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o At the end of Book 5, Aeneas’ friend Palinurus dies when he falls asleep while steering the ship and falls into the sea, just as Neptune told Venus.

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2 o At the end of Book 5, Aeneas’ friend Palinurus dies when he falls asleep while steering the ship and falls into the sea, just as Neptune told Venus. o Book six opens with the Trojans making their way to the shores of Italy. They have had a difficult journey, dealing with Dido and Aeneas’ love problems and many interferences on behalf of the gods. o They stop their ships at Cumae and Aeneas makes a sacrifice at the Temple of Apollo after Diana instructs him to. With this sacrifice, he is able to stay at the city of Latium. o The Trojans approach the Sibyl and she warns that there are many more trials to come. o After a long speech that Aeneas pleads to Sibyl, he asks her how he can gain entrance to Dis, or the underworld, so he can visit his father’s spirit, as the gods instructed him. o Sibyl tells Aeneas that he must retrieve the golden branch from the forest in order to speak with his father. She says that if the branch does break, then it is destined for him to see his father, but, if it does not than the fates will not allow it. o After much searching, he find the golden limb and breaks it. o He returns to Sibyl with the branch and she allows him passage to Dis, warning him once again that he may not return alive. o After disregarding her words, he enters into the underworld to speak with his father.

3 o He meets with the ferryman Charon, and while waiting, he spots Palinurus on the bank, not yet delivered to the Underworld. o After explaining that he cannot take people still attached to their bodies, the Sibyl shows Charon the golden branch. Satisfied, the ferryman agrees to take him across. o While moving through the levels of hell, he finds the queen Dido in the level of suicide. After becoming saddened, he speaks to her, only becoming more upset, as she took her life because of his departure and has been reunited with her late-husband, Sychaeus. o Next, After traveling through the Field of Mourning (or the level dedicated to the victims of suicide), Aeneas and the Sibyl continue moving through the Underworld. o Aeneas sees soldiers who were killed during the Trojan war in their own level of the Underworld after moving farther down into the Underworld o Past there, is a giant fortress. Aeneas asks what the fortress is for, and he is told a priestess that the king Rhadamanthus doles out the most cruel punishments to the worst sinners. o In the next level, Aeneas sees beautiful green grass of a meadow. He has entered to the level where he finds his father, Anchises. They rejoice in seeing each other. o After answering some of Aeneas' questions about the afterlife, Anchises starts to tell his son about the fate of some Trojan descendants, including the founding of Rome by Romulus and other cities that will be founded by Trojans. o Immediately, Aeneas wants to travel to Italy, now understanding the importance of his journey. He returns to the beach where his men are waiting and they continue sailing.

4  Aeneas takes his journey to the underworld.  This is the most significant event because while he is there, he sees Palinurus, Dido, and his father, all three of which further the plot of the book by giving Aeneas new information on things including his dead friends and the journey ahead of him.

5  Quote: "One thing I ask: since here is said to be the gateway of the lower king and here the marsh of overflowing Acheron, may it be granted me to go before the face and presence of my dearest father?"  Spoken By : Aeneas Spoken To : Sibyl  Importance : This quote illustrates Aeneas' respect to the gods and goddesses and his father because the gods and family are very important values that Aeneas has. It is also important because he actually does end up getting help from the gods to find his father in the underworld.  Quote: "If only the golden bough might show itself to us upon some tree in this great wood [...]"  Spoken By: Aeneas Spoken To: spoken aloud  Importance : The quote is important because right after it two doves appear which Aeneas' mother sent to help him on his journey, which is another example of the gods helping Aeneas when he is having trouble because he is goddess born.

