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GREETINGS from HaCoBACare Ministries Within the Community of the Hamilton County Baptist Association.

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1 GREETINGS from HaCoBACare Ministries Within the Community of the Hamilton County Baptist Association

2 From Whence the Name? HaCoBA HaCoBA is an acronym taken from Hamilton County Baptist Association. CARE The word CARE is attached and reflects attentive assistance and/or treatment to those in need. Ministries Ministries signifies attention to the wants and needs of others and represents a multiplicity of services. HaCoBACare Ministries Hence the name HaCoBACare Ministries

3 The HaCoBACare Ministries Logo is designed for definitive recognition The fish symbol has been used to identify with the Christian faith since the First Century A.D. The small cross infers the only way to spiritual peace and eternal security is through Jesus Christ. “Sustenance for Body and Soul” relates to the physical needs of the temporal body and the spiritual needs of the immortal soul.

4 Ministry Categories Food CANNED GOODS OF ALL SORTS canned fruit green beans corn leaf veggies soup pork &beans dried milk lunch meat salmon sardines carrots apple sauce sausages pineapple Cans not to exceed 16 ounces) mixed veggies

5 Ministry Categories Health Education, including English as a Second Language Job Placement

6 Ministry Categories Outer Clothing and Shoes Toys Christmas bags for children School supplies

7 Ministry Categories Household Items Christian Witness Other ministries are anticipated for the future

8 Rejoice Evermore! From inception in year 2000 through September 2005 HaCoBACare Ministries has : *Given food to 47,331 people *Led 2,217 to a saving knowledge of our Lord *Guided 873 to rededicate their life to Jesus

9 But let the righteous be glad, let them rejoice before God; yea, let them exceedingly rejoice. - Psalm 68:13

10 Finances Hamilton County Baptist AssociationSolicitation is confined to the Hamilton County Baptist Association. AssociationFree will gifts are accepted from sources outside of the Association. Evangelism/Missions Strategies GroupLimited annual support is received from the Evangelism/Missions Strategies Group of the Tennessee Baptist Convention. AdministratorMonies received are tended by the Administrator of the Hamilton County Baptist Association, including receipts, disbursements and financial reports.

11 Who Does the Work?

12 NOThere are NO Paid Workers! Over 100 Volunteers are on call Tuesday through Friday from 20 area churches For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them. -Ephesians 2:10

13 Consideration is Akin to Inspiration And Consider one another and Provoke unto Love and Good Works. thoughtful concern for others stir to action that God be glorified and the Gospel spread But... Heb. 10:24

14 Recognition is Akin to Encouragement Recognition is an expression of gratitude and appreciation - Consequently

15 HCBA CHURCHES ARE ENCOURAGED TO OBSERVE The first Sunday after the first day of spring as: HaCoBACare Ministries Day And on that day the activities of the ministry, including results, be acknowledged. And that the day also be used to give inclusive recognition of ALL volunteers, regardless of where they serve, who give of their talents and time in the service of our Lord administering to the various needs of mankind. Note: the term volunteers does not include church elected positions and committees.

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