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Remember Rebuild Rejoice Workforce & Economic Development in Joplin’s Tornado Recovery.

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1 Remember Rebuild Rejoice Workforce & Economic Development in Joplin’s Tornado Recovery

2  Integrated Workforce & Eco Devo partnerships  Projects implemented  Lessons learned  Crisis communications  Aligning disaster recovery with longer-term workforce priorities Today’s Agenda

3 The greatest danger in times of turbulence is not the turbulence; it is to act with yesterday’s logic. Peter Drucker Joplin Recovery

4 This generation’s deadliest tornado ¼ to 1-mile wide, 14 miles long 161 killed 7,000 residential structures 600 businesses 1,500 jobs lost; 5,000 jobs affected May 22, 2011 in Joplin


6 WIB managed as an economic development organization Eco devo integrated into business services, WIB funding, leadership capacity, etc. Partnerships already in place help speed up workforce system’s disaster response WIB’s eco devo integration recognized nationally by IEDC, DOL, etc. E.D. Background

7 Affected employers tracked by Business Retention Coordinator at Joplin Chamber of Commerce Utility outages, traffic, and safety challenges at one-stop center Rapid Response approach – get to the victims directly Crisis communications Responsiveness

8 Use of mobile units and relief centers Help from neighboring WIBs Outreach for disaster-specific UI Initial intake in anticipation of NEG Responsiveness

9 National Emergency Grant Recovery for Joplin tornado and flooding in other Missouri counties Started at $5.8 and grew to $30+ million Branded statewide as Missouri Disaster Recovery Jobs Program The N.E.G.

10 Peaked over 1,400 jobs at 22 worksites in Joplin and Duquesne Debris removal positions Humanitarian positions in several local non- profits, municipal agencies, and faith-based groups Private property NEG provisions new to Missouri; Right of Entry process DRJP Overview

11 22 worksites in Joplin and Duquesne 780 debris removal positions 200 humanitarian positions in several local non-profits, municipal agencies, and faith- based groups Total orientations: 2,257 Total enrolled in NEG: 1,090 Customers exited: 763 DRJP Volume

12 Private property NEG provisions new to Missouri; Right of Entry process Extensive screening process different than typical workforce programs Physical safety profiles Extra safety training Drug screening Background screening Employer of Record DRJP Overview

13 MO well-versed in flood NEGs, but tornado of this magnitude more like hurricane NEG Applying standard fiscal and program rules in a disaster scenario, subjective views Shifts, re-shifts, and interpretations of policies hindered implementation and monitoring Balancing intense political pressures at all levels vs. realities in startup and continuity Work comp in tornado environment Emotional trauma and long-term effects on staff Challenges

14 National Guard logistical and safety support WIBs should have a Disaster Preparedness Plan: Updated contact info for local, county, and state officials; refresh it annually Partnerships should already be in place Backups for local operations; contingencies for capacities like facilities, communications, etc. Scenarios for immediate responsiveness, customer outreach and NEG intake Applying stand-in costs for gray areas Explore digital imaging system for WIA files Lessons Learned

15 80% of DRJP workers tested for National Career Readiness Credential Specialized job fairs and training programs for second phase of NEG Debris removal/clean up jobs through December 2012 Consistent demand for humanitarian jobs through March 2013 On-boarding new NEG workers due to six-month work limit with DRJP Going Deeper

16 WIB’s social media strategy launched two months prior to tornado Social media responsiveness and volume in disaster response and recovery WIB’s disaster recovery messaging in vast landscape of disaster communications Joplin tornado best practices and lessons learned published in University Extension disaster guide for social media Social Media

17 Clearinghouse for information Connects the dots between needs & resources Always reference the “official source” of news and/or resources Speed of “timeline” may require frequent re-posts of critical information It’s a crisis, not a content, don’t be afraid to borrow and give credit elsewhere Set up the social web presence ahead of the disaster so it deploys quickly Social Media Tips

18 Official word of disaster occurrence as official resource in searching for loved ones First word of triage centers and shelters Evacuation details Ask for reports and photos (videos) Emergent needs Volunteer status – whether volunteers are allowed, where needed, etc. Promote link-sharing to spread the word Post disclaimers on a regular basis Frequently-updated list of needs Priority Content

19 Alignment of disaster recovery projects with long-term workforce priorities Hard re-boot of eco devo strategies Recovery vs. long-term strategies Industry sector shifts; gains in construction Master-planned, mixed-use communities within Joplin Replacing destroyed school buildings with nation’s most innovative HS, tech center, and other facilities Joplin’s performance compared to other disaster zones across the nation Leveraging goodwill for Joplin’s growth Opportunities

20 Re-engineering the WIB’s Work-Based Learning programs and On-the-Job training More volume for National Career Readiness Credential New channels to prove success to stakeholders and elected officials Opportunities

21 Citizen led planning group for Joplin recovery plan Covers economic development, schools, community facilities, housing, infrastructure, and environmental issues Aligns workforce tools and strategies with recovery resources Certified Work Ready Communities Soft skill training Joplin C.A.R.T.

22 Grew out of Bright Futures program at Joplin School District Mission: remove physical, mental, and emotional barriers for vulnerable families and community members struggling to recovery Resource and volunteer match-making Emerging efforts in housing reconstruction Grant administration for Community Reinvestment Act resources from banks, federal grants, loans, etc. Rebuild Joplin

23 Highest one-year recovery rate nationally for unemployment Positive roles in disaster recovery Experience to pay it forward in other disaster areas Refined WIB strategies and techniques Jasper County 1 st nationally- certified Work Ready Community Successes

24 Build the partnerships with economic development and emergency management agencies Plan ahead for your worst-case scenarios Disaster Preparedness Official Agency Plan Contacts verified and updated annually Operations backups Various NEG scenarios Connect (or build) the social networks Summary Takeaways

25 Jasen Jones Executive Director Southwest Missouri WIB 417-206-1717 Ext. 106

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