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Some reflections Professor Jennifer Brown

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1 Some reflections Professor Jennifer Brown

2 Topics Comparing 1990 and 2014 International comparisons Independent Police Commission

3 Climate in 1990s Miscarriages of justice – Tottenham 3 – Guildford 4 – Maguire 7

4 Galvanising moments Bristol seminars 1990 EOC-Managing to make progress 1990 Singh IT 1991 Halford 1992 Equality Seminar Bramshill 1992 PRSU research scheme

5 Supportive people Vee Nield Police Federation Sally Hubbard and David Moore HMIC Chief Constables John Hoddinott and Bill Skitt Chief Superintendent Sue Davies


7 Percentage of women officers-Rank

8 Percentage of women officers-role

9 Survey results (1993) Men Women satisfied with rank 83% 85% satisfied with post 83% 83% worked in preferred role 87% 78% considered leaving 22% 29% same access to overtime 91% 80% same access to training 84% 86%

10 Sexual harassment results (1993)

11 Ranks 2014

12 Number of forces with no women at high rank 14 forces have no ACPO women 14 have no women c/superintendents 5 have no women superintendents Only one force has a BME woman ACPO officer Only one force has a BME woman c/superintendent 4 forces have a BME woman superintendent

13 Changes in numbers occupying different roles

14 2013 Survey results -harassment

15 Fair access to career advancement all/some of the time Men Women Access to training 31% (83%) 33% (85%) Promotion on merit 30% (84%) 34% (86%) Thinking of leaving 58% (22%) 51% (29%)

16 International comparison UK ahead of most European countries in percentage of women officers Women still under-represented at senior rank in most countries Barriers similar-lack of mobility, career interruptions, problems in part-time working, self-selecting out Percentage of women in policing tells us about the health of a country’s democracy (e.g. trust)

17 Current climate Funding cuts The country faces a period of austerity. Cuts in budgets with possibly more to come Maintaining public trust The recent scandals (Hillsborough, Lawrence buggings, Jimmy Savile, Rotherham ) erode public confidence Changes to the political landscape Elected police and crime commissioners, Home Secretary’s Police Federation speech Technology New threats posed by the increased prevalence of cross-border and cyber crimes. Mastering technology, not trailing in the wake

18 Trying to explain Coalition zeal for reform The decline in crime and political/industrial disorder reduces demand for policing The powerful are simply less dependent on public police protection Rolling back the state and making space for the private sector Robert Reiner

19 Independent Police Commission Modernising Peelian Principles Social Justice Model of Neighbourhood Policing Purpose enshrined in Law Geographic re-structuring Abandon the PCC experiment New deal of staff Build a police profession Creation of Independent Police Standards Commission Rational procurement Salvage forensic services

20 Overall aim of IPC Re-imagining the police service as an institution that helps build democratic virtues and extends civic engagement

21 Some final musings Police Service is in a state of flux and not clear about its own identity Women's position has improved BUT still problems – Flexible working – Presence of harassment – Levels of violence

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