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1 The Art of Volunteer Management 2010 Fundamental Five+ Non-Profit Capacity Training Series presents Keith Ranney Art of Volunteering, LLC 10-20-2010.

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1 1 The Art of Volunteer Management 2010 Fundamental Five+ Non-Profit Capacity Training Series presents Keith Ranney Art of Volunteering, LLC 10-20-2010

2 2 Agenda 8:30 amWelcome & Introductions 8:45 amAssessing, Representing, Engaging 9:45 amBREAK & Network 10:00 amSystems, Strategies, Retention 11:15 pmBREAK & Network 11:30 pmQ&A with Expert Panel 12:15 pmWrap-Up, Post-Test, Evaluations 12:30 pmSession Ends

3 3 Mahalo to our Sponsors!  Office of Hawaiian Affairs - Community Building Economic Development Grant  County of Maui Department of Housing & Human Concerns, Volunteer Services  Tri-Isle Resource Conservation & Development - Fiscal Sponsor  Grants Central Station - program founder  PlayBook Consulting Group - Fundamental Five+ Series Producer / Coordinator

4 4 Building on the Past I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand. -- Confucius  Reinforce…  Share…  Present…  Add…  Structure  Systems  Tools

5 5 How many of you… …represent organizations that use volunteers… On a daily basis Just for events Both daily and for events

6 6 How many of you…

7 7 …have FUN as a volunteer manager? Note: It’s supposed to be fun

8 8 What if…? What if I could promise you that you could cut the time it takes to perform your most repetitive volunteer management tasks by 90%? What if I could show you how to redirect the time saved doing repetitive tasks toward the use of tools and systems that will raise the overall quality and effectiveness of your volunteer program? What if I could show you how to make volunteer management fun instead of a chore?

9 9 Why cultivate the volunteer spirit? To travel a great distance, it’s best to travel together as a group. But to get to a destination quickly, it’s best to go alone. With the global and local challenges we now face, we must learn to travel a great distance quickly, as one species, and rally around a common sustainable purpose, or perish. For me, volunteer management is an exercise in social artistry; mobilizing hundreds of people on behalf of a unified vision. It represents an alternative currency that supports an economy, not of consumption, but of caring and sharing.

10 10 Subjects to Discuss  Representing interests of both volunteers & the host organization  Engaging your community via social media  Assessing volunteer motivations  Registration & Scheduling Systems  Strategies for Success  Inspiration & Retention

11 11 Review from 2009 The Top Ten List for a Top Notch Volunteer Program

12 12 The Top Ten List for a Top Notch Volunteer Program 1. Roadmap Why do you need volunteers? What do you expect them to do? Where will you assign them? Who do you want? When do you want them? (and for how long?) How will you find them?

13 13 The Top Ten List for a Top Notch Volunteer Program

14 14 The Top Ten List for a Top Notch Volunteer Program 1. Recruitment We’re going to take 1 Giant Leap beyond last year’s tried and true (tired and outdated) recruitment model and leverage social media.

15 15 3. Retention 4. Recognition 5. Reporting 6. Resistance 7. Rules & Regulations 8. Reciprocation 9. Rejoice 10. Remember The Top Ten List for a Top Notch Volunteer Program

16 16 Volunteer Assessment Motivated Not Motivated Skilled Not Skilled

17 17 Representing Your Organization  Internally (education)  To Exec. Director  To Staff  Employing a volunteer training program and establishing a Communications Hierarchy  Creating a System for Feedback  Externally (marketing)  To your target audience  Differentiating your services & organization  Creating a gratitude program that includes Perks & Benefits or access to services

18 18 Ultimate Goal: Host Organization Patrons Volunteers Win 3

19 19 It Starts With You Owning your program Cultivating “Buy In” from colleagues Evangelizing your organization Capital Development Leveraged Capacity Building Engaging Future Donors

20 20 Volunteer Manager Clear and effective communications when, where, why, what, who, how Inclusive Honoring of volunteer’s time & energy Gratitude and acknowledgment

21 21 Structure What do we mean by “Structure”?

22 22 Role(s) of Volunteer Manager Sales Councilor Supervisor Energizer Planner Interface Tactician Trainer

23 23 Engaging Your Community  Attraction Factor  Competition  Branding  Collaboration

24 24 Segmenting Volunteers WWII1928-1945 Boomers #11946-1954 Boomers #21955-1965 Gen X’ers1965-1980 Millennials(Gen Y)1981-2010

25 25 Systems What are the tasks that take up most of your time? Maintaining accurate contact information Assessing your volunteers skills and motivation Scheduling, rescheduling (last minute cancellations) Training, orienting Supervising Retention / Appreciation / Acknowledgment

26 26 Tools: Personal Development

27 27 Tools: Personal Development

28 28 Tools: Personal Development greater carrying capacity more space more compassion for yourself more compassion for others * Ho’oponopono may be the most valuable tool in your interpersonal communication skills tool kit.

29 29 Social Media Twitter LinkedIn Facebook

30 30 Social Media Facebook The most effective way to engage the volunteer community in 2010 (which also considers “cost”) is developing a social media presence and getting to know your community through this globally interconnected multimedia platform.

