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‘Come and see…..’ John 1, 39. Justice and Peace, Mission Beyond the Year of Faith Scripture and Mission The following presentation was compiled and presented.

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1 ‘Come and see…..’ John 1, 39

2 Justice and Peace, Mission Beyond the Year of Faith Scripture and Mission The following presentation was compiled and presented by Srs. Alberta Forson fmm and Marie Therese Chambers fmm at the Autumn assembly for Justice and Peace organised by the dioceses of Westminster, Southwark and Brentwood. ‘ ‘’

3 ‘ The whole world is my mission’ Blessed Mary of the Passion A reflective consideration of what we would find to- day if we answered that call to ‘Come and See…..’ In our particular context as Franciscan Missionaries of Mary an international Missionary Congregation Still searching in 2013 for our Foundress’ Beautiful Trinity ‘The charity of truth and the truth of charity……’

4 The context 6,966 sisters representing 80 nationalities in 76 countries throughout the 5 continents. Ready to go anywhere to announce the Good News of Salvation, with a preference for the poorest. No specific specialised ministries. Beyond the demographics….. At the General Chapter in 2014 we will be represented by leaders and delegates from within each Province. This is now the multi cultural, global reality of Mission To-day in the Church.

5 The following slides illustrate to-days missionary challenges in two or three communities …..

6 In the to-day of every day …. Ancient City of Aleppo

7 The sisters in community there wrote recently : ‘In Aleppo we have rearranged our quarters to offer a welcome to all, meeting the needs of the present situation. In reply to the growing needs that this armed conflict ravaging the city has generated. We collaborate with the Jesuit Refugee Services where in a local centre one hot meal a day is served to 16,000 refugees’.

8 Meet Sr. Therese K. fmm Sr. Therese is from Syria now missioned in Russia. While on home leave in Damascus she tried to get into Aleppo to help our sisters in community there. ‘When the assault from the Syrian army was over, we entered villages held by the ‘almousalhin’, they motioned us to crouch down and cover our heads ……..

9 Another day in Dubie Congo

10 We can hear the sounds of war in the distance …… ‘In the morning we found a very large number of people in our Convent Compound looking for a place of safety since the Mayi Mayi rebels were coming to the area…. Workmen wanting to hide their tools, women and children terrified of the awful consequences of being captured …. Thankfully we are here for the people …..

11 Franciscans Together FMM/ OFM Community in Cold Ash Centre Berkshire Sharing the message of St. Francis with young people

12 Be the faithful messengers of truth in all your journeys Mary of the Passion What the apostles saw when they answered Jesus invitation to ‘Come and See’ ‘It is not sufficient to assist the victims under the wheel we are required to block the spokes in order to stop the wheel’ Deitrich Bonhoeffer

13 The woman who made Jesus change his mind ! Matt:15,21-28 This woman’s great faith forced Jesus to change his attitude towards her. Missionary encounters are a call to conversion

14 Just watch the following slides in quiet …. Be aware of what is happening as you encounter these people ……



17 The First Mission Sendings …. Luke: 10,1-20 ‘Do not rejoice that the spirits submit to you rejoice instead that your names are written in heaven.’

18 Pope Francis speaking in Brazil reminded us that there are no boundaries to Christ’s call…. He sends us to absolutely everyone …..

19 The Great Commission Mark 16, 14-18 Lastly he showed himself to the eleven themselves while they were at table …… ‘These are the signs that will be associated with believers ……. Signs of healing …NOT signs of power Read this passage carefully, note how this sending is ‘while they were at table….A Eucharistic sending …..

20 While they were at table …….. ‘It is through the mystery of the Eucharist that humanity is divinised’ Mary of the Passion

21 The Bread of Life John 6, 48-58 ‘the bread that I shall give is my flesh for the life of the world….’ Matt 25: 31-46 ‘Lord when did we see you… in so far as you did it to one of these you did it to me’ …

22 Take time to gaze on the following icon of Jesus as he parts the barbed wire ….. What is happening….. Is he pushing the wires apart to see out from prison…… Or Pushing them apart to gaze in at us in our prisons ….


24 Do not cling to me John: 20,17 ‘Go tell my brothers I have risen…..

25 The trump card !! “With the shrewedness of the Gospel, we, as religious congregations, are called to become aware of our advantage and our experience as one of the first global players in human history and to use it as a trump card: using the international networks both within our congregation and also in cooperation with other congregations, to build relationships with all those who struggle for the humanisation of the planet”. From the article ‘ by Sr. Martha Zeichmeister CJ ‘The Authority of Those who suffer

26 Finally back to the shore on one of the days after the Resurrection Somewhere along the shore there is a charcoal fire, freshly caught fish is cooking …. The breakfast is ready ….. Come and eat ….. Only one question Do you love me ? Feed my sheep …. John: 21, 17


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