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Spike Island of Legends Book 4 of Unwanteds.

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1 Spike Island of Legends Book 4 of Unwanteds

2 SPOILER ALERT HUGE Spoilers will be released in this R&E. If you are interested in or are currently reading the series, it may be smart to simply plug your ears and look away. Yes, you may do it now. … If you are still listening, then enjoy my presentation!

3 Summary At the beginning of the book Aaron is escaping Artimé. He ends up going to the land of Mr. Today’s magical creatures. He then recruits allies there, as they think he is Alex. Meanwhile, Alex embarks with some of his friends to rescue Sky’s Mother, Copper. After the rescue, Alex finds Spike Furious, a whale he had created. They land on the Island of Legends. They stay there for a while until they leave, going towards a mysterious spot on the map. This is the edge of the world. They receive a distress call from Ms. Morning, who is at Artimé. Aaron brings Panther, a violent creature, to Artimé intending to scare them. However, his Secretary Eva Fathom, who was a spy, died saving Artimé from Panther.

4 Fortune Cookie Messages
Alex Stowe – “It is harder to admit you are wrong than to be right” This is for Alex because he is disappointed when Spike runs away. Aaron Stowe- “Greed can mislead one with the purest of heart. Greed can destroy someone who’s heart is gone” This is for Aaron because greed causes him to befriend dangerous unreliable animals just to take Artimé.

5 to the Author Dear Lisa McMann, I have been reading your Unwanteds series and I have a few questions for you. My first is what book you read a lot as a child. Was it similar to yours or was it completely different. Next, I want to ask you if you are planning on continuing the Unwanteds series with a sequel or are you going to make a completely unrelated series. Lastly, do you plan on having your books being made into movies, or are you going to keep them as books. Thank you for your time, Jack Michelini, 6th Grader


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