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May2010Dr,N,J.Paul Bible studies Ten joyful situations.

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1 may2010Dr,N,J.Paul Bible studies Ten joyful situations

2 may2010Dr,N,J.Paul Bible studies What is Joy? What is the difference between Happiness, Laughter Joy Hilarious uproar

3 may2010Dr,N,J.Paul Bible studies Joy that comes from within Are you happy? That means I am not able to see it in the face. Laughter = you can even hear the noise from distance Joy= children shout and dance and go around Hilarious=roaring laughter noise and even unruly and make every one look with surprise

4 may2010Dr,N,J.Paul Bible studies Learn from children I have seen little children – toddlers clapping hands and joyful when they see small toys or dolls on the shelf.Or even when they see a small dog or pup they want to touch it and play with it. When they see colour balloons they do not which to choose but want to have all! There are ten colour balloons for you to choose now

5 may2010Dr,N,J.Paul Bible studies Three places God wants us to be happy always and even joyful In the home In the church In the society How do we find joyful situations?

6 may2010Dr,N,J.Paul Bible studies Joy in the family A home is joyful when noisy children are around. They are unmindful of what is going around but find their partners and start playing. Specially when there is family get together or a birthday party they are more interested in playing than eating

7 may2010Dr,N,J.Paul Bible studies In forgiving Gen. 43:34 When Joseph’s brothers came to Egypt and were accepted by him, he made a feast for them. The servants served five portions of food for Benjamin his own brother. Normally in a feast or celebration such things would be the cause for fights or arguments among children. But the Bible says they ate drank and were joyful. It was Joseph who should be angry with every one of them for having sold him jealousy and he had ten years of untold suffering in the prison. But it was he who organized the celebration. Do we forgive friends and relatives who harmed us and make celebration for them like children?

8 may2010Dr,N,J.Paul Bible studies Worship brings Joy of Deliverance Exodus18:9 God brought deliverance to Israelites after 430 years by the hand of Moses. The best of all not only the slavery came to an end but the first thing that happened was the WORSHIP and all the blessings of life such as manna and all provisions for life. When worship begins life takes a new turn

9 may2010Dr,N,J.Paul Bible studies Joy in (fellowship) the church Church is a collection of families. If all the families who come to worship are joyful the church should be a place of joyful gathering. But if some one is angry or jealous with some one how can we have the joy of the Lord? Do we shake hands with every one in the church including the poor?

10 may2010Dr,N,J.Paul Bible studies Joy in Sharing Deut.16:16,27:7 Joyful celebration in the church during festival. But the notable point was the poor the orphans and the widows were made happy.Do we send greetings to friends only

11 may2010Dr,N,J.Paul Bible studies I chro.15:16 joyful worship (music) David brought a great innovation in worship which even Moses did not. A silent sober worship became a joyful noisy ritual. 4000 musicians with so many musical instruments. Do we sing aloud and clap hands or stand like statues.Heaven will be a joyful noisy place

12 may2010Dr,N,J.Paul Bible studies I chro20:9,IIChro30:26 joy in giving King David collected offerings for building the temple though it was assigned to Solomon. See what the people brought and joyfully gave with all their heart. Even precious diamonds. 430 years ago the women gave even their looking glasses that was melted to make the bronze laver For washing the feet of the priests

13 may2010Dr,N,J.Paul Bible studies Ez 3:13 in church building When the slaves came back after 70 years of slavery in Babylon back to their land the first thing they did was to set up the altar and rebuild the temple The joyful noise was heard too far. Are we building altars and rebuilding churches

14 may2010Dr,N,J.Paul Bible studies Neh8:12.Ps51:8 Joy of Holy Spirit. In understanding word of God When Ezra and Nehemiah read the scriptures in pouring rain, the people wept But Ezra told them God had accepted his people and forgiven their sins and told them to go home and celebrate and be joyful.They were happy when they understood the word of God How many of us remember the joyful day of our redemption

15 may2010Dr,N,J.Paul Bible studies Joy in the society Without cordial relationship with our neighbours we cant bring the word of God to them. The story of the Good Samaritan is an example

16 may2010Dr,N,J.Paul Bible studies Lk10:20 Names in the book of life The disciples came joyfully and told Jesus how even the devils were afraid of them. But Jesus told them they should rejoice more because their names are written in the books of life Just think even great men of the world are not sure where they would spend the eternity But Jesus made the way for us

17 may2010Dr,N,J.Paul Bible studies Jn4:36, 15:11 Joy in Harvest Sowing the seed is sorrowful and surrounded by lots of fears and doubts and hopes if it would grow and bring expected yield or perish by drought But harvest is real and joyful and plenteous.Someone sowed the seed and we harvest. Do you know the fields are ready Do you doers on evangelism It is possible to be happy when everything goes on well. But Jesus made this speech When danger was in the waiting

18 may2010Dr,N,J.Paul Bible studies Acts5:41 13:52 Joy in suffering The Apostles were cast in prison and beaten for preaching about Jesus They were sent out after threatening but they went out rejoicing unmoved by others. In Iconium they were beaten to death yet they left the town rejoicing. Even in Philipi when they were in prison and in stocks they lifted up their voice and sang Can we rise to this tenth step in rejoicing

19 may2010Dr,N,J.Paul Bible studies He is coming soon Jesus is coming soon. If you enjoyed this message please send it to someone God bless you

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