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Dharma Drum English Dharma Class Thursday October 13 th, 2011 Transformation of Suffering.

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1 Dharma Drum English Dharma Class Thursday October 13 th, 2011 Transformation of Suffering

2 The Truth of Suffering The Buddha taught two things Suffering and the Cessation of Suffering “Wanting things to be other than they are.” Four kinds of suffering Pain of life Being separated from what we love Being forced to be with what we dislike Change of body, mind, and conditions

3 Why is Suffering a Problem? Ignorance – not seeing clearly misunderstand experience greed, hatred, delusion Reborn in samsara again and again Buddha as the Great Physician Great Doctor 醫生 Shakyamuni Buddha addressed the “problem” of suffering Pain is just sensation, suffering is a choice The Wheel of Life

4 Four Noble Truths 四諦 Diagnosis 診斷, Prognosis 預後, and Prescription 處方 – Illness – Medicine – Cure 1.Truth of Suffering 苦諦 2.Cause of Suffering 集諦 3.Cessation of Suffering 滅諦 4.The Path to the Cessation of Suffering 道諦

5 Why are the Truths “Noble”? Noble 高尚 – showing “high” character; lofty The Four Noble Truths en-noble us: – They help make us Noble People by helping us face our lives with wisdom, courage, and strength.

6 The Truth of Suffering - 苦諦 The inability to make ourselves happy Three Marks of Existence 三法印 – Impermanence 無常 nothing stays the same – Suffering 苦 unsatisfactory – Non-self 無我 no real control – (Nirvana is peaceful 寂靜 ) Not seeing suffering distorts our perception of our lives

7 The Cause of Suffering – 苦集 聖嚴師父 – Three Causes of Suffering 1.Beginningless Ignorance There is no beginning (unlike “original sin” 原罪 ) 2.Cause and Consequence Cycle of Vexations 煩惱 Defilements, afflictions, mental disturbances That which gets in the way The results of our acting upon our greed, hatred, delusion 3.Vexations that arise from our environment, relationships, and emotional turmoil greed, anger, ignorance, arrogance, or doubt

8 The basic cause Attaching to vexations believing in them Vexations “color” our minds Clothes are dyed with color Or take on the smells around them Therefore, transforming our vexations eliminates suffering

9 Truth of Cessation – 滅諦 It is possible to be free from suffering. Nirvana 涅槃 滅 – Cessation 煩惱 解脫 – Liberation 無為 – the Unconditioned, Unborn, Unformed, Unmade Like a flame going out Released – where does the flame go ?

10 Truth of the Way – 道諦 Noble Eightfold Path - 八正道 Right View/Understanding – 正見 Right Intention/Thoughts – 正思惟 Right Speech – 正語 Right Action – 正業 Right Livelihood – 正命 Right Effort – 正精進 Right Mindfulness – 正念 Right Concentration – 正定 “Right” means: Correct Skillful  In accordance with the Dharma. Seeing the Law of Karma Thoughts of Kindness, generosity, Letting go. Truth, kindness, consideration for others Living an ethical life Not earning a living through harming others Reduce our vexations, increase our goodness Paying attention to what we are doing, saying, and thinking Meditating to realize the Truth

11 The Three Refuges 三歸依 The importance of refuge Three Treasures – 三寶 歸依處處求 求之遍十方 究竟歸依處 三寶最吉祥 People seek refuge everywhere, Seeking refuge in all the ten directions, Finally realize that the ultimate place of refuge Is to be found in the most auspicious Three Treasures.

12 The Refuge of the Buddha Refuge in his Awakening Refuge in his Teaching Refuge in his Action Faith in the Buddha confidence

13 Hearing, studying, and contemplating Four Noble Truths Refraining from suffering Training our minds  There is always something we can do The Refuge of the Dharma

14 The Refuge of the Sangha “Good spiritual friends” Teachers Fellow practitioners All beings

15 Five Causes of Mental Disturbance Greed Anger Arrogance Despair Doubt The Great Bodhisattvas are free of these Five Causes. Their statues show us what this looks like.

16 Two Methods of Healing the Mind Recitation of the Buddha’s Name Meditation

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