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Teleconference. Agenda  Introductions  Overview of Faith in Action  Success Stories  Campaign and Curriculum Materials  Promotional Materials  Q&A.

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1 Teleconference

2 Agenda  Introductions  Overview of Faith in Action  Success Stories  Campaign and Curriculum Materials  Promotional Materials  Q&A

3 Speaker: Lynne Marian  Vice President of Outreach, Inc.  Founding Editor of Outreach Magazine  20 years of experience in church leadership and marketing

4 Speaker: Mike Owen  Director of New Initiatives at World Vision  Specializes in relationship and partnership development among denominations  Ordained pastor with over 20 years of ministry experience

5 Faith in Action Campaign Overview

6 Why Faith in Action?  A “tell me” gospel is not as effective today. Instead the un-churched are more responsive to a “show me” gospel.  Globalization has heightened awareness of needs both locally and around the world. We have a responsibility to educate and respond.  Non-Christians are looking to the church to be compassion leaders and to facilitate volunteerism.  Many churches are too comfortable and self-focused. Church leaders are looking for ways to increase spiritual passion and a heart for the lost and those in need.  Even churches who know they should do something, often don’t know where to begin.

7 What is Faith in Action?  Faith in Action is a four-week, church-wide campaign that will give your congregation members an outward focus and a heart to serve. The campaign culminates in Faith in Action Sunday where regular services are cancelled and the entire congregation engages in service projects in, and with, the community.  The Faith in Action campaign includes Sunday services, small groups, daily devotionals and service project planning resources.  A joint program from World Vision, Outreach and Zondervan

8 A Church-Wide Campaign 4-week church-wide campaign involving: – Complete campaign planning guide – Worship service planning materials including sermons, powerpoints and video illustrations – Small group videos and discussion guides – Individual daily devotionals – Service projects planned and run by the individual local church – Consistently branded in-reach and outreach materials to engage the congregation and invite the community

9 Cancel Weekend Services?!  Worship Service redefined  A tangible way to demonstrate the priority of compassion and service  Hold a celebration service on Sunday evening – Capture the excitement of the day’s events – Invite your community visitors to join you!  Newsworthy! Think of the publicity  Canceling weekend services is highly recommended, but optional  Campaign can be done anytime, but the official Faith in Action Sunday is October 28, 2007

10 A Transformational Learning Adventure  Prepare – Three weeks of small groups and daily devotion developing a heart of compassion and action.  Catch Their Attention – weekend services are cancelled!  Go Serve – Your whole congregation does community service projects  Reach Out – Invite the unchurched to come serve with you  Celebrate – Rejoice together in all God has done!

11 Faith in Action Stories

12 What Do Churches Think of FIA?

13  “This was a great opportunity for us to get the church excited about missions. People were involved all month bringing items in for the AIDS Kits, ordering shirts, and attending small group studies. The mission day was a huge success. People were so excited to be out in the community making a difference.” - River of Life United Methodist Church, FL  “It turned out wonderfully—good small group participation and good total participation. This is what the church should be about!” - Capital Area Christian Church, PA

14 What Do Churches Think of FIA? “As a result of our Faith in Action Campaign, we've had 9 new ministries start and people are excited to start more. We've attracted new people that want to be involved in a church that is outreach/service oriented, and just this past Sunday took in 7 new members. Faith in Action helped us transform from “member-oriented” to being a church interested in helping others, growing in Jesus, and building the church. We've even had someone in the community call and donate to our church because of the reputation we now have and the mailing they received.” - Sanctuary, CA

15 What Do Churches Think of FIA? “The real excitement was to see the fire ignite in the hearts of believers who stepped out of their comfort zone, many for the first time, and were changed forever. If we can walk through the streets offering love, kindness, and support that leads to healing the way Jesus did, people WILL be transformed. Faith in Action showed me a real way to achieve that.” – Calvary Community Church, WA

16 What Do Churches Think of FIA? “Here is why we would do it again—it follows the example of Jesus who demonstrated God’s love by meeting practical needs. It also helps overcome the impression that churches in general are inward focused, Sunday centered, or unfriendly. In addition, it reinforces a belief that the church is not just a place to go, but rather it is people pursuing God’s purposes in their everyday life.” – Grace Community of Wesley Chapel, FL

17 Some FIA Churches  Calvary Community Church—WA  Sanctuary—CA  Multnomah Presbyterian—OR  Capital Area Christian Church—PA  Faith Mennonite Church—KS  Santa Teresa Hills Presbyterian Church—CA  River of Life United Methodist Church—FL  National City Church of God of Prophecy—CA  First Baptist Church—TX  Grace Community of Wesley Chapel—FL  Missions Hills Church—CA  Biloxi First United Methodist Church—MS

18 FIA for Church Members “It was an amazing experience. I only hope that other churches will be able to get involved next year so we can reach even more people. Thank you!”

19 How to Implement Faith in Action

20 How Does a Church Get Started?  Churches “sign up” to participate in Faith in Action by purchasing a FIA Campaign Kit.  Churches can also request a free information kit. Visit for more information

21 Campaign Kit  Campaign Planning Guide - $49.95 – Sermon materials and videos – Resource CD – Small Group Participant’s Guide – Small Group Leader’s Guide – Small Group videos – FIA Book of Luke – FIA sample promo product toolkit – FIA t-shirt

22 Small Group Materials  Participant’s Kit – Participant’s Guide – Faith in Action Book of Luke  Leader’s Kit – Leader’s Guide – Small group session videos – Participant’s Guide – Faith in Action Book of Luke

23 FIA In-Reach Products Increase Excitement and Participation with Vertical Indoor Banners

24 FIA In-Reach Products Reinforce FIA messaging with bulletin shells

25 T-Shirts for FIA Volunteers  Catch attention in the community  Communicate that the church cares  Engage others in a spiritual conversation

26 Invite the Community to Serve with the Church! Direct Mail Postcards

27 Invite the Community to Serve  Doorhangers, mailers  Outdoor Banners

28 Questions?

29 ● 800.991.6011

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