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Key Points: From plot to theme

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1 Key Points: From plot to theme
Beowulf Analysis Key Points: From plot to theme

2 Plot Analysis With a partner, reflect on each of these parts of the chart. Be ready to discuss in 12 minutes. Protagonist: Antagonist: Complications: those events that create conflict Crisis: moments of high tension Climax: moment of highest tension and the turning point of entire poem Resolution: the answer or solution to the conflict

3 Climax / Turning Point of Beowulf
Why could this be considered the turning point? “Quickly the dragon came at him, encouraged/ As Beowulf fell back; its breath flared,/And he suffered, wrapped around in swirling flames—a king before, but now a beaten warrior.”

4 Conflict GOOD VS EVIL Who: Who: What / Where: What / Where:

5 Beowulf’s Failure: Reasons
What do you think are the reasons for Beowulf’s failure? 1) 2) 3)

6 What role did greed play?

7 How significant was the role of loyalty?
Loyalty, bravery and altruistic behavior all helped to create the Anglo-Saxon society; without it…


9 Dragons and Treasure: How do they connect?
Dragons (serpents) were symbolic of evil Treasure was symbolic of damnation

10 Once greed entered Beowulf’s kingdom, Beowulf’s people were spiritually damned. By turning away from ethical behavior, they doomed their society.

11 Subject to Theme Subjects are 1 or 2 words: love, youth, jealousy, etc. Themes answer this question: What does the author have to say ABOUT the subject? For example: In Othello, William Shakespeare tells us that distrust and jealousy destroys all relationships.

12 Themes are… Universal in nature A complete sentence
Romeo and Juliet demonstrate that youthful impetuousness can be very dangerous. Jay Gatsby shows that the desire to recapture one’s past is rarely successful.

13 THEMES FOR BEOWULF Subject: Loyalty Theme: Beowulf proves that without LOYALTY, all relationships eventually collapse. Subject: Greed Theme: Subject: Bravery With a partner, write a theme statement for greed and bravery. Keep in mind the requirements of a theme statement.

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