31 31 Facebook: Personal

32 32 Facebook: Organization

33 33 Facebook: Wall

34 34 BREAK 10 minutes Next up: System Tools

35 35 Tools: Database Research Andar Web-Based Volunteer Management, from HelixHelix Count Me InCount Me In (for sports league volunteers) CiviCore Volunteer Management CiviCRMCiviCRM, open source and freely downloadable DonorProDonorPro, by TowerCare Technologies ebaseebase, free single-user download eteambuilder FundRaiser Select and FundRaiser ProfessionalFundRaiser Select and FundRaiser Professional, now a part of BlackbaudBlackbaud GiftMaker Pro Volunteer Module/Campagne Associates GiftsFriends&Time Giftworks – integrated donor and volunteer database Golden Futures Foundation 501(c)3 Homeworks, by CernerCerner Income Manager v.5.1 MetrixMetrix (free -- uses MS Access) OrgAction Online Volunteer Database Raiser's EdgeRaiser's Edge by Blackbaud ROVIR, the Retriever of Volunteer Information and Reporting Samaritan Technologies (eCoordinator) ShiftBoard Son of Service (SOS) (free) Tapestry, by VisionLink Tools for Organizations/Habitat Scheduling The Registration System (TRS), developed by Simply Hospitality V-Base, Developed by do-it and YouthNet UK (United Kingdom) V2/Volunteer2/Volunteer SquaredV2/Volunteer2/Volunteer Squared*** VolCentre Volgistics, Red Ridge Software Voltrax Volunteer Coordinator/Infosoft Volunteer Event Management (VEM) from Volunteer Solutions Volunteer Management System (VMS), a free MS Access database by Wright Information Technology Solutions Volunteer Reporter (formerly RSVP Reporter) Volunteer Works, Red Ridge Software Vol - Track VSys One When to Help

36 36 Tools: Volunteer Impact Volunteer Profiles Find Volunteers Create Activities Activity Profiles Scheduling Communicating Tracking Hours Reporting

37 37 Admin: Contact

38 38 User: Contact

39 39 Admin: Qualifications

40 40 User: Qualifications

41 41 Admin: Custom Fields

42 42 User: Custom Fields

43 43 Admin: Committees

44 44 Admin: Interests & Availability

45 45 User: Interests & Availability

46 46 Admin: Schedule

47 47 User: Schedule

48 48 Admin: Exporting Data

49 49 Measure & Report on Activities PDF - best for printing to emailing to others Excel - handy for combining with other data or doing additional data analysis MHTML - for publishing text and graphics together in a web page format JPG - for cropping out graphs for use in your website TIFF - for creating an image for use in print materials

50 50 Measure & Report on Activities Create lists of volunteers according to; Interests Assignments Qualifications Custom fields Dates on the schedule Number of hours worked, or Any combination of the above

51 51 Find A Volunteer

52 52 Find A Volunteer- by qualifications

53 53 Find A Volunteer- result

54 54 Create Activities

55 55 Create Activities-dates

56 56 Create Activities- Regular Schedule

57 57 Create Activities- Volunteer View

58 58 Manage Activity Profiles

59 59 Manage Activity Profiles

60 60 Manage Activity Profiles

61 61 Manage Activity Profiles

62 62 Manual Scheduling

63 63 Art of Volunteering-Register Now

64 64 Channels of Communication Website Volunteer Page with links to; Registration System Newsletter Sign-Up Facebook Page Scheduling System Online Orientation Media (Training Videos) Registration System ( eNewsletter Facebook Scheduling System Orientation Media Volunteer Program Mission Statement

65 65 Have You Hugged Your… Webmaster you’ll need to update website content Copy writer you’ll need approved content in context with organization’s mission for use in eNewsletters and other web based campaigns Graphic Designer you’ll need maps to identify parking, volunteer check in, etc. Videographer this is the best way to clone yourself IT Manager they keep you connected Volunteer Management Consultant you’ll need encouragement, inspiration and training Keep communications fresh, timely, informative, effective, compelling and engaging.

66 66 Retention  If volunteer recognition begins when volunteers first come on board…  If you use social media as a means of getting to know your volunteers…  If your volunteer program is effective in communicating your organization’s needs and matches them with volunteer skills and interests…  If volunteers are empowered to manage their own profiles and schedule themselves…  If your team members respects your varied roles and support you in your mission…  If your organization continues to provide an essential community service… You will not have a problem with retention.

67 67 Quick Wrap-Up  List your  Major Take-Away’s  Calls to Action  Apply for a capacity building grant through Hawaii Community Foundation and fund expansion of your volunteer program and implementation of an internet communications plan that includes;  eNewsletter campaign  Social Media  Online Volunteer Management database system  Training videos

68 68 Test Your Knowledge  Our funder (and we!) want to know how effective this workshop was for you.  This 5-minute Post-Workshop Quiz helps us gauge your progress and our success. Mahalo.

69 69 Help Us Serve You Better! Please take 5 more minutes to complete the Workshop Evaluation so that we can improve this and future offerings Mahalo.

70 70 More Free Workshops on Maui! 11-16-10Financial Literacy & Bookkeeping 12-07-10Strategic Planning 01-11-11Board Development Training 02-22-11Legal & Insurance Issues 03-08-11Fundraising & Development Upcoming Fundamental Five+ workshops

71 71 Mahalo For More Information or to Register for an Upcoming Workshop Leslie Mullens (808) 875-0500 Fundamental Five+ Nonprofit Capacity Training Series

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