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Axis Aggression Around the World

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1 Axis Aggression Around the World 1931-1939

2 Manchuria (1931) Northern province of China
Japanese problem – overpopulation and lack of natural resources. Military take over “League of Nations” – impose sanctions (restrictions) – slap on the wrist 1937 Japan invades China proper – Peking / Shanghai / Nanking Most famous is the Rape of Nanking-

3 Germany- Hitler Assumes Power (1933)
German Economic decline in 1920’s – Hitler and Germans in general resent the Treaty of Versailles Bullying tactics – Jews to blame “Brown shirts” – supporters of Hitler Took control of the legislature (1933) First concentration camps

4 Ethiopia (1935) Mussolini expansionist goals “The Country is Nothing without Conquest”- This means he is a what? Invade the African nation of Ethiopia League of Nations branded Italy an aggressor a. Economic sanctions (minor) b. No embargo on most essential import (Oil) c. Sanctions were very weak 4. Italy not concerned and still annexed Ethiopia

5 German Remilitarization (1935-36)
Violated Treaty of Versailles a. Reintroducing conscription- compulsory service in the army b. Remilitarizing the Rhineland (location between France and Germany) No Allied effort to enforce Treaty of Versailles Germany’s military strength was still suspect, Allies not overly concerned

6 Spain 1936 General Francisco Franco – leads revolt against legal government (legal government was supported by Russia) Franco support from Italy and Germany Spain was to be a testing ground for new weapons Spanish Civil War ends with Franco victory Remain neutral during World War II

7 China - 1937 Japan drives down through mainland
Chinese Civil War between Nationalists and Communists 1940 Japan controlled most of eastern China

8 Austria Hitler invades and annexes Austria on the grounds that all German-speaking people belonged within one German nation Anschluss union of Germany and Austria violated WW I peace treaty -

9 Czechoslovakia - 1938 Sudetenland
Region in Czech bordering on Germany – inhabited with German speaking people Sudetens not oppressed by Hitler – stories of atrocities (propaganda) - Czech. Govt. refused to yield – alliance with Russia, France, and Britain

10 Munich Conference Great Britain – Neville Chamberlain France – Edouard Daladier Italy – Mussolini Germany - Hitler

11 Meeting at Munich Germany
Allowed Hitler to annex the Sudetenland Hitler – promise not to demand any more territory “Peace in our Time” – Chamberlain Concept known as “appeasement”- giving in to a demand, in order for your enemy to stop doing bad things

12 Seizure of Czechoslovakia
Six months later Hitler seized the rest of Czechoslovakia France / Great Britain– now have no trust in Hitler F/GB promise protection to the next probable victim – Poland

13 Europe Goes to War Chamberlain’s Appeasement was a failure
Great Britain and France pledge to protect Poland Germany / Soviet Union 10 Year – Non-Aggression Pact (August, 1939) - Prevents Germany from having to fight war on two fronts Invasion of Poland – Sept 1st, 1939 Kickstarts the Lightning War – “Blitzkrieg” - France and GB declare war on Germany – September 3rd, 1939

14 Albania Annexed by Mussolini Italy control of the Adriatic Sea

15 War in the West Quiet period after fall of Poland
American press call it a “phony war” France fortifies its defenses “Maginot Line” Phony war comes to an end – April 9, 1940 – attack on Denmark and Norway May 10th blitz of the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg Invasion of Northern France – splitting France forces in half – all the way to the English channel

16 Miracle at “Dunkirk” Fall of France abandoned Paris – June 10, 1940 France surrenders – June 22nd, 1940

17 Battle of Britain August - September 1940 – Greatest air assault in World War II begins - Luftwaffe (German Air Force) vs. Royal Air Force (British Air Force) Rules of War Bombing of London (Berlin in retaliation) Break Hitler’s code Bombings end – 1941 Will of British civilians – helped salvage the war

18 Two Major Axis Mistakes
Germany attacks the Soviet Union in June of 1941 Japanese attack U.S. at Pearl Harbor, Dec. 7th 1941 “A Day that will live in Infamy” - Pearl Harbor scene U.S. Declares war on Dec. 8th, 1941 Retaliation to Japan Fear of Germany-

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