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4 Feb 2015 2015: The Year of the Military Diver CDR Hung Cao Naval Diving and Salvage Training Center.

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1 4 Feb 2015 2015: The Year of the Military Diver CDR Hung Cao Naval Diving and Salvage Training Center

2 To mark 2015 as the Year of the Military Diver and highlight of all military diving achievements. 2015 is the 100 th anniversary of the Mark V dive helmet 2015 is the 35 th anniversary of Naval Diving and Salvage Training Center, the largest diving facility in the world where Deep Sea and Special Operations Divers from all five services train 2015 is the 70 th Anniversary for NSA Panama City and Naval Surface Warfare Center Panama City Division Additionally, 2015 will mark the 40 th year since Navy Experimental Diving Unit moved from Washington Navy Yard to Panama City. Vision To remind the public everything that military divers have done for this great nation

3 Schedule of Events MondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFridaySaturday May 4thMay 5thMay 6thMay 7thMay 8thMay 9th AM PM Execution USN Military Diver Training Continuum Lunchtime MWR cookouts Man in the Sea Museum Open House Dive Lab Open House USN MDV Recall USCG Diver Rate Inauguration Cpt Shawn English Fieldhouse Dedication NSA Panama City Open House Mark V Dives at NDSTC CPOA Golf Tournament DEVRON Reunion US Army Diver Reunion EOD Executive Steering Committee (Eglin AFB) US Coast Guard Diver Reunion Guest Speaker: Commander NECC Guest Speaker: Commandant USCG Guest Speaker: Chief U.S. Army Engineers Guest Speaker: COMSUBGRU 7 Former N97B Guest Speaker: SECNAV

4 Special Events on NSA NDSTC will make operational Mark V dives to commemorate the 100 th anniversary of the helmet. Cpt Shawn English Fieldhouse dedication USCG will inaugurate the new Coast Guard Diver military occupational specialty Create an Airshow-like event on NSA Panama City

5 POW Medal Presentation 0 After 30 years, the UCT divers held hostage on TWA Flight 847 will be presented the POW Medal for their time in captivity.

6 Highlighting Diver Non-Profit Organizations

7 New Diving Technology Demonstration Panama City is the hub of diving

8 What Next? Re-Coin Panama City as the birthplace of Military Diving Build a museum for military diving in the next 5 years Comparable to the Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola Locate it near NDSTC (Barefoot Palms?) Transform this into a Youth Discovery Center to entice STEM

9 10+ Years Build an annex to the Military Diver’s Museum for Mine and Undersea Warfare Commission Littoral Combat Ship In Panama City Host Diving symposiums in Panama City

10 Questions ?

11 Naval Diving and Salvage Training Center Commissioned in 1980, NDSTC is the largest diving facility in the world where approximately 1200 students from all five military services train each year. NDSTC will host a 35 th birthday celebration and open house on Wednesday May 6 th, 2015.

12 Navy Experimental Diving Unit. NEDU is the worlds premier diving and hyperbaric research, test and evaluation unit. They liaise with NAVSEA and operational diving units across all military services and government agencies to develop timely, cost-effective solutions to support and improve manned undersea operations. NEDU will host an open house on Thursday May 7 th

13 Naval Surface Warfare Center Panama City Division Established in 1945, NSWC Panama City Division is responsible for research and development of underwater diving life support systems and saturation diving equipment. NSWC Panama City Division will commemorate its 70 years in Panama City.

14 Examples of Military Diving Achievements USS SQUALUS (SS-192) suffered a catastrophic valve failure during a test dive in 40 fathoms (240 feet) of water. On May 24, 1939, Navy divers and salvage ships responded quickly using a newly developed McCann rescue chamber invented by VADM Charles B. Momsen. All 33 survivors were rescued from the stricken submarine. On December, 1941, the Japanese Empire launched a surprise attack on the U.S. Pacific Fleet in Pearl Harbor Hawaii. 21 ships were sunk or heavily damaged and 2402 Servicemen were killed. All but 2 ships (USS ARIZONA (BB-39) and USS OKLAHOMA (BB-37)) were raised to the surface by U.S. Navy Divers, repaired and sent back to rejoin the U.S. Fleet. On July 17, 1996 TWA Flight 800 exploded and crashed off the coast of New York. U.S. Navy Divers recovered most of the 230 victims aboard, from the decks of USS GRASP (ARS-51) and USS GRAPPLE (ARS-53).

15 Reunions The Year of the Military Diver celebration will also allow various groups to hold their reunions. The U.S. Navy Master Diver Recall is held every two years and 2015 is one of those times. This allows our Navy’s most senior divers to get together with the men who came before them. Submarine Development Squadron FIVE (formerly Submarine Development Group ONE) reunion is for U.S. Navy Saturation Divers. U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Divers holds a yearly reunion, alternating locations between their West Coast Unit in Hawaii and the East Coast Unit in Virginia. They have chosen to hold this year’s reunion in Panama City Florida. The new Indoor PT facility will be named after Cpt Shawn English who gave his life in Iraq in 2006. U.S Coast Guard Divers are kicking off their new Coast Guard Diver rating next year. They will commemorate this new achievement with a reunion for all Coast Guard Divers past and present.

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