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By: Katelyn, Danielle, Jalena and Nik

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1 By: Katelyn, Danielle, Jalena and Nik
The Necklace By: Katelyn, Danielle, Jalena and Nik

2 The Necklace This story is about a woman named Madame Loisel. She married a minor civil servant, and because of that she has nothing fancy. When she is in her own house she gets angry because she doesn’t have the same luxuries as other people. But one day her husband comes home with an invitation to the Ministers Ball. So in an attempt to look fancy she puts on her best dress ,and wears a diamond necklace that is her friends. So Madame Loisel goes to the party with her husband and they have a good time. However when they get out of the taxi they notice that the necklace is gone. They spend a week attempting to find it but instead they end up being in debt because they bought a new one. Five years later she sees her friend and tells her all the trouble she went through and blames her of all the hard work she had done over the past five years. Her friend alter tells her that her old necklace was fake diamond necklace and the new one was real diamond.

3 Conflicts The conflict is Person vs. Self and Person vs Society
Conflict is the major problem that occurs within the story giving the outcome of the ending. Madame Loisel has conflict with herself because she wants to be rich and luxurious Madame Loisel also has Person vs. Conflict because she wants to be known as rich and be in the high class rank

4 Setting The setting is the 18th century. France with lower-middle-higher class. Loisel lives in a poor house, in the Lower Class

5 Theme The theme is Greed as a general theme
Specifically it is when she wants to be rich and to be spoiled, but after doing something want with so much greed, karma comes around and makes her do something she doesn’t want to do

6 Literary Elements 1.) Image: The poverty of her rooms , the shabby walls, the worn furniture, the unattractive upholstery caused her pain 2.) Simile: As if they were ashamed to show their shabbiness in daylight 3.) Metaphor: She seemed to float through a cloud of happiness

7 Questions at the end 1.) As the story begins, Madame Loisel is unhappy with her life because she isn't rich. She's very poor and seems very jealous of the other rich girls, she feels like she shouldn’t be there 2.) Monsieur Loisel responded to her disappointment by getting her an invitation to a fancy party. He was trying to make her happy, but all she had were complaints afterwards 3.) A change in Madame Loisel’s attitude could have prevented her internal conflict because she was too greedy. She wasn’t grateful for what she already had. If she appreciated what she already had, none of the events that happened, would not have happened

8 7 Questions 1.) Who is the main character in the story?
A. Madame Georges Ramponneau B. Madame Loisel C. A necklace D. Monsieur Loisel 2.) What did monsieur Loisel give his wife to make her feel better? A. A dress B. Flowers D. An invitation

9 7 Questions continued 3.) What happened to the necklace? A. It broke
B. It got ruined C. She lost it D. It was stolen 4.) Was the necklace real or fake? 5.) Who gave Madame Loisel the necklace? A. Madame Forestier B. Monsieur Loisel C. The Minister of Education D. Madame Georges Ramponneau

10 7 Questions continued 6.) Whos party did Madame Loisel go to?
7.) What happens when Madame Loisel sees Madame Forestier years later? (What did Madame Forestier tell her?) A. She looks very wealthy B. The necklace was fake C. She could never forgive her D. She wants the necklace back

11 Answers 1.) B 2.) D 3.) C 4.) Fake 5.) A
6.) The Minister of Education and Madame Georges Ramponneau 7.) B

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