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Thank you to the 2015 Virginia Emergency Management Symposium Sponsors.

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1 Thank you to the 2015 Virginia Emergency Management Symposium Sponsors

2 Coast Guard Incident Management Handbook (CG-IMH)

3 CG-IMH All Hazards/All Risk “How to” manual for ICS Detailed IAP development Process Detailed Position Descriptions Scenario based application

4 IMH Revision The CG-IMH is primarily developed as guidance for the Coast Guard first. The CG-IMH is not Policy (Shall use exactly as written) The CG-IMH is Guidance (Should follow unless incident response requiring judgment in actual application)

5 Coast Guard IMH Revision 96 00 01 06 5 th Edition of the IMH Originally based on US Fire Service “T-cards and Radios” Target Audience is the Tactical Level Incident Command Post members (multiagency) After Action Reports and Lessons Learned from multiple incidents, events, and exercises since 2006. Designated as a high priority initiative from CG senior leadership post Deepwater Horizon.

6 IMH Revision - Process Phase 1 – 18 Focus Area Writing Teams Phase 2 – 1 st Concurrent Clearance – Internal CG Only – 678 comments Phase 3 – 2 nd Concurrent Clearance – Internal CG and External Interagency and maritime response and preparedness committee members Phase 4 – Intelligence and Investigation Section and Source Control Branch Phase 5 – Coast Guard Leadership Approval

7 Coast Guard Review and Clearance Process 7 160+ members 18 Focus Area Writing Teams Included members from all units/levels of the CG Feb – Jun 12 Internal CG review HQ down to Sector/Base level review 643 Comments Several follow on senior level interagency discussions on Information Management Conducted Jul – Aug 12 Internal and external review Interagency & Preparedness Committees 989 Comments Oct – Jan 13 Revise based FEMA I/I Guide and BSEE changes 61 comments Promulgated IMH digitally May 2014 Distributed print versions of the IMH Sep 2014 Feb 13 - May 14 Focus Workgroups 1 st Concurrent2 nd Concurrent CommenterCriticalSubstantiveAdmin USCG28338430 Federal, State, Local259121 Non-Government (associations, industry) 210213 Totals 55531464 I/I and BSEE revisions 3 rd and 4 th concurrent

8 HHS-CDC DHS Ops DOI DOI - BSEE DOL-OSHA FEMA EPA NOAA Texas Parks & Wildlife CA Fish & Game (OSPR) NYFD American Petroleum Institute American Salvage Association International Tank Owners Pollution Federation San Francisco Area Committee British Petroleum Shell Chevron EC Maritime Clean Caribbean SEA Consulting McCarson Response Consulting Civilian ICS SMEs External Input Federal, State, & Local Agencies Private Sector

9 Major IMH Changes 9 Intelligence/Investigation Area Command Multi-Agency Coordination Information Management Logistics technology updates Liaison Pollution Hazardous Substance (incl. CBRN) Search and Rescue Maritime Security MTS Recovery Source Control Salvage & Firefighting

10 Cover to cover revision Added formal Information Management process Consolidated and updated Mission Area – Scenario Specific Chapters Modernized Logistics and Finance activities, including Information Technology support Improved readability Major IMH Changes 10

11 Liaison Officer (LOFR) Intelligence and Investigation Section Marine Transportation System Recovery Area Command Multi-Agency Coordination Maritime Security Major IMH Changes

12 Removal of Terrorism and Law Enforcement Chapters Search and Rescue Oil Spill (Added Source Control) Hazardous Substance (incl. CBRN) Marine Fire and Salvage Incident Complexity Typing Definitions Situation Display Symbology

13 NIMS Intelligence/Investigation Function Guidance and FOG Drafted in 2009 by an Law Enforcement interagency workgroup for FEMA Primary audience is the local Police Department

14 Intel/Inv Function Prevent/Deter potential unlawful activity, incidents, and/or attacks Collect, process, analyze, secure, and appropriately disseminate information and intelligence Identify, document, process, collect, create a chain of custody for, safeguard, examine, analyze, and store probative evidence

15 Intel/Inv Function Conduct a thorough and comprehensive investigation that leads to the identification, apprehension, and prosecution of the perpetrators Serve as a conduit to provide situational awareness (local and national) pertaining to an incident Inform and support life safety operations, including the safety and security of all response personnel.

16 I/I Implementation Challenges I/I and Operations Section Technical Specialist roles and responsibilities Establishing a secure location a "reasonable distance" from the Ops Section and the ICP IAP development and inclusion of I/I tactics and ICS-204s

17 I/I Implementation Challenges Intelligence/Investigations Section Chief title abbreviation (IISC, I/ISC, or ISC?), Three major functions rolled into one Section Chief –Intelligence –Causal Investigation –Criminal Investigation and arrest I/I Section Chief Training Requirements

18 I/I Implementation Challenges Definition of Intelligence –Informant and investigation leads/intelligence –National Intelligence and the 17 Federal Agencies of the Intelligence Community Missing explicit I/I Section Chief Tasks Life Safety vs I/I functional placement of: –Missing Persons Group –Mass Fatality Management Group

19 I/I Implementation Challenges Investigative Support Group vs Logistics Passive language used in NIMS Guide Separate Situation Status apart from the Situation Unit Leader in Planning Classified vs Unclassified information and IMT staff clearances Separate or combined IAP development meetings?

20 Solutions to Challenges Coast Guard Incident Management Handbook Chapter 13 Organizational Integration

21 Solutions to Challenges Coast Guard Incident Management Handbook Chapter 9 Intelligence/Investigation Section

22 Solutions to Challenges Coast Guard Incident Management Handbook Chapter 3 Incident Action Plan Development

23 Solutions to Challenges Coast Guard Incident Management Handbook Chapter 12 Information Management

24 Questions?

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