6  Quote : "This is the land of shadows, of Sleep and drowsy Night; no living bodies can take their passage in the ship of Styx."  Spoken By : Charon Spoken To: Aeneas and Sibyl  Importance : This is another example of how Aeneas gets help from the gods, because he is still allowed passage in the ship despite being alive. It also illustrates the dark and frightening features of the underworld where Aeneas has to go.  Quote: "Listen to me: my tongue will now reveal the fame that is to come from Dardan sons and what Italian children wait for you- bright souls that are about to take your name; in them I shall unfold your fates."  Spoken By: Anchises Spoken To: Aeneas  Importance: This quote is important because it is the introduction into the long speech in which Aeneas' father foreshadows many things and reveals them directly to Aeneas, partly including his own fate.

7  Aeneas- › Protagonist › Brave- he travels into the Underworld, a place in which you are not supposed leave from. › Respectful of the Gods- from the minute Aeneas began his journey, he has sacrificed to the gods every chance he got. › Steadfast- we already know that one of Aeneas’ epithets is “Steadfast Aeneas”. This is apparent as he enter the Underworld, scared and frightened as he is, he still does it because it is what the Fates have wanted. › Values Family- Aeneas travels into the Underworld to see his dead father  Anchises- › Cares for his Son- he rejoices and gives helpful advice when Aeneas visits him › Wise- Anchises provides very useful words of wisdom for Aeneas; like how his lineage will continue in Italy

8  Sibyl- › Helpful- she was willing to take Aeneas to the Underworld once had broken the golden branch › Assertive- when Charon insulted them, she immediately showed him the golden branch for payment and did not fear him › Brave- she took Aeneas into Hell and guided him, which was not an easy feat  Dido- › Happy- Dido is now with her love and dead husband, Sychaeus. › Upsetting- she caused Aeneas to become upset after she told him that she was better off with her husband

9  Intervention: Phoebus or Apollo speaks through a Sibyl by taking her body over(oracle). Outcome: They do what the Sibyl tells them to do and he eventually goes to the land of the dead.  Intervention: Aeneas and the Sibyl meet Charon, the ferryman, who insults them. The Sibyl explains their reason for being there. Charon becomes nice to them and lets them continue because of the Sibyl’s explanation, who gives the words of Apollo.  Intervention: Venus sends doves to help Aeneas find the golden branch Outcome: Aeneas finds the branch, breaks it, and continues on his journey to see his father

10  Epithets -Pious Aeneas: Aeneas -Trojan Aeneas: Aeneas  Cataloguing - Aeneas lists several fallen soldiers when down in the Underworld  Epic Digression - In the beginning of Book VI, it starts with the story of Daedalus and King Minos, which originated in Crete  Speeches and Prayer - When Aeneas visits Lantium, where he prays and sacrifices to the god Phoebus or Apollo - Throughout the book, there are many important speeches made. Some of the characters that give them include: - Anchises - The Sibyl - Aeneas

11  “[…] His name will be Silvius, your last-born son. For late in your age Lavinia, your wife, will bear him […] and he will be a king and father kings[…]” › Anchises foreshadows that Aeneas will marry again, have children, and his last born child will become a king and father kings.  “My son, it is beneath his auspices that the famous Rome will make her boundaries as broad as earth itself[…]” › Aeneas’ father is foretelling the founding of the Roman empire and its expansion  “There is Caesar, descending from the summits of the Alps, the fortress of Monoecus and Pompey, his son-in-law, arrayed against him with the legions of the East” › Anchises predicts that when Caesar comes to power, he will attempt overthrow Pompey and Monoecus, in which a large battle will ensue.

12  “Here he built a splendid temple in your honor.” - The temple symbolizes devotion to the god, Apollo.  “No sooner was this said than from the sky twin doves descended…” - The doves are a good omen for Aeneas when he is searching for the golden bough.

13  tenacious teeth –  day and night the door of darkest Dis is open -  a whirlpool thick with sludge [...] vomits all of its swirling sand -  Grief and goading Cares have set their couches [...] pale Diseases dwell and sad Old Age, and Fear and Hunger [...] and ugly Poverty [...] and Death and Trials; Death's brother, Sleep [...] and War, whose fruits are death -

14  If you were Aeneas, and you saw Charon leaving people on the banks of the river, what would you do or say to Charon? Explain.

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