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Love is Joy The Source of Joy

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1 Love is Joy The Source of Joy
The presence of the Lord. The Holy Spirit. The Word of God. The Command to Joy Especially in trials. The righteous. The Decision for Joy Joyful lips. When there is tribulation. The Reasons for Joy The Book of Life. Prayer fruit. Revival. The Results of Joy Strength. Walking in the Light. Riches of liberality.

2 Love is Joy If you have the love of God, you will also have His joy. Love is the environment in which joy IS cultivated and nurtured.‘ Where there is hate, anger and strife there is tension, misery and depression - there is no joy in this environment. The natural result of an atmosphere of love is joy and rejoicing - they are a spontaneous reaction.

3 Love is Joy The Source of Joy
The Living God is the source of our joy. Joy springs from the Lord God - He is the One who causes us to have joy and to rejoice. Joy has been defined as ... A lively emotion of gladness and delight - or that which causes gladness, or the manifestation of gladness

4 Love is Joy God the Father, the Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit are our exceeding joy. Not just joy, but exceeding joy. In other words God is the joy that goes beyond normal standards. The Greek for exceeding is 'huperballo' - which means to throw beyond or to exaggerate, excel or surpass. That means that God is our overdone and exaggerated joy.

5 The Presence of the Lord
Love is Joy The Presence of the Lord Joy wells up when we abide in the presence of our Father. This is the place where joy is obtained. When we are abundantly provided for there is rejoicing, gladness and relief - how much more when the Lord is with us and in us and for us.

6 Love is Joy The Holy Spirit
Jesus said that out of our bellies would flow rivers of living water. This is the stream that makes glad and fills us with joy. The Power of the Spirit Romans 15:13 “Now the God of hope FILL YOU WITH ALL JOY... through ...the power of the Holy Spirit”.

7 Love is Joy The Word of God
The Word of God is the source of fullness of joy. My Joy Jesus said that His joy would become our joy in the words that He spoke. God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit are filled with joy. The Kingdom of Heaven is filled with this Divine atmosphere of joy and rejoicing, continually.

8 Love is Joy The Kingdom of God The Command to Joy
Romans “The Kingdom of God is not meat and drink; but righteousness and peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit. (KJV)”. The Command to Joy 'Rejoice' is the expression of joy - it is the outward overflow of the abundance of the heart. If you have exceeding joy it. We are commanded to rejoice and be joyful will be seen in your words and actions. In the Old Testament if you approached a king with a downcast expression you were put to death for insulting him. A downcast, depressed look on our faces, and negative, defeated words and actions are an insult to the King of kings. Such actions declare that the Lord is not God and that He is the source of trouble and calamity in your life - and therefore there is no deliverance or remedy for you! We need to approach the King of kings with thanksgiving and joy and let it flow out of our hearts as a lifestyle. We need to show the world that we are free and have exceeding great joy.

9 Love is Joy Especially in Trials
When you are hated, unwanted, reproached, and when our names are thrown out as evil Leap for joy! Do yourself this favour. God is your defender - this is the reason for joy. The Righteous Those who are born again by faith in the Lord Jesus Christ have been declared righteous - the righteous must exceedingly rejoice.

10 Love is Joy The Decision for Joy
Here we see Hannah declaring her intention to be joyful in the prospect of dedicating Samuel to the Lord. Joy is a Decision When we were born again we became the dwelling place of God - the residence of joy. The expression of joy is a decision where we must allow the joy of the Lord to flow out

11 Love is Joy Joyful Lips If your heart is joyful, your lips will be joyful. If your joy cannot be heard then you are not full of joy. When all is well, it is an easy decision to rejoice, but when all is not well, this is when we must set our will to live in joy. This is when joy wants to burst forth the most even though your flesh is unwilling. Ask your heart in hard times what it wants to do. Its spontaneous reaction is to rejoice with laughter which the head wants to quench. We are called to the liberty of joy. Joy is an expression of liberty and freedom of spirit. It is a declaration that nothing can box us in or bind us. When we do this we develop our faith and we mature in character. The result was that their inner liberty manifested in the flesh and released them from the chains and the prison, and the jailor accepted Christ as Lord.

12 Love is Joy The Reasons for Joy Psalm 16:5-9 “The Lord is the portion of mine inheritance and of my cup: Thou maintainest my lot. The lines have fallen unto me in pleasant places: Yes, I have a goodly inheritance ... therefore my heart is glad and rejoiceth. (KJV)”.

13 Love is Joy The Book of Life Prayer Fruit
Luke 10: “But rather rejoice, because YOUR NAMES ARE WRITTEN IN HEAVEN. (KJV)”. Prayer Fruit God wants to give us what we ask so that we may have an abundance of joy. Therefore we must ask in His Name and not according to our desires.

14 Love is Joy Revival The reason for joy here was that Philip had come to Samaria and preached the Gospel with mighty signs and wonders which resulted in a revival. The Results of Joy Joy is a force of the spirit - it is a force that wells up from within and does something.

15 Love is Joy Strength Inner strength and might are released through joy. This is why we are commanded to rejoice: because the Lord knows that when there is joy, strength comes, especially when there is warfare and battle. Walking in the Light Countenance means face and the implication is that joy causes the Lord to turn His face towards you and give you His favour and support. Those who know the joyful sound walk in the light of God's favour and power.

16 Love is Joy Riches of Liberality Joylessness produces tight-fistedness, fear and doubt. These people were walking in poverty, yet the abundance of their joy produced a liberal, giving attitude. Liberality produces Riches Liberality is freedom to give. Joy produces this attitude.

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