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Chapter 51 The Millennium Years: Society and Culture in the Later 20th Century.

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1 Chapter 51 The Millennium Years: Society and Culture in the Later 20th Century

2 We the People: Who and Where Great population growth since mid-1960s Decline of heavy industry and rustbelt People moving south Growth of sunbelt hurt Democratic party Rise of Republican conservatism and religious right Population shift has also shifted representation in House and electoral college

3 Newcomers Immigrants Ethnic discrimination ends in immigration, 1965 Huge influx of immigrants, especially from Asia Cubanoamericanos Many illegal immigrants, especially from Mexico Americans worry about “Americanizing” immigrants Waning racism

4 The Most Religious Country Most Americans claim to be religious Catholicism Largest denomination but declining 1960s cultural changes Sex scandals Mainstream Protestantism declined Fundamentalism growing especially Southern Baptists Pentacostals fastest growing Faith healing Speaking in tongues Religious right Jerry Falwell founded political movement Moral Majority Opposed rising divorce, feminism, and sexual revolution Arm of Republican party and helped elect Reagan Television political ministers like Pat Robertson

5 Oh Brave New Age Cults & Gurus Transcendental Meditation Moon Unification Church Some cults involve criminal acts Some cults business ventures Family of Love by David Burg Deprogrammers Hare Krishnas Baghwan Shree Rajneesh Moon’s Unification Church

6 Oh Brave New Age Oh Brave New Age (cont.’d) New Age Middle class embraces New Age Roots in 1960s counterculture New Age products create huge market Alternative lifestyle New Age emphasizes spiritually New Age rejects tradition, seeks alternatives Alternative medicine, literature New Age shapes American culture

7 Cyberamerica Home computer changed society Computers come from World War II Eniac by IBM Computers come home Apple Microsoft and Bill Gates Internet Internet companies drive stocks up Bust comes in 2000 Shopping online skyrockets

8 Business Culture Age of Greed began in 1980 Reagan slashed taxes Reduced regulations Greed seen as good Business owners ripped off stockholders Incompetence rewarded with bonuses Academic leaders also profited

9 Discussion Questions How has the changing population of the nation changed politics? Why did many turn to alternative religions and lifestyles? What caused the growth of the religious right? What has been their impact? Explain the impact of the computer and internet on American society.

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