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The Ten Worlds LA Beach Cities Region.

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1 The Ten Worlds LA Beach Cities Region

2 The Ten Worlds Hell Hunger Animality Anger / Arrogance Tranquility
Rapture Learning / Reflection Absorption / Realization Bodhisattva Buddhahood

3 1. Hell A State of abject misery. In this condition one feels continuous torment and anguish. One feels trapped and powerless as if in a prison.

4 2. Hunger: insatiable desire It is characterized by greed
2. Hunger: insatiable desire It is characterized by greed. Desires dominate one’s life. Characterized by selfish greed which leads to destruction as evidenced by pollution

5 3. Animality: a life on instinct Where on follows their instinct without thought our reason. The law of the jungle, the strong prey on the weak and the weak fear the strong.

6 4. Anger: world of conflict A person dominated by ego
4. Anger: world of conflict A person dominated by ego. He or she thinks he is better, and knows better, than everyone else, and works exclusively for his own benefit.

7 5. Tranquility: human being One controls his instinctive desires with reason. This the humane, calm and reasonable state of mind in which one is at peace with himself and others.

8 6. Rapture: overwhelming joy Sometimes called heaven, is the exhilaration experienced through the satisfaction of a desire.

9 7. Learning: Self reflection In this state one has an open mind and applies oneself to self-development through learning from others, and gains wisdom through self-reflection

10 8. Absorption: realization Similar to learning
8. Absorption: realization Similar to learning. However, rather than learning from others one gains insight and wisdom from introspection and intuition.

11 9. Bodhisattva: caring for others One experiences this state when devoted to helping others. The great compassion of the state of bodhisattva is in the most caring nurses, doctors and teachers who are dedicated to the welfare of others even at the expense of their own comfort.

12 10. Buddhahood Buddhahood is a dynamic state that is difficult to describe. We can partially describe it as a state of perfect freedom, in which we are enlightened to the ultimate truth of life. It is characterized by infinite compassion and boundless wisdom. In this state, we can resolve harmoniously what appear from the standpoint of the nine worlds to be insoluble contradictions. A Buddhist sutra describes the attributes of the Buddha’s life as a true self, perfect freedom from karmic bonds throughout eternity, a life purified of illusion, and absolute happiness. Also, the state of Buddhahood is physically expressed in the Bodhisattva Way or actions of a Bodhisattva.

13 The Ten Worlds The ten worlds depict the basic states of life and the mutual possession of the ten worlds show that no matter what state of base state of life we are in; it is still possible to manifest the state of Buddhahood.

14 The Ten Worlds Manifesting Buddhahood depends on;
The effectiveness of the teaching (Nichiren’s Buddhism) and the practice. The body of believers (SGI organization) to support each believer in the journey. A mentor to show the correct way to use the practice in the modern world and be an example of its potential and possibilities. The sincerity of the believers consistent efforts.

15 The Ten Worlds The Ten worlds explain the human condition.
That our life condition changes from moment to moment. The changes are based on both internal and external factors. External events and occurrences in our environment. Internal relationships inside our life and how we interpret and react to the outside world. Simply explains everyone has potential for great good or bad. In other words ones life state is based on ones own efforts, moment to moment, day to day, year to year. Challenging and over coming our fundamental negative tendencies are the core essence of Nichiren’s Buddhism.

16 The Ten Worlds Encourages self determination and development
Encourages people to seek the teachings and their own potential as the inspiration and guiding points of their personal development. Encourages a mutually self determined (with fellow friends/believers) environment. Discourages codependence and reliance on others to be the givers of this potential. Developing “fighting” happiness spirit.

17 The Ten Worlds Thoughts associated with Negative potential; Relates back to 10 Worlds
Disbelieve in self and ones abilities Dependence on outside circumstances for self fulfillment Trapped Cowardice Anger Blaming others for our unhappiness. Constant Complaining / sharing misery

18 The Ten Worlds Thoughts associated with the 10th world
Believe in self to overcome any circumstance Respect for others for the same potential Courage Hope / Optimism View point of their live as living story / Mission Ability to face each of life's challenges honestly and earnestly. And more!

