”  YES – But Be Careful, BPM is NOT ERP But It Is A Path To Enterprise Integration Around Process vs. Data  Save Your Process Work From ERP, But Fix The Compromises  Deemphasize Your Data Clean-up Mania – Clean as you go

8 The Dragon Curve – Tunnel to Success Enterprise Ownership Cost Integration to Enterprise Processes Functional Applications ERP as Integrator Framework BP Model/Build BP Applications BPM Platform as Integrator High Low FewAll Tunnel Directly To BPM Platform Use Data As-Is / Where-Is Attrite Legacy Apps Over Time Focus On Human Intensive Element

9 The Dragon Inhales – Apps Subsumed le Single Interface to Learn – Processes Exposed, Collaboration Enabled Business Rules Not Hard Coded Agile Processes, Not Stuck in IT Code Appian BPM Platform – Single Process Based Interface to Workforce Legacy Applications / Data Bases Bypass business rules code or use if still valuable

10 Execution Success Factors  Start With End Vision Of Business – Evolve To It  Evolution Can Go Fast Without “Transformation’s” Failures  Business Leaders Manage This Tunneling, Not IT Department  Include BP Users/Owners In Process Definition & Evolution  Application Developers Help Connect In Legacy And Subsume  BP Modelers Focus On Human Intensive Improvements  Appian 6 Makes Translation from Applications Into Process  Business System Integration Is Really Cross Enterprise Process  Adopt BPM And Build Enterprise Process, Connect Functional Apps – Poof!  Remember – “Any Technology Sufficiently Advanced Will Appear As Magic To The Uninformed Observer.”

11 Thank You! Before – 6” Manuals on ERP Process to Order Oil Filter! Tethered to a PC! After – Intuitive Process Learned Like Facebook! And MOBILE! Thank You Appian 6 – Bring On Appian 7!!

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