19 The Ten Worlds Challenging Negative potential is the core of Buddhist Practice.
Negative potential or beliefs cloud our perception of our potential and of others. Challenging and overcoming these tendencies cut to the core of our unhappiness Taking on these challenges allows us to recognize and overcome some of the most difficult situations in our lives (external). This process allows for the construction of a peaceful society or Kosen-Rufu

20 The Ten Worlds Quotes for SGI-President Ikeda on these Points
“The key is courage. It is courage, and, at the same time, the fundamental life force that wells forth in our lives when we summon up courage. More simply, it is the latent strength we posses within us. When we bravely struggle to protect the Law, the power of our courage dispels the mist of fundamental delusion that shrouds our hearts and allows the limitless power of the Law to flow from our lives. We reveal the life-state of Buddhahood that is one with the Mystic Law.” The World of Nichiren Daishonin’s Writings Vol I pg 158.

21 The Ten Worlds Quotes for SGI-President Ikeda on these Points
“It is the fundamental principle that when we change, the world changes. It is the principle that leads to the concepts of ‘human revolution’ and ‘establishing the correct teaching for the peace of the land’. Everything is up to us; it’s not about others. If we don’t understand this, we are not upholding the Mystic Law” The World of Nichiren Daishonin’s Writings Vol I pg 127.

22 The Ten Worlds Quotes for SGI-President Ikeda on these Points
About the writings of Nichiren Daishonin “The Diashonin’s writings contain a supreme universal philosophy earnestly sought by people everywhere. They include guidelines that illuminate the future and are filled with a message of hope that revitalizes those who have none. They contain wisdom that enriches people’s lives, encouragement that spurs people to action, and compassion that leads all people to happiness. Moreover, they are filled with the courage to battle negative forces, and the sharp sword of reason that can defeat the devilsish nature inherent in life. They have passion that fuels advance, sincerity that cherishes the thoughtfulness of others, strong conviction that cuts through delusion, and principles of leadership that open the path to victory. The Daishonin’s writings constitute teachings on the human nature and life. They serve as a mirror that reflects the realities of daily life and the human existence, and they offer penetrating insight into society and nature. In addition , they explain the Buddhist practice for pursuing happiness and creating peace. The Soka Gakkai is eternally based on these teachings.” The World of Nichiren Daishonin’s Writings Vol I pg 64

23 The Ten Factors of Life APPEARANCE - physical aspect
NATURE - mental aspect ENTITY - substance, life itself POWER - inherent energy INFLUENCE - influence of power INHERENT CAUSE - habit of karma RELATION - external cause LATENT EFFECT - potential effect MANIFEST EFFECT - visible outcome CONSISTENCY FROM BEGINNING TO END - binds together the other nine factors

24 First 3 Factors Describe the Reality or Entity of Life Itself
The Ten Factors of Life First 3 Factors Describe the Reality or Entity of Life Itself 1. APPEARANCE Discernable external attributes, such as color, form, shape, and behavior. (ho) 2. NATURE The inherent disposition or quality of a thing or being that cannot be perceived from the outside. T’ien-t’ai characterized it as unchanging and irreplaceable. The nature of fire, for instance is unchanging and cannot be replaced by that of water. He also calls it “true nature,” meaning the ultimate truth or Buddha nature. (myo) 3. ENTITY The essence of life that permeates and integrates appearance and nature. (myoho)

25 The Ten Factors of Life Next 6 factors explain the functions and workings or mechanisms of Life 4. POWER Life’s potential energy or life force 5. INFLUENCE The action or motion that results when life’s inherent energy is activated. 6. INTERNAL CAUSE A latent cause within a life entity producing an effect that is of the same nature as itself, whether is is good, evil , or neutral. 7. RELATION The interrelationship between indirect causes and internal causes. Indirect causes are various conditions, both internal and external, that enable the mechanism of internal causes to produce an effect.

26 The Ten Factors of Life 8. LATENT EFFECT 9. MANIFEST EFFECT
The effect produced within a life entity when an internal cause is activated through its relationship with various conditions. 9. MANIFEST EFFECT The tangible, discernable results that emerge in time as an expression of the latent effect and therefore, of an internal cause, again through its interrelationship with various conditions.

27 The Last Factor Shows Unifies The Expression of All Factors
The Ten Factors of Life The Last Factor Shows Unifies The Expression of All Factors 10. CONSISTENCY FROM BEGINNING TO END The unifying factor among the ten factors. All of the other nine factors, from appearance through manifest effect, are consistently and harmoniously interrelated. Therefore, they consistently and harmoniously express the same condition of life at any given moment.

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